Itt: stuff that you can't stand anymore because soyboys have ruined it for you

itt: stuff that you can't stand anymore because soyboys have ruined it for you

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but lovecraft makes sjws rage

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horse guy

the shit this faggot wrote is so cringe...

I never understood this "the fanbase ruined it" thing, I mean, if I like something, but I don't like the fanbase, I just ignore them.

Star Wars

Zoomer soyboy sjw have ruined it completely.

>letting other people ruin things for you
OP that's very beta of you

This. I only every see soyboys and sjws saying all his stuff is just an allegory for racism and what not

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Nintendo. My childhood games now associated with soy and wojacks. I don't even play vidya much anymore.

Found the soyboy. How many Funko dolls do you own?

i read "at the mountains of madness" on LSD 20 years ago and it was great. it might be the only one really worthy of making a film but i'm afraid that using CGI will just ruin it. it's much better to imagine, on psychedelics. it's actually a fun adventure to go along with and then it gets weird.

Sup Forums

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>changing your opinion on the things you enjoy because some faggot also likes it
That makes you one of those faggots also because you care. You are weak.

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I used to hate popular things because they were popular. Then I grew up and thought for myself. That being said, I got pretty tired of women using The Office quotes on dating apps as if it was a personality trait. I still enjoy the show from time to time though.

Just because Hitler liked Wagner’s music doesn’t necessarily make Hitler an anti-Semite.


You think that's bad? I'm a sonic fan. Forever associate with deviant art autism and chris chan.

I can see that for a lot of his stories (like Shadow Over Innsmouth or Polaris - still have no clue what he had against eskimos) or scenes in his stories (like the black zombie from the Re-animator story that knocks on their door with a dead white child's arm in his mouth).
He was unapologetically, explicitly racist though. Cool guy overall.

Both in real life and a short story he named his/the cat nigger man so that's pretty hard to challenge.....

Sonic is trash tho. The games sucked and the story makes exactly no sense. It's even worse than Mario. The tipping point was when they put normal humans in the videogames. It's just fucking wrong.

Fucking Eskimos ... I’ve always hated those goddamn snow indians. Blubber eating motherfuckers.


Fuckin' lame that you'd be that affected by someone else's opinion. Go KYS.

Soibois don't dictate what I like or don't like.

Why do you, OP?


Nobody liked niggers back then, and it was socially acceptable not to like them. Nobody likes them now, either, but we have to pretend like we do.

I could have sworn that Linkin Park ruined Linkin Park.

>op is so insecure and beta that other people ruin things he enjoys
Jesus Christ dude grow some balls and stop caring about the views of other peons. You'll be much happier in the end.

That's actually one of the least racist things in his stories. It was the 1920's so saying nigger was everyday life. Slingshots were called niggershots until the 70's, for example. The word "slingshot" was forced on everyone when saying nigger in any form became racist (I mean come on, a slingshot is nothing like a sling. Might as well call a trebuchet a catapult.)

HP actually loved cats so him calling his cat Niggerman just because it's black didn't mean much of anything.

The classic games are good. The series really shines when it's 2d and focusing on speed. I'll agree 06 was shit. But you gotta give sega credit for trying to experiment with sonic. Unlike mario saving peach for the millionth time.

Writing fiction
Mindfulness Meditation

I'll agree with you that the story to Mario is shit, but Galaxy and Sunshine were great, and those were also platformers. I mean, Mario Kart? Mario Party? Doctor Mario? You can't say they only make the same game, they just only use the same characters. Which is dumb, but not the point.
I maintain my position that Sonic was never good. I played the originals when they came out on Genesis and they suck. They were trash then and they're trash now. They were engineered by a bunch of autists to be analogous to Mario so just really uninspired and reeking of corporate "look we're hip!" bullshit. Should've stayed with Ristar.

oh noes! someone i dont like, likes something i like, that must mean i must stop liking it, cause im absolutely fucking retarded.

dont worry bro you can still live a normal life walmart hires people like you

Don't be sheep

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because some things are directly influenced by the people who enjoy them.

> butt hurt x 1000


>literally agreeing with the post and checking those quads
You disappoint me user

>whoa dude, have you ever seen boobs before? Here let me make a thread!
>what, no way! Here let me make another thread for boobs!
>OMG wow you guys I never knew you could look at boobies on the internet! Haha Sup Forums really is a special place if we can post boobs here! I'm also going to make a thread for boobs!

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because they enjoy something i like for the wrong reasons.

butthurt? nigga what
i was making joke funny cause he said he was a retarded