Tribute Thread: Post favs and requests

Tribute Thread: Post favs and requests

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if any anons need tributes try using Cum On Printed Pics

Just use the desktop site even if you are on mobile

>pic related

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Kik kim13296 to tribute have heaps

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My lesbian BFF needs a cock!

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Coat my innocent sister

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buddy's ex-wife

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cute! How often do you fap to your sister?

I moved out two years ago. She’s 19 now. So, less now. When I was there? Hmmmm...


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post more of your sister! Any nudes?

No nudes bro. I’m sure she has risky shit. I have no access tho.

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ever see her naked? She ever seen you? Any lewd stories?


My family would visit a relative. The house had two bathrooms. I would be taking a shower in the full bathroom and my sister had to pee. The downstairs bathroom was occupied. She would just let herself in while I showered, usually in a long T. “I need to pee”, she would blurt out, then nonchalantly pull down her panties and sit on the toilet. Holding her shirt up around her waist, her back slightly arched, her knees together and her panties pulled down her thighs. She would be casually looking out of the bathroom window as she tinkled. So innocent, feminine and vulnerable. I would pull the shower curtain back a little and take a peek. I would see her dark little bush below her belly and between her legs. She caught me looking and would give me a frustrated glare. I would close the shower curtain and she would finish and leave the bathroom. I was hard as diamonds and would start to stroke and pump out a load of cum thinking about my sister.

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Anyone ?

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my friend from her youth

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Sir, would you be so kind?

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tribute her

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Looking for someone to make video tribs
Got more, leave kik

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Nice ass

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More of her.

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very nice, Kik dan__grossman. The size limits make this annoying on here

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trib my girl, please

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