Ask away

Ask away.

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Should I shower tonight?

Should I make that commitment?


should i wear whatever

Will 2020 be a very great year?

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Should I kill myself?

Should i get high

should I?

Does Maribel del Carmen wants to have sex with me?

Will we have sex?

Will I become officer?

Will I ever have sex with Hilary?

if I buy a lottery ticket this weekend will I win at least a million dollars?

Should I start drinking again to quit drugs?

Will this post end in 7

Should I start smoking weed again? I kinda miss it.

r u retarted 8 ball

Did she ever love me?


Should I visit a hooker?



Does she love me?

The woman I adore has romantic feelings for me.

Should OP ever post again?

I will be in a romantic companionship by this New Year's Eve.

Does gunslinger fit me most?

Do you lie?

Will i fuck her tomorrow?

Yes you can

Should i take her to the mall tomorrow?

Am I meant to be a firefighter?

Am I gay???

Will 2020 be the year I finally an hero?

Will I ever see her again in person?

Should i take danalece to the mall?

Will she date me?


Should I be a ranger or YOSAR instead?

Should i eat my cum regularly

Will I ever win the lottery?

Will I be an explorer?

Will i get sex?

Will i ever fuck her?

Will I win the lottery jackpot?

Will she get drunk and message me tonight?

Will my grandma live long enough for me to come back in time?

Does Victoria think fondly of me?

If I write my novel will it sell well?

If I write the novel I have planned will I succeed in my goals?

Will I be a successful screenplay writer?

Will I be the lead screenplay writer for the MCU X-Men film?

Should I quit that one thing because it's causing the other?