Why don't you own an AR-15, Sup Forums?

Why don't you own an AR-15, Sup Forums?

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I'm not afraid.

Fuck this retarded thread

I own a few

It's not going anywhere, and I'm going to continue posting them.
There's nothing you can do about it.

>thinking you're so strong and tough and kung fu that no one can hurt you
>thinking no one would ever want to hurt you
Which one, user?

What kind?

Poor, plus got my gun right taken away for having drug induced psychosis. Will buy one in the future.

Because I literally don’t need to own an assault rifle and neither do you

i do but its a meme, only really effective for small game. You need a .30 caliber bullet for animals or men above 140lbs. Ak47 is much better in this regard as ammo is cheap so you can practice more than say with a .308.

I agree. Fully automatic weapons without military tier supply lines are fairly pointless. Wasting 2/3rds of your ammunition on recoil and fresh corpses (which likely were dead after the initial bullet to the chest) is just plain dumb
We should all own semi automatic rifles, however

5.56 actually works much better against larger assailants. The more tissue the bullet passes through, the more time it has to tumble, yaw, and break apart inside the target.

AK ammo has horrible terminal ballistics.


I don't like the look of them I prefer older rifles

Fine if all you care about is what a rifle looks like.
Modern sporting rifles are twice as accurate and far more reliable than the rifles you're talking about.

I have a much nicer one than you do.

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How the fuck is this bait?


Why don't you own jeans that fit

I live in Texas. These jeans fit just fine.

Broke af, but if I did, I'd get one in hot pink with that feminist fisting a womb logo on the side so the anti 2a crowd wouldn't know which way to jump

posting threads that foment civil unrest in the u.s.? excellent job comrade.

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There are ways to tell if its a samefag
Apparently, you dont know them

Nobody needs a gun, all you do is call the cops when somebody breaks into your house.

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Yeah but my favorite way is just to call someone samefag and watch them cope by trying to come up with a clever comeback

>not AK - 47.

I am an sks guy.

I don't need one and they're far too expensive to own as a hobby.

I'm sorry, a $500 rifle is too much to put into a hobby? Are you retarded ?

>$500 rifle is too much to put into a hobby?

do you know how many video games you could get with that

Because. Ar-15 is specific to Colt Manufacturing.

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Pansy toy guns. 7.62x51, when you really need to stop a fascist.

Post AK
That doesn't mean what you think it does.
Chances are the AR15 is older than you think. It's been in production for 60 years now.

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I misspoke. I meant I don't have the money to justify my mild interest

Because I'm not a snowflake and don't need a gun to buy a sandwich

>Rifle developed Armalite, not Colt
>produced by a half-dozen companies officially for the US military
>patent has been expired since 1977, meaning literally anyone can make an AR15
No, that's wrong no matter what way you look at it.

Pansy toy guns. You need a 50 BMG



I'd love to hear your explanation, but of course you don't have one.

what you said is wrong, that's my explanation moron

Colt sold the m4 variant. AR= ArmaLite rifle.

Because I can kill you with my sidearm. But if that don't work I'll grab the 12 gage.

More to the point:
>Why don't you have any other picture of an AR-15?

to be fair- the 5.56 round was designed particularly to kill people. If you live in Alaska tho yeah, keep a 12 gage loaded with slugs. Fuck a moose up.

follow up; here's one for your next thread.

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but I do

neither am i, because I own an AR-15 and know how to sue it >;)

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false. Its so non-lethal that military members who actually kill people complain about it, and its illegal to hunt deer with in several states because the bullets don't have enough power. Go spend some time on K or something.

its gauge you fucking oaf

Nice rifle, now invest $50 into a real sling, I like Vickers.

I'm a math teacher not an english teacher you ass.

Wrong. The .30 caliber bullets killed people fine. 5.56 was designed because we could ship many more rounds to vietnam that way. It was for logistics and legit warfighters hate the tiny weak round.

Nice setup but I'd go for Surefire high capacity mags for reliability.

>neither am i, because I own an AR-15 and know how to sue it >;)

lmao imagine needing a gun to feel safe. americans are so cucked that they've convinced themselves this is what freedom is

It's meth head not math teacher you oaf

>Wrong. The .30 caliber bullets killed people fine.
5.56 was praised for its capability to deliver superior wounding compared to 7.62x51. It doesn't matter if your round is wider if it simply ice-picks through what it hits.
>legit warfighters hate the tiny weak round.
In videogames, yes, in real life, no.

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don't get me wrong, there's something just patriotic about the big, beefy bullets. I would love a 45-70, but I'm poor as fuck, and lever guns are memes for defense. Better than a knife, but... not a first choice for room clearing.

I guess my best argument in this thread ultimately is that I don't own an AR because they're complicated, expensive guns that I can't afford and, ultimately don't need. 30 caliber rounds did serve the US well for decades and decades, but the other intentional design point of the smaller 5.56 round was that you can carry more bullets into battle. Army was keenly aware that while the 30 cal was devastating, infantry were kindof shitty shooters under battle stress.
>designed to kill people

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Because I prefer my StG44.

Nah, the Haley is fine.

Ak is great for a cheap rifle, AR10 like Sig 716 is awesome but the platform is not nearly as modular as the AR15 platform across brands.


The one where the chances of an armed intruder wanting to gun me down are so infinitesimally small that to waste a single iota of brain power on considering the likelihood, let alone take action on it enough to spend money, is preposterous.

guns are like vaccinations, its about herd immunity. If everyone had guns, criminals would not commit nearly the same amount of crime because they don't want to get shot.

There is also something that feels right about those 80's-90's early assault rifles. I'd also love an MP5 if I could own a Class III one. I would clear my house with that brrrrrrrrrrt machine any day.

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because my dick does measure more than 2 inches?

the shittiest part about having FA weapons is filling the magazines

i don't think thats true bjorn

Dude, First World Problems. Or, also, Third World Problems.

speedloader rigs are a thing

I just use a 50 round clip on a .22 rimfire. They'll go down eventually.

I would never buy anything from EOtech after that nitrogen purge issue and then them absolutely fucking lying to everyone about it. Real shitheads they are.

Because its a fucking pos.

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Because 7.62 NATO > 5.56 NATO

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its a 2 part thing. 1 the tedious nature and 2 the expense.

all companies lie about everything. streamlight refused to replace my pistol lights battery door until FUCKLOADS of people including police and military started complaining about it.


They don't want to get shot. The number of stupidly brazen criminals that are risking their self-preservation in order to maintain or obtain the means for their own self-preservation is a microscopic number. You're better serving your safety if you just go wash your hands right now rather than committing any more energy into considering the chances of some O.K. Corral gunfight in your foyer

almost bought one of these MSRP 800 a few years ago at my LGS. Listened to /k/ like a fucking moron and didn't get it. Regretted it ever since

A better way of putting that is that the fact that some people do own guns undoubtedly enormously reduces the amount of crimes that ultimately get committed.

Are you the person I was responding to?

>goes to brows armslist

Hahaha nice airsoft counterfeit eotech

I just want my m-14

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>MSRP 800
wut? it was $1800 MSRP, at least when it came out. Are you thinking of the RDB?


I'm about to order an M&P Shield 2.0. I know it's not exactly an AR, but first gun I ever bought. Something for the nightstand.

stay jelly you cant afford nice things user

Because 7.62x39 is a better round.

OP is definately a fag

Because I don’t need a gun to feel safe.

Here comes Mr. Compensation. Kek.

nah RFB. Small town LGS cash only. dude also had a 20mm anti-material rifle for 3k and several 50 cal rifles just chillaxing. He used to make the vietnam era M40's for the marines and built/sold several at his store. I don't ask /k/ their opinion on a damn thing after they told me not to buy a saiga some years back as well. Luckily i didn't listen so i still have my SGL 21 for 600

maybe for sand niggers and criminals. buy a real gun fuck ak’s

That could be mental illness.
You should have that checked.

Expensive. But worth it.

7.62 has an over-penetration problem. It actually has less stopping power cause it usually punches though.

5.56 balloons out more and is more likely to put someone down.

All depends on what you're going for really though.

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Lived in Chicago and currently in LA. Never been scared to walk around at night and never will.