I've been talking with a 14 year old girl for ages and just recently we video called each other on Snapchat

I've been talking with a 14 year old girl for ages and just recently we video called each other on Snapchat...

She was in a bra and I was shirtless.. we talked for about an hour before we pretty much fell asleep..

Am I fucked bros..? Can I get in trouble for this..? Snapchat doesn't save video convos do they..? Please help I'm freaking out Sup Forums

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Party van is on it's way

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Are you a pedo user? Am not fbi I swear

>does social media not know what im doing
Nigger is this your first day on the internet? Of fucking course it gets seen and saved. Especially videos of underage girls dumbass. The state doesn't have to build a case against you, you're doing it yourself.

14? GTFO

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lawyerfag here
screen shots?


Every Sup Forums tard must have atleast 1 pic of pedobear on their computers

Me too

Oh boy. Your beyond fucked. Do you know what is gonna happen? Between one and twelve days cops will come and get you, you will be charged and sent to prison if you get out you register as a sex offender. While in prison you will be beater, raped, beaten raped , raped , beaten ,stabbed. Maybe not in that order.

You get whatever is coming ur way. Let me guess you’re 18 and a loser. Grow the fuck up

Nice imagination there kid.

Stop watching all those movies

Nice dubs

I'm 25 years old but this teen I was a talking to is super mature. I really like her

This but unironically

Oh user..

Snapchat doesn't save actual video convos newfag. Only messages and videos or pictures to am extent

So you’re trying to validate cuz she’s mature it’s cool to talk to a underage girl??? Cuz I’m pretty sure y’all talked about sex at sum point.... just lose her on snap an move on dude

Poor girl. She just wants to be fucked and treated like a fucktoy/slave. And she ends up talking to an older guy that wont even tell her what to do

+1 for safety bear.

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The company saves everything on its servers in case some dumbass is trying to exploit an underage kid in some way in order to help whatever agency may want it to build their case. It allows snapchat to cover their own ass.

Oh my sweet summer child

Poor loli :(

Snap is a Pedo trap for anyone over 21 that hasn’t had it before. It’s full of 7th graders posting tits. Careful user. You’ve been warned.

that part where her legs are spread is fappable tbh

Troll harder, nigger.

Why do pedos always pull the "Oh they're so mature" card? Just accept you're sick.

If you're doing that its pretty much the equivalent of Michael Jackson having little boys in his bed. It could be completely innocuous, but it most likely isn't.

I dont know, I've never spoken to a child before. What's it like, FBI man?

If this is real.... OP hasn't done anything illegal yet, right? She wasn't nude... However, you need to fuckin stop. Delete her info, block her, smash your phone to bits. Dont let it go any further.

>she was in a bra

De facto illegal

I'm not sure what the original pre safety bear image was, but if that was a dolphin then that girl got gang raped.

nice try officer. you cant trick us

A big fish

Depending on what you talked about you're actually completely fine. Unless you said something stupid, in which case you might be in trouble if it ever gets investigated, if you said something stupid but it doesn't get investigated, you're also completely fine.

all these officers lying to op I see

OP, your broke the law, better delete your snap and trash your phone. Just hope you don't ever get arrested

If you decide to show up at her house, take a bible with you. If Chris Hansen shows up, you can just tell him you are there for her bible study.

you did not do anything wrong

oh and delete the porn on your phone faggot, that's gross and we're coming for you

It was a sea lion

i think it was a seal thing


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Dolphins despite the cute image tend to form gangs of single males and separate a female from her family for a bit of old fashioned gang rape.

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OP should be freaking out

Yes. if you harbour any romantic feelings for this teenager, or seek any sexual contact, any actions you do could be interpreted as grooming if you are caught doing or saying anything untoward.


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No one at 14 is mature
You deserve all coming ur way 25 year old pedofag

Destroy everything, cel, laptop, and don't forget the router

are you retarded? what do you think?

All these sjw moralfag (most likely Americucks) actually believe OP did something wrong when legally no laws were broken.

I've hugged a 13 year old in her bra and shorts and it's not illegal as long as theres no sexual contact. Also 14 should be AoC globally

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it does save video lol

He hasn’t done anything illegal, but his fappin to her is a sin.
You little sinner!

That's what a dolphin would say.

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Op is still clearly retarded

Fuck off with this bait bullshit your a pathetic Faggot

>Bought by accident a kpop cd on Amazon
>i have 0 friends so i made a fake fb account to sell it in kpop groups from my city
>get messages from little girls 12-14 that want to buy it.
>one of them asks me if i could give it to her as a present
>we keep talking she was pretty cute and sweet
>thought she was "pure" and adorable i was about to give it to her
>she started talking about weed and shit lol
>turns out she gives handjobs for weed ask for one in exchange for the cd
>she says yes and we meet up
>make her suck my cock and i finish in her mouth says good bye and walk home satisfied
>might buy more kpop shit from Amazon
You won't get in trouble user if no one says anything


Here ya go friend

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You dumb bitch

never knew she was asian. Now it all makes sense.


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Are you gunna keep reposting this dumbass shit every Fuckin day???

This girl is 12 years old, look at her well and tell me if you would not try something, If she doesn't attract you sexually, you're a fagg or a terrible hypocrite

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Have fun in prison

This is illegal


And you just said something on FBI monitored site. Retard.

It isn't

Lol. I'll just leave this here.


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Lascivious exhibition of the genital area of a child qualifies as illegal child pornography under United States law

The only thing that's separating you and nigger Tyrone is if she hadn't stated or lied about her age not being 14 and at the very end she only stated it. But, it seems like you knew from early on and in fact even called each other in inappropriate outfits, it's safe to say you're fucked if she tells or glow in the darks already have kept an eye on you.

You better hope the kid is real too because it would be worse to be catfished by someone like incognito. lmao

What if I told you nudity isn't illegal, sexualized nudity is.

N3ed pictures of cat.

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Bruh, that isn't illegal as long as you weren't/aren't in it sexually.


How is that sexual, that china-kid got dunked by a not-mermaid and didn't even get gang raped line a dolphin would have.

In the context of the video it is non-sexual though you could make an argument that by screenshoting it you have made it sexual

>In the context of the video it is non-sexual
It is sexual in the context of the image, however
>you could make an argument that by screenshoting it you have made it sexual
Taking screenshots like this qualifies as production of child pornography

Not sure if the same user, but scroll back a bit.

>sexualized nudity is

If you're sending a picture of a little girl with her legs spread to someone who JUST SAID they would enjoy fapping to it, especially while saying "Here ya go friend", it's definitely sexual presentation of the image.


I think you are an idiot, many family photos would be cp by your definition.

No, many family photos would be CP by your misunderstanding of user's definition. Read the context of the back-and-forth before weighing in ffs.




That's because she's a 20 year old cop larping as underage.
Have fun in the pokey, faggot.


He will enjoy the "pokey" I'm sure.

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where can I contact a cute af 20 cop? Asking for a friend.

+1 dumb fuck

every app saves convos you potato.


who cares.
post her real pic or stop posting.

She looks like a fucking 11 year old

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I hope you die. Not because you might be a pedophile, but because you're so fucking pathetic.


Just burn your house down. Kill a bum and stick him in your room beforehand so they think you died. Don't forget to pull all your teeth out and stuck them in the toothless bums mouth in case they do dental records. You should be fine after that.