Loli thread

Loli thread
3DCG Edition

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now we're talkin

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Got nothing but have a bump

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Let me get a hard bump for my hard cock.

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im loving that its all BLACKED

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Niggerlovers need to die

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Didnt know they made a 3dcg of this, cool.

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It wouldn't be nearly as hot, otherwise.

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Wait Wait Wait waitwaitwait

She's a lesbian. Fantasy broken!

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It's threads like this that make me wanna go straight. Not in the sexual orientation meaning.

You'll always be a faggot. Yeah, we figured that part out already.

What do you mean, you feel bad about fapping to this?

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you can do it user get out

The black dick part, I have no quarrels with the loli.

So, you just don't like it? If you're aroused by this, then there's nothing you can do about it. You just have to accept what you like.

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I won't repeat myself.


Pedo faggot


have some more

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Interracial porn is pushed and produced exclusively by jews.
You can bet your bottom dollar a jew is making these blacked loli edits.
Hopefully this will open some of your eyes to the subtrefuge of the jew.

>Bought by accident a kpop cd on Amazon
>i have 0 friends so i made a fake fb account to sell it in kpop groups from my city
>get messages from little girls 12-14 that want to buy it.
>one of them asks me if i could give it to her as a present
>we keep talking she was pretty cute and sweet
>thought she was "pure" and adorable i was about to give it to her
>she started talking about weed and shit lol
>turns out she gives handjobs for weed ask for one in exchange for the cd
>she says yes and we meet up
>make her suck my cock and i finish in her mouth says good bye and walk home satisfied
>might buy more kpop shit from Amazon

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>not creating your own original loli

what are u guys doing?

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Why so many blacks? I really doubt the creators of this shit are blacks. Nasty

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Get me a camera and a dozen lolis and I'll create all the OC you need.

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I hate niggers so why is this stuff making my pp hard?

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because you see them as beasts, good for nothing but amazing sex.

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Yeah but the bbc thing is just a meme pushed by kikes to make white girls want to racemix

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I know this is a mod for an RE game but I've never played RE, which one is this for?


Sure, I agree. Miscegenation not good, the fact that it is being promoted so much these days, is concerning. I get horrible post fap regret from this stuff, but it makes me cum harder than anything else.

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I mean that /is/ the purpose of brainwashing friendo. But I mean, the rabbi's are acting like thier IP's n shit are secure when posting here just makes the job easy.

Because it's guaranteed replies, of course.

Any advice on how to stop getting off to this shit, other than quitting cold turkey? I tried so many times, but I'm at a point where it needs to be black on white for me to even get hard anymore.

I need something like this to watch in VR. Why the fuck doesn't anyone make it

It's for the RE2 remake

>I get horrible post fap regret from this stuff, but it makes me cum harder than anything else
Same, especially when I fap to the thought of stuff like this actually happening

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You have any little girls in your family? Maybe you should try to corrupt them into bbc porn addicts. I bet watching one of them grind their little cunnies against a pillow while watching blacked porn, would make you cum without touching yourself.

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racist bigots


narcissistic little bitches
becoming so envious
that they will begin to act like a victim

Just leave the thread and create a non blacked thread?? are fucking stupid its an open board of randomocity

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Is this shit illegal?

No, it isn't.

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fictional beings doing fictional things? I'd hope so


this is great

>You have any little girls in your family?
I wish, but just the fact that there's real little white girls that are getting corrupted by bbc porn like that drives me crazy. It's gotten to the point where anytime I see some cute and innocent looking loli, I can't help but imagine her cumming her adorable little brains out to huge nigger dicks and maybe even hooking up with adult thugs when her parents aren't home

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God I wish I had a daughter like Sarah

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No it's fictional and not reality


I'm sure anyone honest with himself would love that.

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Toddlercon is better than this shit honestly

Post the full vids user

Honesty i hate how gritty these look. 2D is better simply because its more colorful, lively, and expressive. Thats why i like honey select, atleast you can create a facial expression ffs.

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>only lets her pathetic cuck daddy kiss her when her cute little mouth is full of her nigger daddy's cummies
Literally the perfect daughter

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God, yes. I'd be so happy to her up everytime.

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> Sarah is posted so much that she has lost her value. post something new.

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nope not in the USA and not in most EU countries. Why would it be illegal? it is basically a fucking computer generated drawing/movie