It's Christmas time. Let's be honest

It's Christmas time. Let's be honest.

What was the first bare nipple you ever saw?

Pic relate

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One sec let me find he pic

D’arcy from smashing pumpkins in 1993

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Cant find it but man I used to jack off o something similiar to this when I was 12 good times

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It was a black and white naked nat geo cover. Furiously

Beverly D'Angelo in vacation really made me a milf fiend


Pathetic but my wifes

My mums, duh.

>based open-matte vhs days

My hot aunt. I was like 11 at a hotel with a pool, just the 2 of us. We leave the pool and her left nip is barely hanging out the side of her bikini. We get into the elevator she adjusts her bag and the whole thing pops out, all the way to her room. That's all I could focus on was her pink nipple, then I had to focus on hiding my boner with my towel.

Jack off to that moment from time to time.

>What was the first bare nipple you ever saw?
My mom's tits. i remember them looking amazing but it's very hazy memory.
I would have been like 8 or 9, on her laptop in her bedroom for some reason (homework?) and she apparently had forgotten a towel and came right into the bedroom from the shower, fully nude.
I remember it felt like time stood still for a minute as her tits were just there, hanging, pointed right at me and i was homed in on them from across the bed. And then she covered up and screeched at me.


Probably my mom when she breastfed me. The first I remember clearly was my neighbor's. We were both 7 and played doctor a lot.

She was a bit nuts though, so I still have scars from when it was her turn to be the doctor. I probably didn't need my appendix anyway though, so it's all good

Clothing was optional with my parents. So, since I was born.

I was 9, she was 13. She was my neighbor's granddaughter who would always come stay with them over the summer. I had a crush on her from the age of 5. We were swimming in their pool and her bikini top fell off. It was pretty awesome. They moved before the next summer.

my own

My cousins were the first on a girl. She was also the first girl I saw naked. First I fooled around sexual with. Still hot to this day.


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Miss the old Sup Forums?

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