Can someone tell me what kind of insect is this? Looks like a cockroach and its at least 7cm

Can someone tell me what kind of insect is this? Looks like a cockroach and its at least 7cm

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Yes it's a COCKroach, kill it

Camera is shit, here's another pic

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It's a cockroach.

it's a great big roach. get rid of it and buy some poison to spray around your house so you don't get an infestation

It is a cockroach. Do you live in the South/Florida? They call em palmetto bugs.

Oh i know what that thing is called
In the place where i live they are usually refered as:

I live in Costa Rica, but I'm gonna check those

>can anyone tell me what this strange cockroach shaped creature is


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Eat it, they taste good

It's a roach. It probably just popped in to remind you it's going to inherit the earth

Another mystery solved.

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I fucking hate roaches, I'm so happy I live in Europe where everything's clean and pure and there's no roaches.

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It’s a cockroach

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That's a brown recluse!

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upside down duster or kill it with fire

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You have refugees tho

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Kill them with gas or fire

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it's a babelfish. stick it in your ear and understand all languages.

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It's a wood roach. Better them than German roaches, those are the real nasty motherfuckers.

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Sause? Google and IQDB give nothing

Not all cockroaches are pests or a hazard OP.

There are native cockroaches that are a natural part of the eco sphere and if this is one of those, you should just dump it outside, as it's probably lost and trying to get back outside anyway.

Not like german cockroaches, which are pests and should be killed. Just like in the war.

Are those really that nasty?