What's Sup Forums drinking tonight?

What's Sup Forums drinking tonight?

Also feels thread

>pic related

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Same thing I drink every Friday night, Sup Forums. Icebox Long Island Tea mix and koolaid. 3/4 the price of regular spirits. Stay thirsty my friend.

Cacha├ža 51
just becouse its strong and cheap

Oh damn that sounds good user, what flavor kool aid do you mix with it?

White winter winery mead, because why the fuck not.

Vodka. Mixed it with iced tea and cola. 4 shots so far.

Some shitty German beer mix drink with decent amounts of alc. Had 3 shots of jaeger too my Gf left me and I feel like cancer.

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Nice mixers, gotta get it down somehow
I feel that user, had an emotional night with the gf. Hope youre doing all good bro, if you gotta vent just let it out

Dogfish Head Seaquench Sour Ale

Water, because alcohol is illegal in here.

Cheapest Vodka available.

If I had good stuff I would have been passed out hours ago. The most revolting stuff means I can't chug it.

I'll pick you up on that, actually.
Bitch left me because "I want to experience romance with other people too" after 3 years. I literally did everything for her, fulfilled her every wish without her ever asking, got her away from her dad who literally beat her, spent almost 2 years trying to make her not have suicidal thoughts, etc. Went on for a while, actually managed to make her happy after a lot of work, and she literally almost instantly leaves me over the above.

Hope she gets hit by a car, I just want to cease existing.

Damn bro I feel that. Feels like all that work you did was for nothing but to break your heart, right? My girl and I are rather recent but I worry about a similar thing, as it's happened in the past.

Well if its any consolation, I think you're a great guy user, you obvi put a lot of work into that relationship and while it doesnt seem like it went both ways, after dealing with that you deserve someone to really make you happy

Yeah that's exactly how it feels, actually. I missed so many amazing opportunities for her, I can't even count them.

I felt bad for her originally, but fell for her within like a week.

Thanks, user. I appreciate that. I was always the narcissistic piece of shit and was pretty successful with that, but with her it was differnt. It's so utterly hard to justify the past 3 years to myself. I hope your shit works out btw, dont wish this shit upon my worst enemy.

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noname fruit punch. Sorry fopr late response. Im drinking heavilty. cheers, user.

Choccy milk. About 3 shots in now.

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Get the fuck out

with irish cream or something?


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I miss booze. I mean I had a 32 oz er this morning but I never really start the day drunk and happy anymore, my supply and money ran out.

>muscle monster+golds chocolate whey
At about 10pst my gym empties so I can workout with faggots asking me every 5 seconds if I'm done on the bench/squat rack.

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I bet you drink chocolate cum too.