Ask an old b/tard who just got out of prison after 6 years anything

Ask an old b/tard who just got out of prison after 6 years anything.

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Have a good trip

What was stocked in the concession stand?

What you were in for

How was the sex, faggot?

so how much dick did you suck?

timestamped pic of something proving you were there or gtfo larpfag
also what did you do

are you gay?

I can't be bothered with all that. In for Aggravated Vehicular Homicide.

I'm likely headed there myself.
What was your biggest loss?

That's what I'm looking at losing so I'd like to know what to prepare myself for.

Did you learn anything socially useful during your incarceration or are you going to continue being a burden to society?

In mediums the only gay sex was for gay people. Most guys are going home in a few years so they don't fuck around. I was there 6 years and didn't witness rape only consensual sex. Homos are shunned pretty hard and have to be pretty tough to survive.

My wife stuck around thank god. My credit is fucked and most of my belongings from back then are gone.

Not the worst thing out there. Never got why people act like it's as bad as kidnapping and torturing/killing or raping someone.

Well I learned to not drink and drive. So there is that.

That gives me some hope. Losing my fiancee terrifies me. The mustang is going to be gone before my time in because I can't get a job right now and lost my old job because my offense made national news. Fuckin sucks, my credit is 720 and I'm going to come out and have to start over.

What's it like? Also I'm a manlet.

another one of those threads that makes me want to move to Northern Europe

Well there has to be some punishment. Most people only end up doing around 7 years. I was in a DWI program and met a lot of guys with the same charge.

Well what's your sentence like? Are you a sex offender?

People fetishize punishment as if it's some metaphysical imperative.

Yeah the amount of time really didn't effect my state of mind. I realized I needed to change the day I woke up at Riker's Island.

It's a long fuckin story.
If you want the whole shebang just Google "POL Christian Diehl general". I had a few threads because people couldn't believe the absurdity of it. Including my current lawyer.

But basically I made a joke about bombs and school shootings using the terms "we our and us" with the word "plan" that was "too specific" to make it accessible based off of million dollar extreme / Sam Hyde / charls Carrol bad bomb 2 humor. So an ex nine hours later decided to tell her dad who then texted the mayor.
After I got out of work the next night I was swarmed by police with guns drawn and got the shit kicked out of me.
Fiancee bailed me out which was wonderful but now things are so god damned tense between us knowing come February I'm pretty fucked

Don't worry too much. It's definitely not what you see on TV. Just mind your own business and remember don't fuck with the 3 g's. Gangs Gambling Gays. You will be fine. I was in a medium security facility so it's very different than a max.

It's not just the amount of time - the conditions of incarceration (particularly in the US) and their effects are an affront to decency. Prisons in places like Germany (where prisons and jails are deliberately constructed and managed to respect human dignity) should be a model for the world.

I feel for you bro. I was bailed out and it was a tough 18 months. I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your fiance but it's going to be tough. Any idea what your sentence will be?

When I was in I watched a 60 minutes episode about German prisons. It seems like the right model but things happen extremely slow in the Department of Corrections. If there is any reform it will be 50 years from now.

lmfao fucking idiot, wtf did you expect?

Any general tips for incoming inmates? What things did you learn on the inside that’d be useful?

What state is prosecuting you? or is it the Feds?

Well don't be a sex offender. Get ready for niggers. Lots of niggers. If you are white you are the nigger.

Did Sup Forums influence the choices you made that led to you getting locked up?

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No fuckin clue.
It's four months later and my lawyer still doesn't have discovery because there was literally nothing but that text.
The chief of police said as much in the newspaper and acknowledged it was a joke to the local news saying "we don't take jokes like that lightly" which I learned with a gun pressed to my temple while being told to "NOT FUCKIN MOVE".
I think between f3 bomb threat (which by definition didn't happen, no puic transport diverted, no buildings evacuated) and the m1 terroristic threats I'm between 3 and 15 if I get hit with everything.
For some reason at my prelim they threw on harassment and fighting. I have no idea who I was fighting while being arrested. Guess a cop hurt his hand on my head.

Do all your programs! If you have a chance at parole it will help.

Not only do things happen slowly, but the populace is inundated with a barbaric mindset that makes the Old Testament (which BTW calls for compassion and liberating the imprisoned and oppressed) look positively enlightened. As long as such a mindset is tolerated on the spectrum of publicly acceptable opinion I don't think we will see anything.

Nah. I was an idiot. I drove drunk and made a right turn and killed a Dominican dude in the Bronx.

Joked like that regularly with "friends". Nothing ever came of it until my arrest man.
State vs. me thankfully

>people act like it's as bad
Well, some dude is dead. Some parents lost a child,
maybe a wife lost a husband, kids lost a parent.
All because OP made a selfish decision to put his convenience ahead of everyone else's safety.

Yeah it's an easy scapegoat. Currently there are between 2-3 million people incarcerated in the US. When most of them get out they will not be able to find a job and will probably reoffend. I'm lucky that I had a career which I am able to resume. Also my wife stuck around so I have a place to stay and food. I can't imagine what it would be like without that.

Which state? It makes a huge difference as to the conditions you will face.

OP here. Yep you are absolutely right. I feel like shit about what I did and I will never be able to forget it or forgive myself. At the same time it happened 8 years ago and I've had to move on with my life.

Oh and state is Pennsylvania, you could check the pol threads I had when it was BIG NEWS. Back in September / October.
And yes in the news video I was crying.
Having that many guns pointed at me fucked me up big time according to the therapist I needed after it happened.

I never said it's not terrible. It is terrible and a stupid thing to do. What it isn't is some sort of crime against humanity worthy of a ruined life. I'm not a criminal nor have I ever had legal troubles of any sort, but I've faced serious depression and periods of despair and suicidal thoughts. Nobody deserves that sort of misery, and IMHO anyone who is willing to cause that sort of feeling, no matter whether or not they're doing it as a government official, is no better than a torturer or killer.

Pennsylvania, luzerne county, hazleton - Wilkes Barre area

The US incarceration rate is similar to that of communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe at their height, and defenders of both prison systems tend to use similar arguments lol.

The CO's are the worst part about the prison system. They have the easiest job in the world and they take out their boredom on the people that allow them to have a job. I met like 3 decent CO's the whole time I was locked up.

Yeah there's case after case after case of them inflicting various humiliations or tortures on those they're supposed to guard.

You should be fine. You are not a rapeo or child molester so nobody will go out of their way to fuck with you. My advice to you is work out! You will meet better people doing that and it really eats up your time.

PA guy here.
This is true. I got treated like garbage by all guards but one until I got bail.

so you were some runt pussy?

If you can get married before you go in do it. It will make things a lot easier for you. I was lucky enough to get conjugal visits during my bid and I actually got my wife pregnant and we had a kid while I was still locked up. When I got home she was 8 months old.

Here's hoping, and I'm pretty swole to begin with, my old job before losing it when this hit the news was unloading trucks. I'll assuredly get bigger in there, and my family has my list of books I'll want. But man I just don't want to fuckin go. Fiancee and I had a child planned for December but now that's on hold and marriage in July.

I"m an average size dude. I was propositioned for sex once but there was no pressure. I am a pretty funny sociable guy so I had zero problems. Again I was in a medium security so it's a different ball game than a max.

And it only took you 6 years in prison and killing a poor dude whose biggest mistake was being alive close to a giant faggot like you

Congratulations user, please consider the rope

It might happen.
Her and I have a lot of healing to do, as this has been killing her and I.
I haven't been myself and she's a snappy wreck. But we're still sticking it out and working on the house. I just feel like trash that I can't contribute to it anymore.

yeah but you should have already known that you massive fucking retard

I was locked up with a guy who did basically the same thing you did. His name was Skyler Eby. Look him up. He got a 1-3. He was a nutcase but everyone loved him because his case was famous. He hacked into people's facebook at his school and threatened to blow up the Empire State Building. He was also a manlet type guy and got himself in some trouble in there but only because he was getting high too much.

IMO you are conflating two different issues:
>1. the criminal justice system is broken and doing more harm than good
>2. vehicular manslaughter isn't in the same category as torture or murder
do you think that makes any difference to a kid who grows up without a parent, or a parent who has to bury their child?
there are accidents and there are intentional acts. Drunk driving is an intentional act with a predictable outcome.

Read the entire thread before throwing thorns
Sincerely - PA guy

Oh I did. I was suicidal for a few years. But I have a daughter who needs her Dad. Even if I am a giant fuck up.

I never said it wasn't terrible. It's objectively not the same as, for example, kidnapping someone and mutilating them to death in your basement, for example.

what kind of food from commissary did you have for spread after dinner chow? the stuff we used to spread was chicken ramen and crushed up funions and hot cheetos to top it with dill pickles for dessert

It's Sup Forums. I was expecting that when I posted. All I have to say to that faggot is "DId you ever text and drive?" "Drink or get high and drive ever?" It could happen to anyone who has done those things.

Well shit.
There's some hope, I made national news as a "school threat" that was thwarted. And if you check the arrest vid or pics online man did I choose the wrong day to wear that old hoodie.

I couldn't care less about a faggot who killed somebody because he couldn't control himself, somebody whole live got lost because of his faggotry

Won't read the whole thread, he deserve the thorns anyway

Conservatards are entering the thread

I can only speak about New York State but we had access to decent shit. Your family could send in any food that was precooked and didn't have alcohol in it. They sold pasta, sauce, rice and beans on commissary and also a lot of candy and shit. It gets old eating the same shit every day but hey I fucked up really bad. I honestly was shocked once I found out all the shit I could get in a package.

OP here Dubs don't lie. You are correct. I deserve all the scorn that I will get.

Were you in GP all of your sentence or did you bitch out and go PC? What work do you regret doing the most if you stayed in GP?

It was incidental.
You can do the same thing looking at your stereo settings without the inebriation. (If you have your own vehicle with said additions should you be able to afford it)
Is taking the bus what has you acting in a barbaric manner, which is ironic because it's what you're chastising.
Sincerely, PA guy

Don't tell yourself that. Nobody deserves misery that pushes them to suicide. People who justify that, including the tards in this thread, are scumbags.

I was in GP I am nobody's bitch. PC is not as safe as they say anyway. Once you sign in your name is passed around and you will get cut once you end up in the wrong place. The CO's tell the Bloods what's up with every inmate. So signing in to PC is way worse than what can happen to you in GP.

I might have said the same thing when I was a certain age. An age where I had only lost grandparents, pets, to predictable old age.
An age where I had most of my life ahead of me to bring more loved ones into my life.
I think you might say something different if you'd lost someone very close to you, untimely, unexpectedly. It can change your outlook.

PA guy here

It isn't worth the self loathing.
You made your mistake, you learned.
And as I said
Any motherfucker can do that by looking at their radio or phone..

You are not a bad man.

Well I got over it. I just hated myself for what I did to that man and his family. But I'm still here and I have people who need me so I nutted up and continued to live.

I learned to curb my degenerate behavior from just a half a day in the drunk tank. I don't imagine what the fucking point of spending months or years would have achieved.

I've seen what loss like that does to people, and I'm affected by it to an unusual degree. It's recognition of such despair that led me to my opinion.

Thanks dude. I come from a long line of drunk drivers and everyone in my town drive drunk all the time. I'm 45 years old and you would think I would have known better but I didn't and now I will pay for it for the rest of my life. Which is nothing compared to what I did to that man's family. Nothing anybody can say to me will make me feel worse than the way I felt about myself.

Different user, but don't let yourself feel hate for yourself. It never helps anyone.

Yeah that's great. I did not unfortunately. One thing I will say is that being a white guy in NYC I drove drunk for 20 years and was pulled over numerous times and given a pass. I thought I was good at it. The night I fucked up I got lost in the Bronx and just completely lost my mind.

PA guy here.
The general consensus is that I've already paid for my "crime". I won't joke about that shit and let it get to our mayor.

Can't live where I did to take care of my grandmother (it's near a school - bail terms), lost my job, cars about to be repossessed, can't get a new job, my entire town was out to get me until they finally admitted I had nothing to the papers. And here I am 5700 in the hole with my savings just about gone holding on to a car that realistically I shouldn't have even gotten out of impound.

It's not hate it's more disappointment. I had a killer job, a hot wife and a 2 year old daughter. I was living the dream y'know? My mother committed suicide and I just lost it. Went on a 3 month bender and ended up in prison for 6 years with blood on my hands.

Perhaps you'd find peace in seeing a therapist?

I don't know the laws in PA but you may be OK. Prepare yourself for the worst though. In a case like yours it definitely seems like the real punishment has already happened. The time in jail is just holding time. It's stupid to punish a normal member of society for what amounts to thoughts.

I am seeing a therapist and also in an outpatient rehab. I have really come to terms with everything. I am basically just grateful for what I do have. I still have the guilt of taking a man's life and I always will.

I don't believe in God in the traditional sense but I am still here so there must be a reason for that. I am figuring it out right now. I've been out about 2 months.

PA guy again - brother you never know better until you make the mistake.
Straight up
There are VERY few people in this world who can truly look at others and say "I won't make the mistake they did".
Most people don't analyze in that manner. you live your life in the way you're accustomed until something shows you that you have to change it. No matter how small or how large, one day it happens and you have a price to pay.

Everyone has their time to go, I believe in fate. He was done on this Earth and you had a lesson to learn.
And you're one of the few that learned it.
Take that from this diatribe if anything
The universe wanted you to grow.
It forced it upon you in a horrible manner, but you got where you needed to.
Every lesson is harder than the last in life.
Until you're at the final step.
You had your daughter, that drastic event was yours.

I hope therapy will help recover some peace. IMHO people wishing you mental torture should be feeling guilt as well - at least you know what you did was wrong.

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Kate Miszczak

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I quit FB after I got out on bail. One of the best decisions of my life. Extra stress that nobody needs.

Yeah that's the conclusion that I came to. If you do end up doing time I think you will be fine. Keep to yourself the first couple of week. The people who approach you in the first few days are the ones you need to watch out for. After a week or so you will start to meet the more decent people.

It's my first offense and my lawyer is going to argue for dismissal "due to free speech" - given what I said wasn't specific enough in his eyes and he is a previous DA and his PI is a retired statie. Neither of them believe I did any wrong.
They believe the police handled this improperly and I should be not only exonorated but be given pain and suffering as well as other various reparations, like a public apology due to no investigation being done until after my arrest, guns drawn when I was not considered armed and dangerous, only a "person of interest".

Like I said, it was and is a shitshow which is why it got POL attention. And why my lawyer wants it to get further national attention to change the corruption in my small town
Can't say I have high fuckin hopes for all of that - I just want my life back

Yeah I mean it's Sup Forums you have to expect some hate. I am ok with it, as nobody can judge me harder than I've judged myself. At this point I am only looking forward.

There's a better outlook.

As long as black Larry isn't calling me sweet lips and asking if I picked my bunk mate yet I'm going to stay calm.

My first two three weeks will be in detox though. I'm in a Suboxone program and on anxiety meds.
So not sure how things pan out after that??
"You was in detox how you feeling? I spoil all my bitches with cup soup if you need a lil pick me up cherrybottom"

Trips for luck homie! I just googled you and you may be OK. What's working against you is that your case is a very hot issue in the media right now. Have you researched other people who have done similar things? I mean they are not going to lock you up for the rest of your life.

Well the one drug that is readily available in prison is Suboxone otherwise known as chinita. If you need some talk to the Spanish guys. It's a bummer getting high in prison though.

I told everyone in my dorm that I wasn't a snitch for any reason.... except if someone threatened to rape me or extort me for sex. If that happened I was headed straight to the CO to tell. But again there was very little of that shit going on. I only heard one story of a guy getting extorted for sex in the dorms I was in. I think the guy was just a homo who told people that so he wouldn't be shunned.

I actually had just weaned myself off Suboxone when I got in my accident. They will not give it to you in jail so get clean off that shit before you get sentenced! You don't want to detox in jail it really sucks. My buddy had a serious habit at least for prison and if he couldn't score he would be fucking miserable.

Appreciate it! And I've researched it endlessly. I even have a few case PDF's from my first lawyer (he treated the case like a joke, current lawyer calls me his "pet project"). Essentially, I take this to trial and because it's an issue right now - I'm going to be crucified. What needs to be done is god willing exonoration via my lawyers strategy and all of those pipedreams where I get my six grand back, an apology, pain and suffering, lost wages, all that.
Or a deal with a judge.
But my lawyer doesn't want me to plead to anything as he and the PI do not see this as wrongdoing and as he succinctly put it during our first meeting "I'm not in the habit of having innocent clients plead down out of fear, it's what's ruining our country".
But if it's my only option... What else can I do, you know?

Suboxone in NYS prison cost about 10 bucks for a milligram. 10 bucks in prison is like 20 bucks on the street. You can trade commissary or food you get in a package for it. Also you can have people send money to someone's account. But don't get involved with all that. It's a fucked up way to live. I don't know how PA is but NYS the CO's could care less if you got high. They never put people in for urinalysis. The only piss tests would come when other inmates would "drop slips" and try to get you caught up.