Why did Elles do it?

Why did Elles do it?

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Because they look exponentially better now?

Something's terribly wrong with your eyes my dude. Get help.

the old tits where shit, wobbly sagging things
new ones too swollen and artificial


If there were legit dick extensions people would be all over that shit

Nah fam, I just actually have good taste.

Because she’s a slut and knows bigger boobs will attract more horny dudes and less incels.

What he said

literally who?

I like the hangers more

Fake tits that look like water balloons are not attractive lmao. Some of the newer, natural looking implants are great, but these are lumpy deformed monstrosities.

In comparison to the two wind socks on a quiet day she had previously?

I'm no fan of fake tits. But even I can appreciate improvement.

Ellesclub. There was a time when I wanted to lick her asshole until she couldn't feel her legs
But those times are gone

>In comparison to the two wind socks
You must get laid often

too bad for you

Hmmm they must have gotten a lot worse since i saw some of her content then. Back in the earlier days they were cute and perky. Gonna do some googlin' now and see recent piccies.

You're stupid. Fuck you, stupid.

Not as often as I like unfortunately. Alas that's what happens when you get married.

unfollowed on instagram, gross

She lost the whole appeal she had tbh



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Oh, my feelings. Whatever shall I do.

Dude look at that thing?
I would be seething in my chair for hours before finally licking the fuck out if my phone screen dreaming that my tongue would one day end up in her ass.
I would have licked that thing so fucking hard my tongue would be ground down and id never be able to taste again ..

But not anymore

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Buck up, there, little trooper. There are always more assholes that you can lick.

Who the fuck would want to marry you if you think women need implants to be beautiful?
Does your wife look like Joan Rivers?
Are you happy with your fake plastic wife and empty life?

yeah, no, don't care. she does nothing for me. and if you're that into her puss, what does a small change up top matter to you? sounds like you've got some possession fantasy going on and it's pretty fucked up

I know but look at that thing in Like i would have licked the fuck out of that thing

>and if you're that into her puss, what does a small change up top matter to you?
And it's not the point. The point is that she would modify her body to appeal to absolutely NOBODY who thinks she looks bad with how she looked before.