User saw the video?

user saw the video?

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Where the fuck is this vid?

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Bump for forced sex video, this girl got raped in gringy it was on Twitter

French video?

Bunch of french douchebags, yes

what are you fucking foreigners babbling about now? cheese? surrender techniques? monkeys?

Can't find it.


Get help

Girl got raped in France (grigny) and it leaked from snap. The video was on twitter etc.

Just niggers this time.

Who saved the vid?

>Get help
how about you "Get help" you stupid fucking foreign piece of shit. Fuck you and your shithole country. Girls don't get raped at like a 1000x% rate in the USA like they do you in your shithole country and we don't fetishize it. Suck my balls faggot. Blow it out your ass


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any1 got link?

No, I don't think I will.

sought but did not find

Bump for vid links etc

Bumping with curiosity

Haven't see even screencaps of this



anyone got the vid?

Even on forums NOTHING

i want. plox gib

Op here I'll paypal the first person to link the video $100

nice try the government.


Shits not even on live leak damn

Found it

Only partial but yeah

Only just a part, not sure if there is more



shit man, wish to see whole shit

All I could find. Sorry m8

pics gif or webm now

Link I found on pol is the best I've got.

cheers. have some butts

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so wheres the vid

Nigger look at the tread

full vids not some shitty 10 second clip faggot.

nigger its 25 secs

*22 seconds.

Watching someone getting raped for a bit is the closest you'll get to losing your virginity fag