What keeps you from ending it all?

what keeps you from ending it all?

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the fact that your life can change for good or bad

I'm always waiting for a game or movie to come out.

The fear of death

My wife and my fear of losing her

That's all.

I have a tinder whore coming over in 30 minutes. if she doesnt come befoore then.... this might be my last post.

After our brother 'an heroed' in a suicide by cops, my sister and I agreed not to end it all until after our mom died. Even though we all want to die, none of us want to go first. She's 88 and when she goes all bets are off.

Knowing that you will eventually die

The fact that death is unkown, no one knows what will happen after the trigger is pulled

I don't really get that feeling anymore. I nearly died so many times from health issues if I really wanted to die I could tattoo dnr on my forehead

Nothing, kill yourself faggot


yeah i feel you dude

Weed, LSD, MDMA, and mushrooms.

Hey Joe.

My son, if he wasnt around i would be long gone. This world is fucking pointless

Mom and fiance would be crushed and I love them more than i hate life

this sentiment is true for a lot of us i think. i'd love to just be done with this shit, but i know it wouldnt be fair to my parents to go before they do. im not selfish enough to ruin their last years on earth so i dont have to be sad for a few more of mine. i can fight through a few more so they can die thinking i go on to do something


As soon as my mom dies I'm blowing my brains out.

Sex drugs and rock and roll

Waiting for the day OP delivers.

My harmless mischief and narcissism. Hell yeah!

That I don’t want to leave my family behind heart broken. Sometime I just don’t know

Gotta see the new Bond movie.

Because I only think about it once a year.
>New Years Eve
>Go out and have a nice lunch
>Go shopping for something I really wanted that year but never bought
>Enjoy whatever it was I wanted
>Go to store
>Buy nice dinner
>Cook nice dinner
>Watch the ball drop
>10 Load bullet
>9-7 Close
>6-3 Spin
>2 Say goodbye
>Pull trigger on 0

5 years in a row and I haven't started the new year with a bang. Maybe this year will be different.

Wanting to know where it all will go. Will we fix our shit or will we continue to fail?
That and I have insulin on account of being a type 1 diabetic so I know at any time all I have to do is just slit my wrists after imbibing a giant dose of that and then I just slip out into a peaceful coma where I will die. I actually probably don't even need the wrist slitting part. It's oddly comforting to know that I control my own fate and can leave anytime I wish. It gives a sense of power, total power. Out of all the power I lack I have at least got the power to end my own life, and that is liberating.
Though I haven't been suicidal in about 5 years now so that probably helps.
Another thing is itd basically destroy my mom. Her health isn't looking too good sadly, and I know I can't make it without her as pathetic as that sounds. She's all I got.

The belief that I can become a better person than I currently am right now.

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The chance of being with her

Liberal tears and wanting to see Trump win again

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Some days suck, but some days are so amazing i'm glad I didn't shoot myself all those years ago. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"

Absolutely nothing, which Is why i killed myself 3 years ago. and it was the best decision of my life. I highly recommend