I just snorted coke for the first time in my life ama

I just snorted coke for the first time in my life ama.

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now masturbate on it for like 4 hours its really fun

Do you know that you are not special, or funny, or interesting and that nobody cares about you or what you have to say?

Don’t bother answering, I’ve left the thread already

Why are you snorting coke all by yourself and on Sup Forums? You're supposed to do it with hot russian chicks/strippers.

I think I’ll hold on and wait for my gf to fuck tomorrow.

Who hurt you user?


Snorted it on a party. Am home now.

>not snorting it from your GFs asshole
Fucking part-timers

You give coke a bad rep

Lol? Girlfriend. I would pay a woman to leave me alone for a good coke wank. Nothing beats jacking off on coke, even a real girl.

Would you kill yourself, right now, on a live stream , please?

I have also been snorting cocaine tonight, how do you like it?

>just snorted coke for first time
>am home now from party
>just snorted coke ama

Seconded, could use some fap material

oh you only snorted 1 line? you're probably already coming down. Coke only last for about 30 minutes, you have to keep redosing.

I feel very energetic. Also my dick is super big and hard right now.

I like jerking off on amphetamines better and it's troubling how good jerking off feels on stims

You haven't left

I just like licking my girls asshole.

It felt good at first, now I just want to shove things up my ass...is that normal on coke?

How much did you do? When I do stims my dick is usually a shriveled shrimp

Oh I See. I am pretty drunk too tho.

Didn you just fuckking make this thread you absolute retard? Enjoy blocked sodium channels in your heart, along with like 30 minutes of a decent high for your overpriced, barely potent white mixture of a bunch of stimulants plus a little cocaine.

Yup. Totally normal
Sounds like some good gear .
The bigger the object , the higher the high.
Get freaky

One small line.

Must have been a shitty party. When I'd do it, we'd clean up a full 8 ball, and do crazy shit like fuck all night long. Good times.

So basically you're on cocaethylene, not coke. Have fun with that heart attack kek

You’re right. Drugs are not worth it.

You’re a retard if that’s what you’re snorting.
Get a real dealer

yeah amphetamines are better but coke definitely takes second place. Nothing makes me more excited than a good stim wank.

Yeah stims bring out a whole other level of horny, I don't specifically want to fuck my ass but yes its normal to have different urges speeding

cocaethylene is the best

Lol ya'll posers never had stim dick. Also you totally did not just snort coke for the first time and come home from a party because if you did you would be hitting your friends up asking for more lol.

I wanna fuck my friends girl so bad. And I think she wants my big cock.

>on drugs
>have concern for future health implications
Pick one faggot.
And remember, you’re at a party and everyone you know and respect will judge you

Not that guy but some places that's all you can get

The last coke I had were the shiniest flakes I've ever seen. Some cartel bitch bugs wanted to send 10 grams and used my faggot friend's address as a return address, and surprise surprise it got returned. Its a joke compared to literally every other stimulant I ever took. Fuck, even Alpha-PHP was better, that shit literally smells like cum. Get a real stimulant.

This tho

oh I've had stim dick. I love masturbating with my tiny shriveled up dick while on coke. Theres no better feeling!

gg /X3teWX

coke railed from an asshole sounds delicious

Except maybe being so twaked on meth you beat off your dick in the literal sense. Like to the point where you tear it off like a gorilla peeling a banana.

Preparing for a stimulant wank after you get home from a night out with friends is the best feeling ever. It's like the feeling of Christmas as a kid.

I'm very gentle with it. Lots of lube. I just massage the little guy as I watch hot porn sluts get fucked for hours.

how the fuck are you gonna make an ama and not answer to half the fuckin questions? Back in the day i would’ve said sum like “i hope you overdosed” but since i’m a different man, all i’m gonna tell you is fuck you. Learn to answer questions

Please guys Post the best porn you can find so I can jerk off and sleep finally.

I am sorry bro. Ask and I’ll answer.

Fucking forreal

Prefer evlanse. MDPV was better too, never had better sex in my life. Thought at least cocaethylene lasts longer than 30-40 minutes like 100$/g culumbian trash.

nah i’m sorry i don’t even mean it. I love you op

Prove it

>I eat shit
Enjoy your meningococcal gonorrhoea

I haven't felt a better high than mdma coke barely even has any compared to amps


Would you not lick this asshole?

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Any euphoria*

I sure as fuck wouldnt you literal ape.

Thank you bro.

Why not?

Because I'm not an ape.

I love licking girls buttholes.

Obviously, that's how I can tell you're an ape.

I have a big cock.


Man the bants in this place have gone downhill

Kill yourself faggot

This was probably the most original insult I've ever read on Sup Forums. The shame I feel is immense as I have clearly been outwitted. Fuck. JK do it faggot. It's clearly on your mind.

You two should meet up and do it together

This is me
I'd consider it as I'm pansexual

your cock is small and your girl is ugly. get over it, youre a faggot bragging about doing coke something most everyone has tried or decided not to try

Madmarjorie back to soc

Do speed instead, its good for you

You’ll be back

You are still here

I've done coke many times, what the fuck are u talkin' about i only get homicidal thoughts and act like a maniac

Should have snorted my first time yesterday but didn't show up...
Did you enjoy it?