So the other day I was talking to a (cute) girl...

So the other day I was talking to a (cute) girl, she suddenly asked if Ive ever kissed someone (i'm 18) so i answered no, then she asked if i wanted to kiss her so i could know what it feels like. The way she asked it made me feel humilliated af bc it was like she was sacrifying herself in name of all females, so they don't have to taste my gross lips.
I said no.

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are u sure she meant it in a pityful way
she could just like u too

shes the ex gf of a bandmate, no way shes into me. In fact, i think she still likes him

You have no self worth do you? To do that much mental gymnastics to turn a girl innocently flirting with you into something ugly and insulting... user, I'm not being harsh here I'm talking to you man to man. Stop being a fucking pussy. Idk who the fuck hurt you, idk shit about your life but none of that matters. Not to me, not to any other user, not to this (cute) girl. Next time you see her I want you to give her a big smile, not too big or creepy, but like you are happy to see her. Tell her you're sorry you turned her down last time, and like a god damn man and not a little bitch ask her "so, you think I could still get that kiss?" and if she says no, oh well. I'm sure another girl will see something in you and none of that shit matters anyway.

im 20 and i had my first kiss like 4 months ago lol. and if youre only sureshe meant it in a pitiful way tell her u dont need her pity but id rather u ask her directly if shes into u if you wanna make sure. just bedirect when shes flirting or something

yeah! listen to my boy right here.

u need to do what he says

You're just an insecure moron.

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support this user, if u r bothered say you don't want her pity and gtfo of conversation

I was thinking of asking her if she was just feeling pity or she genuinely wanted to kiss me. Anyway, i feel is so fucking hard to get an honest answer

You did good OP.
She was waiting for you to lean in for the kiss and then she’d pull away and say “eew, as if I’d kiss a Fucking loser like you” and then her friends who had dared her to do it would reveal themselves from their hidden location and proceed to point and laugh at you for a solid 15 minutes or until you pissed yourself, which ever came first.

Trust me, I know from experience.

You did good OP

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i mean i dont really know what kind of person she is and i know theres really ppl like that out there. so the last thing i want op to do is accpt pity from someone. u dont need someones pity to do something u just need to be confidant and yourself. thats y im saying dont talk to her if shes pitying u cuz u dont need that.

hey buddy thats awfully too specific. u wanna talk?

It’s been bothering me for a while.
It’s all I see when I close my eyes.

See, there was this fat loser kid, and we dared this girl to try to kiss him , but then humiliate him as soon as he tried.
It still brings a smile to my face

just ask her dude and be upfront about it. be like "if youre into me how about we go on a date and then ill give u a kiss" idk thats jsut me but maybe someone can help me come up with a smoother line lol im not good at being smooth lol

when some people end relationships they want to vent through sex, so by shit OP said i'd think thats the case here

Fucking baste.

lol dude that awful, poor guy. ahh jeez now i feel bad. lol but hey we all were monstors at somepoint. i once got dude beat up cuz he was after teh same girl as i was and then i didnt see her with that girl i liked lmao and he still dosent know i was the one who had the shit kicked out of him... ahhh good days

you're dumb

u know thats actully a really good point. she could also be trying to get back at his bandmate or something. i hope we dont blow this put of prportion for him lol

She's like "free love" and ive been enjoying her company, don't want to mess it up. But then I think of times she actually wanted to meet only me and I don't know man, i feel so fucking confused because then i feel like shes really into her ex

help my butt hurt and bleed

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get out of your own mind, get off this godforesaken website bro. SAVE YOURSELF.
HIT THE GYM, LEARN SOCIAL SKILLS (both must be trained with consistency everyday) EAT HEALTHY FOODS, GET ADEQUATE SLEEP (7 HOURS A NIGHT) bro please please don't become me.
:( it is a miserable existence, but your mileage may vary

oh also don't rape anyone

How do you get to be 18 years of age and not kiss a girl?

Do they segregate boys and girls in your country or something?
Even that didn’t stop us.

I mean, there was a girl in my school who’d let you eat her pussy...all you had to do was ask. As in just walk up and say “can I eat your pussy?” And she’d hike her skirt up or push your head under the table and it was chow time.

Can Ameritards really get through to 18 years of age having never experimented sexually with the opposite sex?
So weird

I didn’t do any of that shit and still manages to get a girlfriend.

You must be incredibly ugly. Or a total drag to be around

okay dude if ur getting the feeling. jsut ask her. dont miss an oppertunity for yourself man. as for ur bandmate forget about him. u need to know what she wants and once thats clear u need to choose what youregonna wanna do about it. the decision is ours at teh end of the day and overthinking is gona ruine it. so jsut ask her if shes actully into u or just looking for a fling and tehn go accordingly

yes I am 23 and I have never gone beyond hugging the opposite sex.

I have been asked in the past, but I turned down the offer, etc. I very much regret it now.

i like ur attitude lol

user you just missed your damn chance because of your mental gymnastics, all she wanted was a kiss and you turn her down, op you are digging your own damn grave

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I'm actually kinda chad, I play tennis, soccer and go running 4 times a week, earn money playing online poker and i think i play pretty good guitar, but holy shit my face is ugly

christ where the fuck did u grow up at lol. idk about u my man but not everyone grows up with good social skills lol

ok sex-haver.

Yeah actually both.
I'm pretty ugly and a negative nancy, but most importantly I don't have many friends and don't go outside much to acquire the social connections necessary.

user want to talk? that looked to hit too close to home

>tennis, soccer and go running
That shit has to go. You sound like a middle schooler

Take up smoking cigarettes and spitting in the street. Girls will think you’re a bad ass.

dude im in college and i shit u not the ugliest dudes are getting the most pussy bcz they know what they want and theyre willing to go and get it

Thats just doomer attitude, thinking you’re chad because of smoking and spitting, bad troll

I mean yeah.
I can still remember the way she left it to the LAST. POSSIBLE. MOMENT before pulling back, just to make sure the humiliation was as humiliating as possible.

That’s when we all come out for our hiding spot to get a point and have a good laugh.

Women don’t know what the fuck they want. Grow some fucking balls and ask her to hang out. Take a shower and put on some decent clothes. If the same situation happens again when you’re alone with her then fucking kiss her. You have to give her a reason to choose you over her ex, if you just keep feeling sorry for yourself you’re going to miss out and regret letting this opportunity slip away. You have to strike while the iron is hot.

The girls that like leather jackets and guys who smoke are also the kind of girls that let you finger them on the first date.

Trust me ...I know

She's a feminist. Her ex is a shortie, never has touched alcohol, cigs or anything lmao
I'm now half a pack a day

user thats just bad luck, you need to distance bad influences from you and forget those jews, not everyone’s like that, trust me, they’re too distracted in their own lives to remember that shit anyway

>her ex
I’m guessing she’s also 18?
In which case, she has never had a serious relationship.
Next time, just grab her hand and place it on your crotch...and say something sexy like “you like chicken baby? Well suck on this - it’s fowl”

What do you mean?
We laughed really hard for nearly 15 minutes until he pissed himself. Everyone hasd a great time, except for that one fat kid - but fuck him, that fat loser.
I would do it again tomorrow

Or....get her very very drunk and then take advantage of her

Sounds like you took it the wrong way. You should have said yes, a kiss is a kiss. Now that memory is going to haunt you.

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If you think of everyone like some prankster whos just waiting to shame you in public youre around pretty bad influences in your life, you good?

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I’m great. Thanks for asking .

Just waiting on the next fat loser to prank.

What’s it like to finger a girl user?

Shit was cash.
She was all like Schlop Schlop Schlop and I was all like Fa-Ching Fa-Ching Fa-Ching

I’ll never forget it

KEK! I like you.

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what a faggot