Hunger Games Thread: Apparently Someone REALLY Wanted This Edition!

Hunger Games Thread: Apparently Someone REALLY Wanted This Edition!

24 Islanders; this is it! No more tonight.

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Thank you! Wetfat will join the island!

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Ex CPC leader Andrew Scheer

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Kanjo Bazooie.

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Tassel the Forbidden One

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Joe Pepperoni

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Lower Half of the Forbidden One

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Poke Kid

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Baby Q

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A Bunch of Bananas

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Hat Kid

The island can never have enough kids.

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This is now an Epstein Thread

Frank Dreben, Police Squad.

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Deez nuts

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The actual baby Q

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The Great Sage Equal to Heaven

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I can't tell the gender of these two; specify pls or they're both female

Carry on.

meant for
they are ladies.

Flower power.

(Its actually a flower, not a bird)

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Gamer Isabelle

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He looks like a sinner.


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Why would you do that?
Don't make me post stills from Conan when she's in bed in a nighty.


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An Immortal Deity

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I'll swap for ya

remove my piglet for new IP

or that works too I guess

I feel confident this time.

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Death incarnate.

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Pretty badass user ngl

Me and my samefags are ready!

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brb rigging the game so tassel wins

Let us begin!

But you didn't hear it from me

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$5 on piglet for the win,
Megumin out as first death.

I die immediately

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At least wetfat lived up to his name.

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>is immortal x4
>dies first

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>Tassel dies on slide 2
hol' up

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Damn, harsh opening salvo.

Rest in Pisces Tassel.

Nighttime on a faraway unknown island--what could go wrong? (Spoiler: everything)

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It will be my win today, friends.

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RIP Megumi

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>isabelle and poke kid snuggling

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T-this isn't Lolita Island or anything, what're you worried about...?

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>Poke kid's mind is full of lust

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Wtf is up with all the sharing and helping tonight.
I want some double crossing and backstabbing damnit!

piglet no piglet how

At least god is a thief.

Well hell, we need at least SOMEONE to survive!

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1(one) loli remains.

Fear not, I'll probably host 2-4 games tomorrow throughout the day

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I always show up just a bit too late unfortunately.

I hate being sick.
My chest hurts from coughing.
Hopefully my girl baby Q wins tonight.

Ofc Megumin gets the explosives

fucking explosion took out some of the best contenders.
The real one will probably win.

[making wincard]

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Deity OP please nerf

>when the game is almost over and youre still struggling with the wincard

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Hoping for QvQ

Puny god boner.

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Scheer will win

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I don't think they even met. I guess it's for the best she never learned about the fake.

RIP baby Q

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oh god oh fuck next slide is the final one im still working on the card place your fucking bets while i rush this shit

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Accept no substitute.

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How often does it last past day 5?

Scheer all the way

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Come on.

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Well, it doesn't say anything about it getting killed

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Jesus .PNG sucks.
33k to 558k

You have to let go.

Came in late but caught up~ oh boy oh boy!


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Not again...

Jesus! How can the GM let this happen! OH GOD!

We really should do one with just politicians.

A 24-trib game on Very High death rate will usually last about 5 days on average; if you lower the death rate or up the number of tributes, you tend to get a longer game (most of the time)

That would explain how Tommy Vercetti blew up 5 tributes that one time


I've heavily considered doing themed games, like "all tribs have to be [x] color" or "all tribs have to be drawn in mspaint by the poster"

If enough people are on-board with the idea, I'll give it a try sometime.

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He actually won, the son of a bitch.

I'd be super down for themed games. It would be really fun.

Some day...

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Wincard on the way

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