Pee survey

Pee survey
1. Are you uncut or cut?
2. How do you hold your dick when you pee?

Personally, I'm uncut and I hold it like pic related, but without the erection usually

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is there any other way to hold your prick while you pee?

many people hold it by the foreskin if they're uncut, or by the foreskin remnant if they're cut
or both can hold it on the top of the shaft

no hands, just stand correctly. It's not going anywhere.

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Thumb and forefinger behind the glans.
Will bring in second finger if morning blast

Mine is curved so if I'm slightly hard I need to hold it

do you have a lot of foreskin remnant to hold onto, or do you directly touch the head?

oh yeah also I'm cut

I grip the shaft and do not touch the glans.

you guys that go hands free probably have pissy dick heads

1. no dick cheese
2. with my hand

usually sit when i pee

Usually I sort of rest it in my palm, sometimes just a light grip with my index finger and my thumb.

>Are you uncut or cut?
Uncut. Circumcision is not common in my country.
>How do you hold your dick when you pee?
I take it more near the head, and around 330 degrees. I have glanular hypospadias, so it's more difficult for me to direct my piss.

sometimes I pull all the way back, sometimes I hold the tip and fill my foreskin like a balloon until it shoots out with a bunch of force. uncut master race

>330 degrees
And if you have hypospadias, is it more convenient to use urinals?

Cut. Mostly right into jugs. Rarely use the toilet anymore.



I just can't stand
Touching my dong

Cut, much to my fury.
idk near the middle and straight ahead? I also have a condition where my urethra doesn't let out in the tip of my glans and had to be rerouted just under them with surgery.

Fuck I wish I was intact.

m18 snap @compa_chorizon me uncut semi hard should I pull back to pee? Looks much better

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