Got a shaped domino implanted in my dick AMA

Got a shaped domino implanted in my dick AMA

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Does it hurt when you beat your dick?

pop it

what do you think the best vegan supplements are?


Is it supposed to look like an sti?

Are you worried about it shifting? Is that even a possibility?

And your girl got a queen of spades tattoo the same day right?

Op here. No it doesnt hurt when i beat it i actually tend not to hit it to much when i beat it. It pushes down into my dick meat if a lot of pressure is applied. When i got it i was worried anal sex word hurt it bit its doent at all

I can flip it but i jus rolls back over. It stays in a lil pouch. Didnt have a girl at the time i was incarcerated when i got it

It looks like herpes

You mean this was a jailhouse operation?

Its supposed to be a heart. Everyone know what its shaped like when they see it jus a bad pic i guess

I actually just read about this a few days ago. Apparently Mexican guys do it in prison, it's supposed to be a clit tickler for their girlfriend.

I was a jail house operation. It involves a broken flimsy ass fae razor and a spork

I got mine in Texas

Dude, that's sketch as fuck. Weren't you concerned with possibly getting infected?

Do you drink life like an avalanche coming down the mountain?

Where can i have this done and what is it called. Do they eventually take the dominoe out?

Very but we cleaned everything with bleach. Cleaned my dick good b4 hand. And kept it bandaged for a week

Not sure where besids jail or prison. You can do it yourself if properly motivated.scary doent hury to bad. I dink occasionly

Interesting. Does it matter what side of your dick it's on?

Why would your ass hurt from a penis implant?

Mine is in for life i love it. Great conversation piece, sparks curiousity and beats a clit up

A domino, like dominos pizza. You can’t out pizza the hut with your domino dick.

Ive seen g uys with multiple and on al sides. I went with topfor the vlit stimulation. I would get full dominos on the sides rounded tp your dick for girth

When ypu thin of dominoes you thin of pizza lol no i dont

How do you not know what a domino is you fucking retard?

I think I'd be fine with just one..

You wont have any problem having sex with chicks that are into dudes with blister dicks

what does your boyfriend think about it?

Have had multiple partners since i got it. All the bitches love it. Its got me laid. Have fun with your normal cock while i rock my after market dick

Havent fucked guys with it but the 5 girls i have fucked with it love it. Only been free for 9 months and have been in a exclusive relationship with. Beautiful horrible girl for most of it

What is this call I want this done lmao. I'd get it really low on my shaft so it rubs the clit while I'm on top

Try subdermal dick implant i only know of it being done in jail and prison and that one faggot seems quite jelous hahah

Yes Satan

The guy that installed mine had had his in for 10 plus years. Id hate to get dick cancer though

Lmao what If it does and you have no wang 0 point in living unless u because a tranny

Get a fake one i guess