What's good

What's good

>posting pic of waifu will result in a read on your personality
>you take what you get
>dubs gets told to fuck off
>fortunes can range from decent to shit
>fortunes might take some time to be made
>discussion is accepted
>one fortune per faggot
>I have the right to refuse service
>any bad fortune will happen to you
>side effects include hopelessness, possibility of being eaten, evisceration, incarceration, addiction to drugs, extreme diarrhea, suicidal thoughts or death

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I'll take the fortune as alway. Interlinked

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Lucky you have no dubs for the day.
>your fortune says true pleasure will not leave you with second thoughts

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dubs is my way, losing the game is my aim, apparently not today.

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Guess what? You lost it by already mentioning it

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what about that darkness of yours?

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Darkness is hard to see past by. You need a shinning light to find your way.

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>close to have 816666666
whatever the shinning light is supposed to mean, i certainly don't have it

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Hello again, it's been a while.
Some stuff has come up, so I'm rather curious to see what my fortune holds this time.

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Neither do I
Oh long time no see. How you been over all?
>your fortune says envy is something that hides in plain sight. Let those not tear you down but show resistance through fortitude and leave no room for assumptions for the past keeps a record for you to judge

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Seems I should just wash my hands clean of the situation then.
I've been alright, a lot of work lately, little free time. Even starting to get a little sick since yesterday, but what can I do, y'know?
How have you been?

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What do you think we would discover if, USA, take most of their money their spend on military and use it on science.

698.5 Billion a years.

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ya'll still here op?

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Gib fortune

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It's flu season going have to do something before it get worse. Also I been so so can't complain much.
>you won't settle for platonic relationships all your life and devote your efforts to finding someone to struggle with. Despite assumptions weaknesses is the last thing on people's mind and you want to keep it that way to avoid being stepped on yourself. You will tend to your needs without ever asking for help but everyone is vulnerable and is prone to fail at some point.
The USA isn't the only country with a science program though people can't agree on anything and that holds us as a species back.
Yeah what'll you want?
Nice tomo
>your fortune says the joker laughs at all things especially during situations most cruel. There's no conventional path and hope can do so much to aid in the illusion of control

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a fortune would be nice

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Holy shit.

No problem man
>your fortune says being indiscriminate leaves no one accountable to judgement but one cannot be left ignorant to certain warnings that the mind makes for its own survival.

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im reading that and im like dude what?
im guessing this means i gotta watch my back?

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If you have a carefree attitude least you can do is pay attention to red flags. You got the main point at least

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please and thank you

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Alright then
>fitting in is hard enough to do when all you want to do is take things easy and not have to worry about who you pissed off. You believe people could do more if they learned to love one another and not argue about rumors. Doing your best is the only option available though they should suit your ideal standards

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hmm, spooky how much that makes sense to me right now. you frequent /x/ or sumthin?

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your fortunes are most amusing, Rumia user

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Not at all, only been there a few time to lurk.
>though your presence is ephemeral a lot is left under speculation for the general treatment said about you are superficial and focus on appearance rather than character.
Is that so user?

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>So much can be said from image alone. Truth is harder to accept for the lie is one of success and beauty

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ah, figured you were one of those diviners. where do you get your fortunes then? Tarot or whatever?

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I make them all up

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well youre doing a damn fine job of it then.
g'night op

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Fuck off man
Night to you as well

Im done later faggots

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sleep well

Please user

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One fortune, please.

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i wake! :3

Im gonna try cs:go today, any tips?
can you Play using a Controller? I don’t wanna get out of bed yet.... too comfy ^w^

I think they went to bed •~•

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don‘t be sad!
i think you have an exciting future ahead of you, friend. The next five days are going to be the days you will often look back on. you will receive a lot of love, that I can say for certain.
But be warned my friend, it is illogical for things to be smooth sailing all the time. Prepare for some sorrow too, but don’t worry too much, even ifyou are at an all time low soon, you still have domiciled ahead of you! things will get better eventually so don’t quit life.

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okay? lel.... am on phone
*so much

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Thank you! I will enjoy the good times and endure the bad ones.

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don’t mention it fren :3
you do have a cat, you do, right?

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Actually no pets. But yes, I'd be more of a cat person than a dog person.

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oh.... well doesn’t matter.
Im always looking for more cat frens to provide me with my daily dose of cat pics :3
as I really want to get one, but will not, to save it from being lonely as I am away during the day :(

do you know if dogs can bevy them selves for a while?

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Cats are much more self sufficient. Dogs are the ones who get really sad when you leave them allone.

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oh... i have been told the complete opposite, thanks fren :)
howcqre you doing, anything bothering you?
what time is it, are you preparing to go to bed or just got up

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I want a fortune, too

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The cats of friends are out all day stray though the neighbourhood and know exactly when to come home to get cuddles. Don't know a lot of people with dogs to be honest, but all of them tell of how sad dogs get when they notice it's time for the people to leave for work.

I'm rather content. Nothing too much bothering. Been awake for a while, but still in bed.

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mhmm... i really want some kind of pet!
but i just can't accept the fact that i most likely will make it feel lonely due to me being away most of the time ;_;

oh! same here, so we both are in bed, say, are you an EU fren?
though ill have to get ready soon, go an appointment later

also... i feel like im in the wrong bred... i mistook this for my usual basket weaving forum :|
still, gud people here!

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That's a big part of why I don't have any either.

Yes, I'm in the EU. Well, not all threads here are bad. And every once in a while you get to save a few nice pictures.

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i think that user went to bed :|

ye.... so sad °~°

oh! hallo from Krautland lol
lately i've been only saving pics of my frens cats, that's enough for now but someday i will figure something out and get one myself... maybe get two so they can entertain eachother.. i dunno..

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is it 11:30 for you?

i said Krautland :) you should know, of course it is my fren

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same timezone yay