Going to wake up my GF at 4am and fuck her infront of my bedroom window AMA

Going to wake up my GF at 4am and fuck her infront of my bedroom window AMA

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No u don't

are u a Scientologist?

Yep. I am. We both have stressful jobs right now and sometimes it's hard to initiate sex since we're busy. Fucking in the middle of the night allows us to focus on onl that. It's hot. I trick her too.

Not rich or famous so probably couldn't be if I wanted to

Fuck it. I believe you. Not everyone on here is a virgin neck beard. Whats the plan? Why window?

I wake her up at 4am. She won't fuck infront of the window any earlier because she's shy and because we live in a major city. She's convinced nobody will see her then. She puts on a little o ring collar and a blindfold and takes her clothes off. I bought a really fancy blindfold that 100% blocks out light. To make it line up with the window I have to pull the bed back off the wall. She's able to rest her hands on the window sil and I fuck her from behind. I have a Phillips hue bulb system that I control with my phone, I slowly turn the lights on until you can see right into our apartment. unfortunately the window that we fuck infront of faces into the backyards of other houses and there is no direct view. The other window faces the back of another building and it's gauranteed someone would see. Can't get the bed infront of that one though.

What's funny is that I could probably wake her up at 4:50 and tell her it's 4 so the sun will come up while her blindfold is on. more likely for someone to go on their back porch and see past 5 am.


I don't kik, also why would I do that? I should probably sleep for a couple of hours before showtime.

Only the rich and famous ones are the famously known ones and contribute the most. They dont just have rich people, they just happened to bag a few big ones. They will accept anyone willing enough.

Don't you have to pay to get to each level? In any case I'll pass on relgion in general.

Yea man, just stay low tier grunt. All great organizations are held up by the grunts. It isnt a religion, it's a cult. I think? In 4 what'sthe difference. I dont think there is much religiousness in scientology, but moreso in this than basic cults. You get to yell at inanimate objects in this one.

How often do you guys do this, and how much sleep do both of you usually get? Does it make the work day harder for either of you two?

Pass. I'd rather talk about fucking my girlfriend lol. this is an AMA thread!

Ohhhh so close to the septawin

lately, twice a week. we fuck about 4 times a week. she goes to sleep early and I'm stupid and stay up all the time. I usually go to sleep at 1 am and then go back to sleep after we fuck, but it's already 2 am sooo.... i'm used to working feeling like shit since i take bad care of myself I also just drown myself on coffee

We do regularly set the hue bulbs to a dim red when we fuck since it's nice. Not sure if she'd do that though...knowingly.

I took the blindfold off her once and she didn't seem to care. She's super shy. I prefer blindfold on in the event that someone on their back porch sees then I don't have to stop.

Ever tried any other exhibitonist shit or fucked in any other exposed places?

She won't do it. I'm slowly easing into it. We've been together for a long time and progress has been slow. Not sure if we'll ever get there. I definitely want to fuck in my car when it's parked on the street. I think if it's during a rain storm at night she'd do it.

I take that back. She did walk out naked infront of a hotel window that overlooked a bunch of buildings but the bed was too far from the window to do anything fun and the height difference makes it difficult to fuck standing up against the window.

How old are you both?
Whats her body like?

both 28. i'm slim, she's petite and not super curvy but has just enough of an ass and nice little tits.

"What's funny is that I could probably wake her up at 4:50 and tell her it's 4 so the sun will come up while her blindfold is on. more likely for someone to go on their back porch and see past 5 am."

Where are you - Australia? It's the shortest day of the year here in the central U.S., sun is coming up after 7 a.m.

NYC. I mean the sun does start to come up around 4:30 I think

Where do you live?

queens ny

Op here. On second thought, I think I might just fuck her on the bed that we slept instead. I have not cleaned my windows for ages. What do yoi guys think?

not op...stfu

Im into that kinda shit too user

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Me too user. My ex used to actively suggest shit like that. At uni she had a ground floor room. During the day i would blindfold her, bend her over her desk curtains wide open and fuck her from behind. Or leave her blindfolded sat on her vibe and leave the room for two minutes with the door ajar.

sounds like the kind of stuff I do with my gf. Im about to install hooks on the window frame so I can cuff her exposed when the weather gets nicer

Wow this thread is still up. About to wake her up. Maybe I’ll take some pictures

Please do exactly that user.

Got kik? Id love to share more stories

May need to periodically bump for me after 4am.. Waking her up at 4. Takes a few minutes to get situated before we fuck.

One last bump before I wake her up

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Bumpity bump

Looks like user and his gf got brutally murdered

they probably had a great time and both went back to bed.

I've been waiting hours for the goods.

At least if they had been murdered i wouldnt feel so betrayed.

user fell asleep, Cheeto stains on his flaccid prick.

Content in the knowledge he larped a bunch of retarded faggots.

If hes happy im happy

You’re a fag, right?

Nope I’m still up. Managed to take a couple photos. It lasted a long time.

I just woke up and forgot this in my tabs I’m surprised it’s not dead yet

was hard to take photos. i definitely tested out the blindfold becuase at some point I put white lights on full blast.

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>Using quotes instead of greentext
Get a load of this newfag

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fucking my own girlfriend makes me a cuck.....lol yeahhhh ok.

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tell me honestly you don't want to see other dude come hard inside her

nope. my fantasies are more people watching us or her watching me fuck other girls. nice try though. i dont personally understand cucking unless you've got a small dick or something. isn't that the point?

I guess my photos weren't good so far and everyone lost interest heh. I have more...

She usually only lets me cum on her face if she's satisfied with the sex, which she let me today.

I'm interested! I just arrived to the thread


More! This is hot af

Letsss sew

Need moar.

Tell us about how it went. Did anyone see? Were you loud? Where did you cum?