*Makes Americans look like retards*

*Makes Americans look like retards*

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She makes anyone who buys her bullshit act and believe in her, which is most of the world, look like retards. She's a product of liberals who have gone too far to promote their message by using a child, making her recite their scripted crap anytime a camera gets in front of her. If you but it you're a retard.

*am American*
*100% retarded*

She is Swedish..... Just saying. If anything she is making Swedish people look bad.You do make a point, you are more then likely american and make your whole country look stupid, by not knowing she is Swedish.

I kinda feel bad for the little mongoloid, she was institutionalized for self harm and now is too stupid to get that the high she's on now is temporary, she's got a shorter life expectancy than a clipped tranny and the garbage people using her are probably erect at the possibility she does it while still in the public eye so they can say she was bullied into it.

Ok retard.

How? There's nothing inherently special about her, yeah normies lose their shit over some little girl but what makes her so special? She's a young girl who cares about the planet?......

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she looks retarded tho, and her last name is painfully jewish

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FAS baby gets the world thinging to her agenda.. wow

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why would i be embarrassed of her? she's not american

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I think OP meant that one Swedish teenager making the reasonable request that world leaders take the climate change science seriously has worked the entire United States into a foam-at-the-mouth seethe.

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I think that’s the point, fren: everyone can stand up for climate change no matter who you are.

The majority of Americans make themselves look like retards, the majority of Americans are ignorant to the world and have low levels of education.

This means they build up a self ego thinking they are amazing, #1 etc etc etc. Then they rage hard when people point out they aren't what they think they are.

Americans in a nutshell (the majority again).

Very convenient that you fail to mention that with the discovery of huge natural gas reserves, the United States has become the world’s largest produce of hydrocarbon fuels, primarily natural gas. The process by which the natural gas is extracted from the earth, hydronic fracturing, releases a significant amount of methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent than C02

This shit again, instead of %s why not post the actual tonnes of carbon emissions.

Then you will see why +208% for China is not a big deal.

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better about yourself. America is always ready to lend a helping hand.

The fact you replied with salt shows you see yourself as one of the majority.

Why would I need to make myself feel better? I am not ignorant to the world, I don't clap like trained seals watching CNN or Fox.

America doesn't lend a hand, they get paid to do it by NATO.


Maybe its a front, our "ignorance" to the world. Anyway, proofs?

Mmmmmm saaaaalty

Proof of what? NATO spending money on arms and ammunition produced by the US? NATO spending money stationing US troops in Germany, Greece, Syria, Afghanistan etc?

You have to be clearer with your questions.

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To be fair, she is somewhat of an expert on looking like a retard.

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She's hot af

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she would be the dumbest person in history if it weren't for her followers who think what she's saying isn't the same shit people have been saying for the past 50 years. the problem is she's wasting time complaining to 1. regular people who don't have any control over it, and 2. rich people who don't care.

how angry must people be to fake a picture, in the hopes of trying to "troll" or "trigger" others.

It always makes me laugh, but it usually is the work of some teen, but if adult then their life sucks ass.

She has autism, shes ahead by a mile

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*makes Americans look like retards*

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*Makes Americans look like retards*

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It’s the middle of the day in Europe now, so as an American I wanted to get your opinion. Now that the shock of the Trump presidency is over, how do Europeans view his term in office? Amused? Scared? Is there a sense of normalization given the simultaneous rise of the far right in Europe?

Fucking kek.

Not him but I'm a euro. He isn't our president but our media keep us abreast of his presidency and ridicule him like we have a vote to cast in the next elections. We don't care.

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Americans make themselves look like retards

Only faggot assed progressives think Greta is making an impact.

You faggot assed retards might be surprised that Greta is having the opposite affect.

Wouldn't expect anything less though, as progressives are literal faux intellectuals... dumb as shit in reality... but it's ok... play ball retards.

Who would habe thought proping up a retard would make you look retarded. Fucking Americans.

we ARE retards though
at least, a very large percentage of us are, anyhow

which is probably not that uncommon compared to other countries, but nobody else is quite as goddamn proud of their own ignorance as my fellow amerifats are

Says the faggot who can’t spell propping

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Yes, I'm from Swecuckland and the whole Greta thing is 100% astroturfed.
The media keeps pushing it, along with lefty politicians but Irl people are sick of it

What? Jewish...Thunberg?

The reasonable request to dismantle the industrial west.
Stop driving cars(non electric)
Stop eating meat(eat the bugs bigot)
Dismantle patriarchy
Racial equity(pay reperations, bigot)
Very reasonable....

The same people probably think Ingmar Bergman is Jewish.

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Nice, write off 2/3 of the worlds worst polluter by gross.
This is why I lost faith in this movement

>her last name is painfully jewish

It's not Jewish at all, you moron. Berg means "mountain" in North Germanic languages, and is a common element in surnames. Fuck, why are Americans so stupid?

Which half of Americans are totally stupid? Depends on which parties rose colored glasses your looking through, Democrats or Republicans.

But doing it based on per capita makes sense. The ultimate driving force for pollution is people, so your population is contribution to your emissions. Knowing GDP is useful, but GDP per capita is a more useful figure for metrics like quality of life. The same is true with these numbers.

Anyway, it's all a moot point: America is the only country in the world where the very concept of human-caused climate change is considered a myth. Americans are too stupid to consider that one gas might be better at retaining heat or reflecting IR than another. At least assholes like Bolsonaro in Brazil just admit that they're destroying the earth for short-term profit.

>but it usually is the work of some teen, but if adult then their life sucks ass.
>but if adult then their life sucks ass
>then their life sucks ass

off yourself, faggot!

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What are you 15? This "both sides are the same" meme is getting old. There is reality and then there is the Republican fantasy: a provably false mythos of nonsensical dogma including trickle-down economics, laffer curves, death panels, etc.

There are two kinds of republicans: wealthy people and useful idiots.

I'll believe Global Warming is an emergency when people start acting like it's an emergency.

I think rates of climate denial taper off among the younger generation, who know perfectly well climate change is real and will make the earth a living hell within their lifetimes. It is only older people who can afford not to give a fuck.

Squinting like Popeye, and reading a Georgre Soros speech?

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Time to start panicking.

>reasonable request

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Commies mad their propaganda is ignored by America.

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>I am so hard for Greta
Mr. Thunberg, that's no way to talk about our daughter

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>Facbebook commie page
>Expecting to be taken seriously.

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This I believe.
Sorry your country seems to be even more full of leftist dipshits than mine.

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does anybody really care about this climate change bullshit? 2019 the year of the trap and the autistic twat...

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americans already do that better than everyone else ever, just ask the worst one..that fat orange thing

I prefer the democrats to the republicans but they're both a bunch of corporate shills who I wouldn't trust farther than I would throw them.

I prefer the democrats since they claim they'll take action on climate change, but I wonder if they'll cave in to their corporate masters after gaining office (like republicans "forgetting" their campaign promises that aren't business friendly - we don't hear trump talking much about campaign finance reform anymore, do we)

A lot retarded Americans in this thread.

*is an actual retard

Imagine being retarded in comparison to someone who is an actual retard.

They do that themselves

What in the actual fuck

I'd call that honesty. Personally, I'd like to pull a few of her front teeth out and rape her bloody mouth. I'd fuck Greta bloody in all her holes

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could you summarise that in the form of Haiku

she is

they do it by themselfs, no one needs to help them.
She on the other hand is a fucking puppet and she has no fucking idea what she is talking about...

Like any place dos it any different or better this cunt needs to take a trip to gook land and see some real shit

And your what? 8 since your reading comprehension sucks. I never said both sides are the same. Your right, there is reality and then their is the very retarded concept that rich people should pay for everything and poor people are all victims of corporate greed. The rest of your post is just common communist drivel not worth responding to.

>By looking even more fucking retarded?
Not american btw

>in the form of Haiku
greta bending down

openly gaping for cock

ramming forcefully

That work for ya user?

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that's pretty damn good

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Quick maths here, china is 4 times larger in population than the U.S. by that math the U.S put out 5 billion tons w/a ten percent decrease while china put out 8 billion tons w/a 200% increase. Is this a meme or advanced retardery

Make some jobs for niggers and other low lifes sort ing out trash to recover and re use goods pay workers shit ... sell trash to lower class and middle class people forceing them to be pore ... one man wins hear ones again can you tell me who that is ?

How does it happen that the entire male population gets so butthurt by a teenage girl that they fantasize about sexual violence and mutilation with her.

Were the girls mean to you in school?
Does your wife nag you?
Are you stuck in a dead end job with alimony to pay?

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I see girl my pens gets rough rape time happening

If you're on Sup Forums, you're an outcast one way or another.

>implying amerifats need help to look retarded