Guess I'll try again pls Sup Forums I need your help...

Guess I'll try again pls Sup Forums I need your help, I'm looking for a mega link with videos and pictures that I saw once maybe 6 months ago. I think it was blackmail done by that one ruben guy? not entirely sure but at the very least the girl in the video is obviously distressed. The videos are screencaptures of a skype call and the person recording is giving commands then if she did them incorrectly he'd make her punch herself or do something she didn't like. I remember the girl being pretty petite, in some videos she was crying but seemed to grow somewhat apathetic in the later videos. She kind of looked like pic related from what I can remember but had brown or black hair. Please Sup Forums someone has to have it

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nice try FBI

Thats cp





it clearly says that shes in university, how is that cp?

damn you lost out. some guy posted it the other day, shit was dope. theres a video of her asking daddy to fill her mouth with a big load of cum

Dumbfuck, Athena was underage when Ruben was fucking with her. The girl in the picture is not Athena, learn to read faggot

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anyone have that blonde girl?

Yeah, I want more of the blondie.


Fucking hell didn't know she was underage, well there goes that I guess.
Op btw

Are you retarded?

I'm not a Republican, so no.


>found thread related to op post

Op here, don't think that's it it wasn't a thread about a specific girl so I'm pretty sure the girl I'm looking for isn't athena. This girl had darker hair and overall just looked different, more like pic related than athena. I think the link was posted in a blondie thread or just a general mega links thread after ruben was brought up, I don't even know if it was his video I just remember seeing his name in the thread aswell. Other info included her riding a hair curler aswell as a hairbrush, sometimes at the same time. I remember a bandaid being on her knee in one of the videos if that's any help at all, in some of the videos she'd chat with the guy just about life beforehand. I remember her room being a fucking mess and her floor was wood tile.


You have a mega for those pics?

Nobody got anything? Really? Bump.

I have it...want it? Who wants it. Theres even a few videos in it

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please share

Pleeeeease share, I definitely want it.

Op here, the girl I'm after isn't the girl in op pic; I just used her as a comparison. That being said I doubt anyone would object to her mega aswell


None of the links work

No shit, it's an archived thread.

Oh i didnt read all of what you said. I thought u wanted the katelyn scott mega. Nvm. And here i was going out of my way to dig up the mega link for her

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Fuck that guy, I'd love the Katelyn Scott Mega.

Ok, thanks anyway pretentious user

>katelyn scott
give it please LOL

No surprise, OP's a faggot, post the mega.

oh do please give us the mega user

I shall bless thee tonight. Although it isnt as good as you would expect....i only saved a few of the pics for later use myself. Its her face that makes her so cute.

You might he talking about the RG series. Also Ruben got caught by the Mexican feds a few months ago.

Don't go out of your way, the mega is shitty and these faggots are desperate.

Link/Sauce and More info? Still kinda in the dark about ruben in all honesty.

It isnt very good youre right. And guys im trying to post it i really am but Sup Forums bein gay and thinks my format is spam or some shit. Ill keep trying just hang tight

Just post the numbers.

That's why people post only the end part of a mega link, the #F forwards

Yes im trying to do just that.

While we wait for that, I have a handful
vola r 149250j6g


FFS just give the link. Don't be a douche. #F!ZCYVmYSB!enN46aZLtkm5Rq82dR0yXQ

It worked now. Enjoy my guys

am new, how work? is it a magnet?

He had a thing for armpits, sharpie markers and BMing underage girls. Hope he gets killed in la pinta.

How'd he blackmail them? or better phrased what did he blackmail them with?

Is there any backstory to this chick or is it all as surface level as it seems?

There is a story kinda but nothing serious.

I love a story, let's hear it

I dont know how he did it but it's pretty fucked up, especially H and G. I never seen any material but have read in other forums.

handful of what? Empty volas?


H and G?

P.S Fuck these retarded fucking captchas

Do you have the kaitlyn westerman mega?

Just something about her wanting a sugar daddy so she took all those pics and it backfiring or something similar. Im sure someone knows more

I do not. Sorry, user

What a whore....

I have been trying to help you and tell you how to do it but everytime i put the website name Sup Forums says its spam. Iv tried in many different ways too. Maybe someone else can help

Does anybody have the kaitlyn westerman mega I can’t find it

I know its honestly so sad. Why do pretty girls do this? I know its because theyre lazy and want easy money but god damn have so dignity. Women have no dignity and its sad

Mega dot new zealand abbreviation then add the slash.

Make a thread or go to request. Someone is bound to have it

its a mega...

I was literally thinking of doing it that way to but thought it would be too complicated for the guy

If that's too complicated for him then he is probably underage and does not deserve those beautiful white tits.

We know but he dont

Little more to it than that. See she wanted to help poor unfortunate souls in africa or somewhere to get food and medicine but she couldn't take on a job because of school and her cheerleading practice. So she got the idea to get rich old guys to give her money for modelling pose shots, most of which were some baby/young fetish shit because of her looks and body type. This didn't pay much so she caved to their requests to sexy up the shoots of more erotic photos. Eventually they got riskier and asked her to make vidoes of her to open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur.

who the fuck is Ruben

Yah, if you dont know who they are you should lurk moar.

Do you mean AW? That's cp, I'm about to text Chris Hansen nigga!

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You could try #!kaohECwI!lhpqR874mSJ6mEueCIzzBRXlmno7wOlF9KnbHiaVLIo

How dl i use mega links? Ive done it sometimes before but forgot

clearly you have never done it before, you must be a retard to forget how to do it if you have done it before.

Fist Fucking?

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boner secured

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He got her to send a semi-clothed pic through Snapchat then threatened to send that to her family if she didn't do more. Ended up with basically everything. Now he's well and truly v&

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This is a Mexican news story about the arrest and extradition.

>Landwhale cheerleaders
Jesus Christ America! Get it together.

In other words you don’t have shit and you’re a lying cunt.

>lurk moar, think you can just post them or links. im confused and know about the blackmail stuff just from lurking but im not familiar with names or in this case letters

I have the files op, keep thread alive and I'll dig it up


Didn't have my own Mega link anymore but I downloaded the entire folder (several women) I'm uploading them to Mega rn and I'll post link when done.

If thread dies OP start a new one under similar name. I'll be fucked if I'm uploading this for 1 user. Anyone else lurking?


Currently converting one of the clips into a webm, will post on /gif/ then link here so you fuckers can have some sound to enjoy her crying.

New Thread soon as this one seems it's about to 404?

Would appreciate, ty

Also lurking!