How do I get a girlfriend like this?

How do I get a girlfriend like this?

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that's a dude

No it's not. Sorry you're fantasy is ruined, faggot.

If you have to ask you already failed

As ruined as your grammar?


Yes, it is as ruined as your asshole from those cocks you take

Sure, so can I ask how much coke you take everyday?

There's nothing you can "do" to get someone like that. If you're not born handsome enough, you won't.
Some people will say "well, get money" but in such a scenario she wouldn't really be yours: You'd be her walking ATM and she'd maybe let you touch her a couple times a month while the rest of the time she's fucking guys she actually finds attractive guys behind your back.
Since you're here, asking, I'm assuming you're not. Better luck in your next life.

Act like a not to cocky funny dick and be well dressed and be hygienic. Im not a 10 out of 10 but my girl is bad as fuck but crazy abusive so i kicked her out recently. Act like you get laid. Dont go into a situation trying to get somewhere let it flow. After i acted likw i got laid i lost my v card. Been a semi chad ever since not a super high number but lost my virginity to a BEAUTIFUL girl a grade above me at 15 she was the total package. I cheated on her with one nighters and fwbs. Even had a even badder bitch i was basically dating too who know about her. When main chick found out guess what she cried bit didnt leave. Have had 15 plus sexual partners since 15 minus 14 months of incarceration jus turn 20 last month

how do i get a gf like THIS?

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this whats no sense

money and loads of exercise
and confidence


Eat more corn. It makes u smell good

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Money, lots and lots of money

Just be yourself, bro

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just find yourself an inconspicuous girl with low self-esteem. Then get her to wear makeup, dress decently, wear high heels. I once turned a shy, mousy girl into a whore and married her.

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Man, I still got to organize like over 800 pictures I have of her. Fucking shame there isn't a complete archive out there of her pictures. That I know of at least.

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You buy one

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get a face tattoo and a mixtape

As soon as your legit income will be legally in the high 7-figures, you will be able to get half a dozen of dem girls.

Sorry to redpill you, fam, but noone of them will be a virgin. That kind of girl reeks like foreign dicks even more than rotten fish.