Best bands of all time (in order):

Best bands of all time (in order):

>The Beatles
>Pink Floyd
>Led Zeppelin
>Rolling Stones

Who's the fifth?

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Beatles shouldn't be on this list.

Zepp should be first, then Floyd, then the stones. Number 4 should be blue oyster cult, and 5 should be Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Pick one

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Led zep is the only one that deserves to be on that list. The Beatles were nothing more than the justin bieber of their day. Pink floyd just did made music for people doing large amounts of drugs. The rolling stones were just another Beatles with a more modern sound. None of them did anything special. Chuck Berry did more for rock and roll than all 3 combined. Even Hank Williams did more for rock and roll than they did.

Black Sabbath of course

black sabbath. metal is rock right? it wasn't called metal when they invented it.

RHCP may not be top 5 of all time, but definitely in the top 5 most underrated. I mean name another band that survived the 90s that's actually good? And if anybody says U2 or pearl jam, you should fuck yourself with an umbrella and open it.

many death metal bands survived the 90's and are a million times the musicians those fags in rhcp are


led zepplin are a bunch of fags who blatently plagiarize any semi unknown song they can get there grubby little nigger hands on

The Eagles from a successful standpoint? Also, Queen is cancer and one of the worst bands of all time.

i concur with calling out hank Williams and chuck berry as far superior to those others.

if u really nerdgasm on music and music history u find the same imbalanced strata as 1% of enormous financial wealth...if even the top 10% of musicians were given fair access, the culture would be richer for it...
as it is, the radio in the us is a goddam travesty of 25 of the same fucking songs and artists, all but a tiny handful of stations are under 2 or so national corporate controllers, and all the really amazing music is underground, which is the only really vibrant place to listen or even hear about all the cool shit being made now, and cool shit that was made since the rock and roll era began that never became "household names"

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The Rolling Stones were far from just another Beatles. Are you fucking deaf?

You forgot David Fucking Bowie.

You got so busy thinking it was a setup in favor of certain bands; that you never stopped to notice it was setup to where good bands rise above the rest.
Those cool bands were shit and that is why they never made it.

Imagine being this fucking retarded. The music industry had always been about money over talent. Dumbass.

the doors

The Kinks are one of my favs from back in the day. Super underrated IMO.

You don't see The Kinks often. Their story is a sad one. They were punk before punk was a thing. Then them getting banned from America (perhaps the most punk thing) led to them digging back into their English roots.

I always wonder how they would've sounded if they actually tried to appeal to the American masses. Their stuff is up their in terms of pop with The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

>this fucking thread again
Queen, you fucker

Yeah. Elvis Costello was punk before punk too. I feel like the Kinks were making poppy sounding shit intentionally tho. Like ironically I mean. Powerman is literally a whole album about how the music industry doesn't give a fuck about talent, just money. But ye, love The Kinks they're great.

Justin Bieber

1. Pink Floyd
2. Zeppelin
3. The rest like ELP/Deep Purple/Sabbath/etc.

>You forgot David Fucking Bowie.
I loved that band.

I bet you're a lot of fun at parties.

>Who's the fifth?
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

Well that was just it. The Lola album was their second foray back into the American market. Arthur had failed, so they tried a more cohesive (popish) album. The irony being that it was all about the corruption of the musical industry machine. That's why they're so punk.

Hell, even the song Lola is ahead of its time- poking fun at the hippie era and men dressing up as women who fuck "straight" men. Even songs like Denmark Street or Top of the Pops, where you're hated for what you look like or stand for, but are still revered solely for the catchy tunes you play.

The Kinks were really amazing, but I wouldn't say top 5 :/

Your list sucks

Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath (Dio and Ozzy solo as well)

*You forgot Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mar*
Is that better? Faggot.

Punk is garbage

Ayyy! ELO is the shit. I see you fam.

Shit metal bands and some old fucks who dress up as kids? Nah, I'm good

Limp bizkit

What's ur fav first wave punk album? For me it's that first Dead Boys album. Top shelf shit imo.

Notice that nobody mentioned is punk but were instead being described as punk.

King Crimson or Tool

Kek. Gr8 b8 m8

Who's on first

Not bad, and a more traditional punk sound. If I was going for a similar later thing, I'd say The Damned, or the obligatory Sex Pistols/Clash.

But to me, it started with The Stooges and New York Dolls.

Glad to hear Sup Forums has the world's shittiest taste in music

Michael Kiske was one of the most talented vocalists in any rock or metal band, ever. This isn't even debatable.

No Mercyful Fate tho? You're doing it wrong bruh.

>no king crimson or ween on the list.

Mike Patton tho...

Top Crimson track?

Radiohead unless you wanna stick to classic rock. If so prob Queen or Cream


The only one anyone knows is 21st Century Schizoid Man

Rhcp is a band with 3 riffs and 4 baselines rotated around all of their songs.
They are like ACDC in that respect. 0 variety

The beatles are shit
Pink Floyd is good
Led Zeppelin is ok
Rolling Stones are meh

You are welcome, grandpa.

I'd say their millions of fans would say otherwise

Oh word. Def a Stooges fan. UK Subs are up there on my list. So is Husker Du. Love The Clash too.

Seriously though does no one here enjoy Tool?

you already answered your own question.

Tool is trash. Literally every song sounds the same. Fuck them.


Hard to say. Lyrically I like letters or fallen angel for example. But musically pretty much everything is a masterpiece. Love the percussion throughout first two albums.

You sir, are a man I can relate to. I juggle boc and zep back n forth in 1st place.


The Mars Volta are the best prog rock band of all time

The beatles' popular songs are shit. But their later music is pretty good.

Pp pupu

Just read my own post.
Jesus I'm a pretentious prick.

Best bands of all time?
Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio.

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Nice b8, made me b8. Your mom a fag

B8? Tool never gets stale imo. Not a single track feels Nickleback'd. I will admit the new album was somewhat underwhelming. Still enjoyed it.

I like the music but the attitude of the band is shit. arrogant af. $50 teeshirts in 2006 level shit. worst performance too. very disappointed and damaged my interest in the band.

The beatles
Pink floyd

The Who or Queen, maybe both. I'd be tempted to bump the Stones out of the top 5.

Husker Du is good, a nice introduction to alternative rock, almost. Television is awesome too. Haven't actually heard of UK Subs, so I'll give them a listen!

The merch is outrageous but user why buy tool shit when you could buy Alex Grey art? Atleast you're paying for something you can admire unlike a shitty graphic t .

Deftones over pink floyd and tool will only ever be subjective


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Charlie Harper is a god among men. Check out their albums "A Brand New Age" and "Another Kind of Blues." Cocksparrer are a great band too imo.

True, but why is Tool subjectively being clumped with Floyd

Sir, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You are pants-on-head retarded

Not bait. I can't fucking stand Tool or their shitty manchild stuck in the early 2000's shit tier fans.

washed up. good music tho

Yeah. Probably the kinks. Good choice

Floyd were pioneers. I can listen to money until I die but Tool has subjectively impacted my taste and love in music just as much as Floyd. I enjoy both equally. Both bands deserve praise for being progressive masterminds. Will floyd forever be a bigger name than Tool, yeah. But name one person who has hear of floyd and hasn't atleast listened to Lateralus

I'd slot radiohead into the top 5. I think they've had the chops at evolving their sound into different genres and staying relevant. Second only to the Beatles.

As you all can clearly see I'm too tired to fucking grammar

if you ignore the existence of the king of limbs, theyve had a good track record

Turn on the pot and tell me your head doesnt nod

A good band will do that. Grow as musicians, experiment with new sounds, genres, etc. Tool tho? Tool has never done that. Tool is fucking trash.

>The Beatles are shit
-said every Hur-Dur retard that doesn’t understand singing, songwriting, or history.
It may be your opinion but you’re fucking wrong.

Eh, even TKOL had a few good songs.

I was thinking the same thing

Sounds like every other Tool song.

Go listen to Neurosis. They're the band Tool so desperately wishes they could be.

I can't take this b8 anymore lol give actual reasons for not liking a sound that doesnt involve crying over the fanbase which has no affect on the music you're hearing. Hooker with a penis specifically knocks the average tool fan. Fuck off troll.

I appreciate the recommendation
I've heard others compare them to dream theatre in the same way

The Smiths and The Talking Heads are top 10.


I've already said why they suck. You waited how long for that new album? It legit sounds like studio out takes and fucking bsides from all they're other albums. 13 years for an EP of rehashed bullshit that all sounds the same. They haven't grown as musicians at all. But please, tell me again how great they are...

Tool is fine but you can't really put a band on Mount Rushmore for having a stylistically similar discography. That's what gives the Beatles the respect they have in the music community. Spoken from someone that has only heard a handful of tool songs. Lol

If you've heard one Tool song you've heard them all.

Deftones anyone?

The Beatles are overrated as fuck and the rest of your Boomer Bands can go fuck themselves. You forgot to add Deep Purple and Van Halen. Fuckin Boomer

I remember being in Highschool too

I would say either Queen, ELO or the Village People.