Show me what you consider a 10

Show me what you consider a 10

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Fucking sexy

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I agree

She is perfection I miss her so much

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portable fucklumps are 10/10

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She is perfection

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god her tits are so gross. i guess in some way they are attractive to incels who have never seen or felt a real boob but for the rest of us. no ty

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I finally escaped from /asp/ and you can’t make me go back.

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Nigga u gay

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almost but shoulders slightly wider than hips. if we are grading for perfection id give her a 9/10. in a female hips always need to be wider than shoulders

You think she’s ugly?

Sauce? Pls

My friend Bella is an easy 10 to me tbh. Checks all my boxes

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I would halve the score for the slut piercing

moar? i like her

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Shut up fag

Ultra cute and petite (5’1”) but with a nice ass

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Proof of ass

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lol no im far from gay bud. ive just seen and held tits in real life and not observed them only from a computer screen

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thx im fapping to her

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So cute

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need moar


Is there sauce?

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You like her user?

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Sauxe pls


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Who is she???

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sure do, any swimsuit or dress?


she looks so small and fuckable
are there nudes?

ocicat ofc

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Anyone got sauce?????

And I posted a swimsuit ass pic up above if you didn’t see

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Sadly no nudes. Just a friend of mine

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saw that
she's cute
any dress or blouse?

She's a dumb cunt and a spicnig but, kik slut wu_chelsea is a 10

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where did you get these?

Various social media and chats

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she looks cute in pink
any feet?

ho there, I need the numbers

Not sure but here's this

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A couple yeah

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go ahead with 'em

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those legs are made for guitaring


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would play those legs anytime
any more underwear?

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Not that I’m aware of but there’s an aftermath pic of this aftermath after she got rained on where you can see her bra. Will post next

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Injections and fillers do not make a 10


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will always be a 10

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Definitely. WWYD?

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Porn makes you addicted

Porn gives you a false image of sex

Porn makes you perverted

Porn makes you objectify people

Porn is involved in human trafficking

Porn makes you feel lonely

Porn disconnects you from family & friends

Porn exploits & coerces women

Porn ruins relationships & marriages

Porn makes you lazy & sluggish

Porn makes you anxious & insecure

Porn makes you aggressive & sexually violent toward women

Porn makes you secretive & lie

Porn makes you feel shame

Porn gives you erectile dysfunction

Porn makes you a LOSER.

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