Why are trannys so hot?

Why are trannys so hot?

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forbidden fruit

Only if you're a poofta.

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goto school kids.

males are more symmetrical then females in apes and homosapiens. shit, but men and women smell different so your attraction is weird.
tell me more about you fantasy.


Cuz you’re gay but it’s easier to admit to yourself when it’s a trap. Just be gay already.

Isn't that Taylor Swift?

Is he fucking the trap because it has a dick or because it's a hot girl?

Ideally; all the good parts of a dude (personality) with all the good parts of a woman (looks).

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>because it's a hot girl
It's got a knob; it's a girl no matter how hard it pretends otherwise.

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yes. best girl

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It's stupid to want a male's personality in something you'd like to sick your dick in.
God made women stupid for a reason.

Yeah, but why would you want bitchy, passive-aggressive and annoying? Much better being able to drink beer, talk shit and fuck all day.

Because I don't find women who drink beer and talk shit attractive.
Women personalities in general are shitty, but I don't think shifting to the opposite pole is the answer.

because they are smart as men (though mentally ill), have tits to play with and always take it in the ass

because incels just like trannys seek something that only exists in their perceived reality, that kind of hyper feminization that is only real in anime and movies. That's why tranny guys don't want to be female all of a sudden they want to be what they think is female and overcompensate as a consequence. Also, OP is gay.

What's up with trans women that won't let you suck their dicks? that's kind of the whole point

it was weird when i realized i just wanted to suck dick maybe i don't really like trannies and you don't either

Cause they cock fat cocks

the fact that you see tits and dick at the same time and your male lizard brain activated and modifies your behavior since to your male lizard brain you might need to compete with another male for a mate. basicly
>pic unrelated I just hate sand niggers.

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also isn't this Taylor Swift? lol

>Why are trannys so hot?
>Post TayTay
Boi, she ain't got no bussy

dang who dis

taylor swift kinda looks like a tranny which reinforces my beliefs, passing is a myth

idk man maynge your just mentally abbreviating her initials and getting it fucked in subconsciously.
or your a faggot... always a possibility here.

it's not that, i mean she's really tall and her body is kind of squarish her face is also somehow big she's somehow trannysh i swear

Ur gay. Just face it

i just like dick, i'm straight

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Sure buddy

Because you are diseased.

>Why are trannys so hot?
The fuck?

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>i'm straight
>i just like dick

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Most attraction is to secondary sex characteristics, you are attracted to someone before you know what junk they have.

Fair play.