Post your sad doomer life

Post your sad doomer life...

>Be me
>23 yo male
>smoke weed all day, never eat, smoke cigs when thirsty, drink soda instead of water
>masturbate all the time
>can stay up for days because i havent had that sweet nut for the sleepy feeling

im so autistic, Sup Forums,

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oh this reminds me, I was going to do a nightwalk and put up IIRAW posters

>wake up
>smoke an insane amount of weed
> go to construction job
>smoke cigs all day barely eat
>come home too tired to do anything
>more cigs more weed & kratom
>just sit around listening to music and spacing out

Oh and lots of crying

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me.... christ I'm a worthless leech.

>wake up
>go to work
>come home

Same pic.

>Office job, pay ok, but kills soul.
>3 months sexless, dumped by bitch.
>Losing looks, losing years.
>No notifications.
>Friday night alone and smoking while playing vidyas just to stay sane.
>Crying randomly. Still missing her stupid face while I know she's fucking the entire world.
>Music only gets me sadder. Have to cope to show family and friends I'm fine, because they know I tend to depression and are afraid I will kms.

Won't because I want to live and love again, but I'm very miserable.

If you identify with these you should kill yourself.

>Be me
>Work in a shitty retail job
>No gf for many years
>Three years shy of wizard powers
>No friends to hang out with
>Least I don't get nagged all the time and have no one to impress
>Spend most free time playing FPS and cooming
>Smoke tobacco, weed and drink vodka
>Vape weeds
>Dream job stopped hiring in 1945

>wake up at 1pm
>dont eat
>only drink coffee
>insane salt nicotine habit, sleep with it in my hand and vape in my sleep
>masturbate for hours
>have boss who mistreats me underpays me
>boss and i went to school together, made it big after we stopped working together in HS
>dead inside
>old, embarrassingly old
>cry alot, horrible anxiety and a touch of agoraphobia

>just left 1st job out of uni after only working there for a few months
>hope in humanity completely dwindled
>contact 3.14 old wife material 'friend' after a long time ghosting each other
>hoping to respark our cozy old friendship.
>get a cold single worded reply after everything we've been through.
>literally nothing left to look forward to in life.

guess ill keep gassing myself daily with cigs and weed until I wither away. fuck this life.

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>spend hours sittng doing nothing
>have like 15k worth of synths/drum machines, vr, racing simulator, fpv quadcopters and dont play with anything
>have like 300 bucks for rent and back bills not even close
>i have an equally depressing girlfriend who doesn't like sex
>car is rotting away in the parking lot because i don't drive. at all
>no insurance, hernia that is probably going to kill me very painfully one day.
>bad teeth that are only going to get worse
>no future

It seems like you're having an addiction problem. Use weed when you like but in edible butter, and quit cigarettes as soon as possible unless what you're smoking is naturally grown tobacco. to get your fresh water so you can taste real water, no more plastic bottles water. Find something else to get into to get your mind off masturbation and porn, maybe get into the primal diet and 100% your addictions will go away.

I walk on the street the night and drink some alcohol

>wake up
>work out or watch porn and jack off
>wish I was fit so I could try my hand at making porn
>go to work
>constantly think about how awesome it would be to be filthy rich and just quit my job and travel around the world spending thousands of dollars seeing prestigious escorts.
>remember that it'll never happen
>get home
>play vidya
>debate with myself over whether or not I should fap in the morning
>sleep poorly

>wake up
>do OP's mom

>work high pay job as supervisor in law enforcement
>completely despise job; have to fake entire personality all day every day
>so mentally exhausted from work that I fall asleep around 7 PM every day on the couch
>all wife does is complain and whine about every facet of our life while staying home all day spending all the money I earn
>fat and out of shape; used to gain actual higher pleasure from lifting that made job seem like a little speed bump in my day. Severe degenerative back issue has made lifting and even any type of sustained running impossible to get back into shape
>only release is the bottle, but when I go there I really become something I don't like

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>bipolar af
>get up at 6 30am
>go to programming job, browse memes doing minimal work
>get back at 6-7pm
>browse net drink beer/smoke cigs weed until 12-2am
>lay in bed for several hours cause i should rest, rarely any sleep
>no social contact, leave room only to drain pissbottles
>snapping at people for no reason, unorganized trash talking, becoming more and more toxic, smell bad
>developing further mental issues, hard to keep up the facade
Thing will probably just get better on their own, right?

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Know that feel.

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>gas station attendant
>smoke weed everyday
>my days consist almost entirely of console gaming, masturbation and texting my ldr gf

I wish my adhd got dealt with when I was a kid ,_,

>almost 39 years old
>decent job, live w richass family so no real expenses
>do nothing but download media I don't even watch and games I don't even play
>no sex drive, burned too many times
>women are a waste of time and resources
>friends are lame or w families
>spend most time on Sup Forums dicking around with you guyz

>get up at 12 pm or later.
>put some music on and make a mug of Irish coffee
>smoke some bongs
>water weed plants
>smoke some more
>drink whatever I have in alcoholic form
>make dinner
>play Age of Empires II Definitive Edition

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