Just deflowered my new fleshlight

just deflowered my new fleshlight

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You're a waste of a man.

Should I get one
I fap often
Is It better


its better than hand for sure, and its not as stretched as real cunts

It feels good, problem is it requires you have to clean it after every use and cleaning it is a pain in the ass

Omg people are so lazy. They are not a pain in the ass to clean st all. You take it out,turn it inside out and rinse it off,takes ten seconds,most of the lonely nerds just tag it and then throw it on the floor. Just lazy.

How does it feel? Have you tried licking it after fucking?

cum outside faggot

I've had a couple. Trial and error. This one is one of my favorites.

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How hard are they to clean? I got a Tenga flip hole because it splits down the middle and is very easy to rinse out. It feels good, but it kinda sucks because air escapes through the seams and makes squelchy noises. I'm reluctant to get something I can't open or turn inside-out to clean.

easy to clean
hard to dry

Not OP but that's my vid I just posted. That's a one sided hole and suction is amazing. If you don't bust inside, it's a breeze to clean. If you want to bust inside all the time then it's still easy. I use an old toothbrush and body shampoo. Takes like 7min to wash and rinse inside 3 times

Assuming the special cleaning agent and powder are highly optional, that looks pretty easy. Maybe I'll get one of those next.

Who the fuck doesn't bust inside?

If you have different toys and bust inside enough times, you can afford not to. I pull out and bust when I make a video.

I wear a condom.im a sinner and eat the the condom after I've filled,for jesus

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I use mine like once every couple of months but usually it's too much hassle. Rinse it, lube it up, either dry it or make sure nobody is home since the water kinda spritzes out the seams and makes noise, clean it afterwards...It does feel better than regular masturbating though.

pleb tier pussy

said the tranny

Why don’t you kill yourself faggot?

not that hard to clean. just splash a water and wipe.

if hand is a 1 and pussy a 10 this is a solid six.

hand 1
adult pussy 7
kid pussy 10