ITT: Poorly describe vidya; anons guess

ITT: Poorly describe vidya; anons guess.

>yo-yo shield weapon.

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Battle Toads.

There is a hill.
The hill is silent.

There is a resident.
The resident is evil.

There is a man.
The man is mega.

There is combat.
The combat is mortal.

There are fighters.
They fight in the street.

There is metal.
The metal is twisted.

Cars play soccer

Aryan aliens fighting with laserbeams from theire bare hands

There is a halo
It's just Halo, fuck you

There is an eye.
The eye is golden.

Thread derailed great job user haha

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the world of two italian super brother plumbers

Rocket league niglet

Battle Toads

There is warfare.
The warfare is modern.

Chicken in a backpack

Banjo kazooie

chicken little 2: electric boogaloo

A haunted pizza that is missing a slice

i like this one. thx for the lough

Anime sluts running around half-naked in freezing weather, sucking horse cock, and ignoring the main quest.

only with mods

There is crime
It’s in the streets of LA and it’s a true one

NBA Jam?

You fight a dragon in another dimension in your conquest of an infinite world

literally every game ever made has an anime sluts sucking horse cock mod, but you're probably talking about skyrim


Dave depopulates an island with the help of a ninja named Frank

There is a day
You get pay

Majora's Mask


Crazy “headless” woman runs around at the speed of light
> Headshots
“Whats in the canista”

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