Steam Winter Sale 2019

Steam Winter Sale 2019

watcha buyin?
watcha playin?
watcha beggin?

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Pretty much anything from my wishlist will cheer me up

Happy holidays everyone

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Begging MH:World this Christmas THX in ADVANCE OP Sup Forumsros!! Cheers~~~~

Begging for anything on my wishlist
Bonus gratitude for Doom Eternal but I'll really appreciate about anything

atm nothing
yakuza kiwami 2

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beggin for Darksiders Genesis

begging for Dying Light lmao

buying eiyu*senki prolly

begging bloodstained: ritual of the night
[or just wishlist]

Begging for dragon's dogma.

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Anyone got Blazing Chrome?

/ / / GENERAL JIRO SEZ / / /
“You can’t spell mass murder without ass”

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Begging for age of empires definitive edition, its

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bumping ~~

Bought Pavlov and Budget Cuts, might not play Pavlov but I loved Superhot so Budget Cuts seems like my jam

Begging for Red Dead Redemption 2, really want to play it but I'm broke af rn, thank you

Bumping again until I go to bed.

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Can someone be kind enough to get me theHunter?
Any edition even the basic one I want to play with my friends

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Slay the spire would soothen my damned soul. Hope ya'll having a great season and happy holidays! Merry Christmas

Anything from here would be godly

can be possible get tekken 7 season 2??


Begging for any of your unwanted trading cards.
Dota items and cosmetics would be nice too or a gift card to buy dota cosmetics. Thanks

All these faggots begging deserve to be raped by a fat white cock tonight.

Yes please

>All these faggots begging deserve to be raped by a fat white cock tonight.

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hey peeps don't lose fate, i can tell you for a fact that santa is in this thread and looking for good boys

Pls Sant'user gift me Halo reach so I can play with my friends

anything from my wishlist would be much appreciated but I'd really like Ace Combat 7 or Killer 7 please.

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post proof user

Santa could I kindly request for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA please? Thanks and merry christmas man

Please tell santa that I'd like Darksiders Genesis
begging for morrowind/oblivion/fo3

santa told me he thinks its quite cheeky to accuse people and demand proof for something pure and sweet like giving out of love
santa thinks you should change your attitude

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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Alright in that case can you tell Santa that this little boy wants a present. Thanks alot!

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A little bump

ok boomer


Shibimon Is you are here fucking nigger is time to do some fucking bussiness and buy some goodies at the lowest prices

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Nah, these threads are alright. I like to see whats popular they're begging for, then buy it for myself to play.

have u tried divinity 2

This guy fucks

This one does not

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Bump for beggin

I think it's very sweet of you to spread christmas cheer all around, hopefully you'll come bless me with some of that love
Asking for Sayonara Wild Hearts or Disco Elysium, thanks

good boys gets their presents at christmas eve
paitance is virtue

Happy holidays all.

Thanks again santa I shall be patient and look forward to your visit!

>what's everyone playing
>nothing but begs

hey i'm just chilling here, do you want to talk about christmas?
i'm having a nice party wiht my friends and i need help with food ideas, because cooking something complicated is off table
i don't want to just order pizzas but it might happen
got any idea?

I've been playing through Berserk and The Band of the Hawk after having been unable to play the game for months because I couldn't play it with pic related and all the usb cords for my wireless controller were hot garbage that would slip off after 5 seconds. It's a pretty fun just turn your brain off and kill things game like most other Musou games, though I wouldn't really recommend it as a newcomer's entry to Berserk, since the story mode is kinda crap.

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not that guy but you should consider ordering asian finger foods. Stuff like eggrolls/springrolls, tempura, fishballs, ngo hiang/kikiam go great with vinegar based hot sauces and honestly most dips. If you don't like asian you can always order pizza, sliders, chicken wings, hotdogs etc.

best that can be done in my shitty country is maybe a few dominos pizzas with some meat on them

Actually playing REmake... I'm so pumped for RE3 remake that i decided to play again most of the Resident Evil games.
Which is also why im begging for RE3

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shut the fuck up liar




What the hell's your problem faggot?

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bumping it up

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Red dead redemption 2, CoD WW2/ghost, Paladins (free overwatch), and world of warcraft the board game.


Am playing Risk of Rain 2, shit's fun.

Also begging for Resident Evil 3, but offering a drawing (pic related it's my work) to give a lil something in return

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beggin for state of decay:yose $3 because I blew money early
merry soon to be xmas

I'll probably pick up dungree

maybe some others idk yet
still begging for they are billions

Just begging for Ori. I love the genre and hear great things. I really wanted it on Switch, but it's $20 there and $8 on Steam. Though I don't really have a reason to beg. Just why not see if someone will be generous?
im begging for civ 6 or postal 4
have a great holiday everyone

i don't why people beg for single player games. any braindead idiot can torrent a single player game. almost every one of them is cracked.

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Begging for RE3, but anything else on my wishlist is appreciated as well! thanks anons

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