Do they export their culture in any interesting way? I've been learning Mandarin for about 5 years now...

Do they export their culture in any interesting way? I've been learning Mandarin for about 5 years now, but it's hard to find interesting media to watch/listen to and I end up not getting enough speech interpretation practice.

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ni shi ta ma de hei gui

Watch movie with subs

This movie made a pretty big impact.

Any good Chinese movie suggestions?

Gonna check that one out, thanks

Yeah but it's also location dependent. Chinese is becoming much more of a Lingua Franca in East Asia, and to an extent Central Asia. In Korea for instance, Chinese language ability is now listed as a requirement for many jobs. The downside of course is that with strict controls over freedom of speech, China produces much less interesting media than it once did. If you're just looking to hear it I'd suggest checking out a director named Jia Zhangke, he has some great movies that he's done. There are some great language exchange programs online as well. If you really want to take the leap, you can teach English in China. The jobs are ridiculously easy to get, I have zero experience in teaching anything for kicks I sent out two resumes got two job offers in less than 24 hours. Added benefit of learning in China is that you don't learn the God awful Beijing dialect but rather standard Chinese. With cost of living taken in to account the teaching jobs pay quite well

There's also of course Taiwan. Taiwanese characters are easier to learn as well since traditional characters actually make sense, and simplified do not.

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The wasted times
Ex Files
Ex Files 2: The other Girl Strikes Back
Journey to the West(2012)
Journey to the West 2
Ne Zha
My Country My People

No problem.
This was the other big budget Chinese film that got a lot of publicity.

Thanks, this is helpful! Never actually considered starting a teaching career there, but that's an interesting idea.
I would like to take a trip to China one day, so far I've never been. Currently my only Chinese interaction is done online via WeChat. Will probably visit Guangzhou someday
Also yeah, Beijing dialect is horrid, and I dislike the accents of 北方人 in general. I'm more interested in southeast China

I worked in China for a year it’s not very fun...teaching and hanging out is, but in the USA there are many freedoms and rights that are not present when working in China

Thank you guys

choose one

Always Shenzhen as well. It hasn't much South Eastern culture, but you'd also learn Chinese, Guangzhou still has a ton of Cantonese, which for learning Chinese isn't so great. Check out the teaching jobs, alot will give you round trip tickets, an apartment, food, and cash, they'll do all visa work for you sponsor your TOEFL if you need it and essentially allow you to be a bum. Only drawback is that first tier cities are more in demand, so for a first year teacher you very well may have to go to a second or third tier city for a year or two before getting a first tier one. Shenzhen or Guangzhou would be incredible, I personally would have zero interest in living in Beijing or Shanghai, and of course Tianjin is not a first tier city

Before the cultural Revolution China had an incredible culture, but yeah... Now for Chinese culture you go to Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong or Macao

Not advisable you have be very mentally tough. OP do your research and if you do go, get hired by a school and not a learning academy

No the mainland is great. The culture on the mainland is the best. Been there like 6 times. Best food and women on earth

I hear under Xi it's gotten alot worse. Truth be told I've never been to China China. I've spent a good deal of time in the Stars, and the ROC but with the way things are China doesn't really appeal to me. The last time the opportunity presented itself China arrested two Canadians and sentenced one to death and I have a philosophy when it comes to traveling which is never go to countries that dislike my own. Life is simpler that way, less risky.

I travel to Asia often on business. China is a shithole, go to Taiwan. People are way nicer, like night and day.

Shenzhen is another city I'm interested in.
What kind of teaching qualifications does one need to apply for these jobs?

How is the sex appeal of the women relevant to culture?

Fuck all, haha. Be white, have a college degree, be from a country that speaks English as its first language, don't be African.

>China arrested two Canadians and sentenced one to death
Are you talking about the giant meth bust? You play it off so non-chalantly jesus fucking christ. You took that shit from 100 to 1 real quick.

Youku has a lot of shows,movies and videos i recommend that

Xiami is a really good its basically the chinese version of Spotify except better

I was there in September and it was cool and I am a brown dude. Felt great

I travel alot, I spend more time overseas then in my own country. A dispute leading to Canadians being arrested and one having twenty years in prison changed to a bullet puts me off. Why do it? I went to Taipei instead. Great time. Never had to worry about political bull shit. I find it's far preferable to be in a foreign country that's a friend of your own country, makes life simpler. Also preferable to be in Democracies, less stress. Go spend some time in countries which are absolute dictatorships with low freedom and poor relations to your home country and get back to me. It's a completely different feeling. Double check your cell phone and computers next time you travel for anything at all that could be considered subversive in any way, because you're worried immigration will download contents and find something they don't like. I've traveled alot

I think I might seriously consider this if my current career plans fail. Thanks for potentially shaping my future user
>Don't be African
Yep, they pretty much see all blacks as African rather than where they're actually from. Has actually been getting better because of black NBA stars

Haha until that coach posted something along the lines of Free Hong Kong

>Has actually been getting better because of black NBA stars.

yeah i don't know about that a lot of chinese citizens dont really like the black all that much

Neither does anyone else

No. It doesn't help that most Chinese culture was destroyed in Mao's Cultural Revolution.

Just you.

A bit paranoid, but I basically agree with this

It’s not like that all...China is a pretty free place you just don’t talk Shit about the government...what part do you people not understand about that? I been to mainland China many times and I taught there and i never was once ever harassed by cops or anyone in fact aside from crossing the street and their infrastructure it’s the safest place I have ever been

Agreed they're a cancer on society

Are you the guy who posts all the white boi threads?

t. Chang.

Immigration to China does not work that way...I doubt you even travel bro

most underestimate how safe china is actually

In terms of crime China is probably the safest place...way safer then in the USA

I take it you’ve never visited Japan, Singapore or Taiwan.

I work in a branch of risk management for a living. Here's my thought process in a nut shell for an example. I have this picture, I fly in to Chongqing, do I delete the picture before I go to the airport? So I set up an inequality, the left side is the joy having the picture brings me, the right is the sadness that could result, so the left is easy enough, for the right I list all the possibilities, I multiply their probability against the level of unhappiness they would bring I take the sum and then compare the two sides. If the right side is greater than the left, I delete the picture, if not I keep the picture. I take alot of risks in my life, and I'm not advocating a risk free life, but alot of times people down play the probability of possibilities coming to pass. When I take a risk I like to know that if I take it enough I'll come out ahead, like the casino with blackjack, and that if it does go tits up I'm fine to continue. That sounds complicated but in practice it's quite simple. Seat belts are quite uncomfortable, I use them anyhow, going through a windshield is far more troubling than a bit of discomfort. My thoughts

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Never have been to mainland China, the point of all this. Currently overseas haven't been 'home' in about a year