Anyone else hyped for the second American revolution? America has suffered severe damage thanks to libshits...

Anyone else hyped for the second American revolution? America has suffered severe damage thanks to libshits, but we will rebuild and reinstate our freedoms. Any and all who have exploited the system and rose through heights of power to subvert and corrupt this once proud nation will be dealt with in a manor accustomed to traitors. Back to back public executions and harsh punishments will be handed out to those who've proven a threat to our country. It'll be spectacular. So Sup Forums, what aspect of the coming war are you most excited about? The fighting, or the aftermath? It'll be rough, but it'll be so gratifying at the same time. I think the fighting will be the best part, personally.

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Lol. You're a fucking coward in real life. Sorry that I can't play along with your LARP.

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nobody asked you shit bitchboy

were all too fat and lazy anymore. shame really. had been hoping for a while, but i don't see it coming. the jews run things and take more and more from us each day. once AI takes off and can push buttons and run the machines for them we will have no further use or worth. then i don't know what happens.

Why don't you try to solve those shitty marks instead of trying to be a big boi? You could end up working at McDonald's, fageroo.

> reinstate our freedoms

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Will all of trump's supporters juice up their mobility scooters and run amok in the streets?

>Anyone else hyped for the second American revolution?
Yes, it's going to happen.
No, it isn't going to happen the way you think it will.

It's funny people joke about the next american revolution as in it's not going to happen if things keep going downhill we have no choice as Americans but to fight for what we believe in itll be father against son and brother against brother I personally cannot wait so that way we can begin moving forward on more important and pressing issues like the colonizing space or limitless power with the right resource maybe even human life extension beyond normal capacity or maybe and end to catastrophic diseases.

Nice fantasy billy but we all know you’re a pussy. :)

I'm hyped! I train 4 days of the week just for this event. These fucking commies have no clou whats comming.

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Gritty will show you no mercy when it happens.

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Imagine not only saving these cartoons but also actually posting them. And then having the audacity to refer to others as coward and pussy. Go dye your hair or some shit.

Communists aren't people.

Stupid enough to think liberals and commies are the same. Amerifats always good for a joke

They took er jer

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expect a knock on your door by the FBI, you should be charged with insurrection and taken away in handcuffs and put in jail

the same guys who post shit like this are the ones who cry about terrorism when antifa beat their shit.

If the 2 loud minorities in the US wiped each other out I think the world would benefit.
Go for it, retard.

You lil piece of shit. AOC is gonna fuck you in the ass with a huge strapon when we win. Lil bitchasspussy

> Alt-right revolution.
Don't think so

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How could there even be a civil war. The Left apparently hates guns, so they won't start shit. The Right is too responsible to use guns in such a barbaric fashion. At best ya can hope for is a few good ol riots.

>The Right is too responsible

OK boomer

Cut the cities off from supplies and watch thier beloved niggers become our weapons

America was founded and built by libs you literaly retard.

Conservatives today reflect the values of Liberals of yesterday, far more than the "Liberals" of today.

Your entire movement has been fucked by communist Hollywood Jews.

You're not the hero in this equation.

Your entire way of perceiving reality is fundamentally incorrect

You must be fundamentally unaware of the base axiomatic ideology for the party that you subscribe to.

Because the modern left is repackaged Marxism fused with post modernism.

The girl who couldn't name the three branches of government??

They're fine with using the states guns.

Age-ism is disgusting.

The US has been moving further toward free market capitalism... if you're unhappy it ain't because of commies, they haven't had any meaningful impact on policy or politics in decades.

The overwhelming majority of people in the US are rightfully content. We live in the greatest, wealthiest, most powerful nation in the history of the planet. There's nothing to improve, every single malcontent is a faggot who just wants to shit things up for everyone else.

>imagine being a suburbanite when the boogaloo happens
larper faggots are gonna die in DROVES.
a sad day for commie fags everywhere.

like you’ll ever be on the fucking frontlines, lol

have fun with your roleplay

There's not going to be a 2nd Revolution / 2nd Civil War in our lifetime, OP. The current pushback on the far left / PC culture should be enough for you too understand that most people hate the unhinged "woke" left retards as much as we hate religious freak far right retards. Hence why Trump will be re-elected & Repubs will regain the House in 2020 due to the far left swing Democrats recently took - then the Republicans will inevitably go too far right & the Democrats will gain control again. The country is majority centrist politically & will remain so for a long time to come.

What a waste of dubs, you answer is totally retarded.

Dubs of truth. There isn't going to be another us civil war anytime soon.


I promise you don't have the stomach for war, most people don't. Those that do or have been put in a position to be boots on the ground usually suffer mentally or fins coping mechanisms hence PTSD or substance abuse for their metal health. War is no joke it's not some beautiful ideal of your larp fantasy or some video game I promise the first time you see someone missing an appendage or someone lying on the ground bleeding out from a gunshot screaming their lungs out raw you wont have the stomach for it the atrocities of war are no fucking joke you dont automatically restart or get another life once you're dead you're fucking dead I might not like Liberals or Democrats or Republicans but I sure in the fuck dont wish war because i promise with your mentality and fantasy of war you wont have the stomach for war

Yeah its much better to go to the gulag voluntarily

Never said dont fight for what you belive in I dont care for or goverment and the current state of politics and their affairs and the divisiveness of current politcal parties I was just stating the fact war is no joke and isn't some fantasy

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Communism is the future, and you can't stop it, fascist.

only an issue when you shoot other human beans. commies aren't people so its like throwing out your garbage.

Hilarious. 100 percent failure rate for anything beyond shit hut village cultures.


communists aren't people

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Christmas morning 2019

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>human beans

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>thanks to libshits
The stately diction of a true policy wonk, worthy of my most patrician ancestors.

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A 2nd civil war is gonna be the destruction of the US. Syria is gonna look like a children's playfort in comparison. As someone who has no stake in your shitty country I say go for it.

There is literally nothing to improve. Homeless people don’t exist. Or people just don’t care which is more likely.

not really just a bunch of dead commies and wasted ammo

There's an abundance of social programs that offer free housing, financial assistance, education programs & substance abuse programs for the homeless. In Seattle & San Francisco, they spend hundreds of millions per year, but their homeless housing facilities remain empty, the homeless refuse to use the shelter / apartment complexes provided. It's pretty common knowledge among homeless advocates that large portion of the homeless prefer the streets.

The truly shameful part is the wasted ammo. But burying dead antifa in the desert or even just mincing them up for animal feed isn't too bad.

10/10 would fuck her lifeless corpse and shoot my nut on the good half of her face

The only way to fix everything is to create a new sociaity that is not controlled by the Jews. For more information visit

>you're a coward
says the one insulting me over an anonymous imageboard.

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can we remove commie before that first plx?

That is part of building a new White world. Communism is just one more Jewish tool to control weak minded individuals.

yeah but white people can't eat spicy food. How am i supposed to survive in a world where the spiciest thing you guys can eat is cold mayo?

How in the hell someone could possibly think that "our country" and "the system" is a good thing is beyond me. Any and all who "rose to power?" Are you kidding? You think that the rothschilds should stay in power for forever and control everything until all humans die? Fuck you and everything you stand for.

You win a free helicopter ride

Where do you get that shit from? Some of the spiciest plants only grow in the cold climates of Europe.

nah we just let you believe that. Similar to how i keep "Hot" cholula in my fridge for my white friends but its really just diced tomato, onion, cilantro with some like a teaspoon of texas pete in it. the real stuff doesn't have to be refrigerated. but they'll break out in sweats and sharp breathing just touching the bottle.

Nothing cuter than when some fat 15 year old white nigger with a single mom fantasizes that he’s an action movie star. As soon as user defeats the Antifa SuperSoldiers He’s gonna drive a WRX out the top floor of a Miami skyscraper. Then he’s gonna toddle out to the kitchen where mom is already drinking (“you know I like a lil beer with my lunch”) nuke a hot pocket and wonder what it feels like to be a man.

That doesn't mean we can't kill random leftards just for the fun of it.

First you’ll need to learn basic English, you sad dumb white nigger. Jesus you’re an idiot. Lol at a “manor accustomed to traitors?”
Is that like a house full of Trump supporters?

BWAHAHAHA oh my sides.

You have never tried a bird's eye pepper. Only grows in cold climates, second hottest pepper on record.

Shit dude your white friends can tolerate Texas Pete? Mine fucking die if I use the same knife I used to cut some bell peppers up on other veggies.

Almost killed a white buddy of mine when he accidentally unsnapped the heinz jalapeno ketchup bottle in my fridge. None got on him but we still had to spray him with the water hose for an hour to keep him from dying. Whole house smelled like wet dog for a while


Bird's eye chili, bird eye chili, bird's chili or Thai chili is a chili pepper, a variety from the species Capsicum annuum, commonly found in Ethiopia and across Southeast Asia.

I think you might be retarded but my wife makes gochujang out of this stuff

Either you have zero idea what communism is, or you’re 86 years old. Cuz no one in the mainstream political sphere even brushes up against communism
Or you’re just another uneducated white nigger crybaby who likes cute catch phrases and slogans

free helicopter ride for you.

Remote controlled turrets on ied proof chassis. Your electricity and gas cut off instantly . A well trained military arrives after you shoot one of your neighbors (sheriff's , cops) for attempting to keep the peace. Unmanned aircraft that you don't have the weapons to shoot down. Yep have fun with that

Tell that to my AR-15.

You can go ahead thinking my far-left leaning ass is gun-free, but when I'm planting freedom seeds in your brain stem you'll learn otherwise.

NO! everytime i talk to your AR-15 it just shouts antisemitic things at me

lol the only thing commies will get is a single 5.56 to the T box

angry white necbeard detected

Yea...not how that works...

When can you start? Im going to enjoy watching you die on youtube. Hurry up.

This. It is imperative we remove communist filth from this earth and the heavens. All fates beyond even god demand it.

Violently murdering all the pink haired freaks, mouthy niggers, and stuck up Jews, all well having it justified as patriotism.

Why do you hate communism so much

because its killed so many people and retards wanna "try again"

I'm a US citizen but I'm living abroad at the moment. Going to be watching from afar for a while.

Should be good, right wing gun owners that have been shooting since the age of 6 v beta numales wearing pussy hats swinging bongs and dildos. Bloodbath.

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Its fine to hate inanimate objects. communists aren't people

expo fatso its ok to hate things that aren't living

Nice idea, "diversity is out strength"

I get it now!

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commies are gay

Serious question

Are all Americans this retarded or is it just a few attention seeking neckbeards?