Has anyone ever figured that maybe all this lgbtq shit is all a direct result of boomers doing psychedelics back in...

Has anyone ever figured that maybe all this lgbtq shit is all a direct result of boomers doing psychedelics back in their day? Or am i alone with this thought?

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You're alone and possibly, in fact almost certainly a faggot.

I'm sorry

nah its a result of companies finding an untapped market

no fault divorce is the cause of every single social problem we have today
also jews

I sort of suspected it was because boomers are perverts and grooming people to molest. I figured it was more on purpose rather than incidental accident side effect.


Sounds like youre projecting

>All this LGBTQ shit
It's been around for a long time, it just hasn't gone mainstream. Also, corporations and the MSM found a market they can pander to and pretend to care about.

A lot of the hate for LGBTQ is because of the non-stop coverage for it. The MSM makes you feel like if you're a straight white male, you should be ashamed of yourself. I can't explain why they've all flocked to Twitter though and taken over that place. People on Twitter are fucking insane.

The most confusing aspect of it all was that the idea of feminism was that both genders are equal and our societal expectations of each gender were flawed. So If we bought into that then what the fuck is the need for they/them/fluid/nonbinary? It's all an attempt to be special for anything other than achievement to be perfectly honest. Prove me wrong. You can be a man or a woman and achieve anything.

I was just thinking Maybe that kind of drug use fucked up their dna and therefore children and could be why there are all these sexual/social issues. Divorce and broken families sounds like a more likely issue, grooming is creepy as hell but i could also see that being the case, although boomers are mainly the most homophobic.

True, i guess it just hasnt really been at the forefront until the digital age

Maybe i just had a retarded thought while i was stoned lol there are points here makimg more sense than what i thought.

Even though its gen X and Y pushing this agenda
> boomers are like 60 now dumbass

Valid point. I was going after the whole hippie craze of the 60's though because of the lsd and mushroom use of the time.

Also wasnt saying boomers are pushing it. My point was that psychedelics coulda fucked up their kids which would've been gen x

His point is who raised Gen x? What's the difference between the greatest generation's kids and boomers kids?

Exactly, and its a big, noticeable difference.

Because whether you realize it or not twitter is the forefront of “mainstream “ memes. Go on IG and see a lot of people claiming they’ve already seen on twitter before or just straight up screens of tweets. Same with facebook.

Since it has the most active users the largest congregation of LGBTQ fags congregate there. Most normies feel the pressure of society and just go with the flow for fear of ostracization from the crowd.

True, getting off topic though. Theres no denying that the internet is an echo chamber of faggotry, but i was wondering where it originated from.

> psychedelics will fuck up your DNA and somehow pass it onto their offspring
Is this what your implying? If so, you’re so stupid I don’t even think it’s worth discussing why that’s wrong with someone of the likes of you.
Goddamit stoners are so braindead.

Even if they did raise X. It’s irrelevant. The thing is people feel like they need to be good people all the time. The 60s had a multitude of civil issues from the American war machine to segregation etc. Post 80s and early 90s there wasn’t many MAJOR issues for the average American especially with the cold war coming to an end. So, a relatively minor issue like this one suddenly blew up, proportionately speaking. Normies want to feel good & “fair” to everyone. No one wants to be publicly labeled a bigot and lose clout.
That’s why this issue is so big. Everyone wants to be a decent person but the alphabet crowd screams “monster” at any opposition and they are scared of being ostracized for speaking a truth.

It's simply because more people have been turning away from Religions, people are getting smarter and know religions is a pile of shite.

All it does is make hypocritical sheep who shout at other religions which is similar or has ties with each other.

All the wars for the last 1000 years have been religious based. Even WW1 and 2 were.

And what is funny is Americans are calling themselves mostly Christians, but in the bible Gluttony is a Sin and so on. They break every tenet there is, but yet everything is A-OK.


Yes i was implying that, no one is really sure of the long term implications that psychedelics may have. I had the thought that maybe because it does effect your brain, it could effect you offspring in some way. Maybe my retarded atoner brain came up with a half-with thought and felt like discussing it with more rational minds. No need to get pissy.
Relative to the point you made, i live in my own world. I choose to be disconnected from social issues and especially all the MSM shit, so looking at this issue from a social prespective does fly over my head. Thank you however for enlightening me, because your comment does make alot of sense.

In my case yes, first time I wanted to come hug my mom and say I'm sorry for everything but I couldn't wake her up it was pretty late at night. So the next few times it got insane quick because I was in my thoughts

Ayy, lmao?

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> no one knows the long term implications psychedelics may have

Maybe on strictly mental health but at the same time, yes, we do. Most psychedelics work by mimicking serotonin. For instance LSD sits in the serotonin receptors of the brain but is slightly larger than the serotonin molecule. It gets “stuck” in the receptor and constantly stimulates the axon and so our brain “feels” this as a flood of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters as you probably can guess, facilitate signal transmission within the brain. This is why we trip, cuz our different areas of the brain begin to communicate with each other when normally they hardly even whisper to each other

DNA is created by using proteins to create amino acid bases. DNA mutations happen by chance, free radicals or ionizing radiation NOT because our brain chemistry is altered

LGBT is Millennial bullshit.
Nice try though, faggot.

I mean bill walton was very public about his frequent lsd use and his son is fine. also out of everyone i know that dropped acid or took shrooms including myself have perfectly normal kids. id attribute the rise of lgbt more to less people giving a fuck, slightly less religious pressure, and potentially reagan shutting down most (or all?) looney bins. kinda half assed but im tired

Good someone smarter than myself. That clears alot up.

not op nor a fag but homosexuality has always a been a thing; it was huge in ancient greece. also you just hear about it more today thanks to social media

It told me I have to get very sick from having sex then I can fight the strongest battle.

Not larp or bait, jus stoner idiot

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This and a lot of other shit is a sign of a massively decadent society. This is used and supported by the elites to distract people and for divide et impera. If you get the people to hate their neighbours they will never unite and stand up against the criminals that rule our countries.

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100 thousand % agree man

I forgot the Greeks were gay lol

>lgbtq shit is all a direct result of boomers doing psychedelics
Nah, faggotry for the sake of faggotry has existed since the dawn of humanity.