Loli bread

loli bread

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Anyone have any menacing lolis?

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Woops forgot pic

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new pedophile bread

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Why are normies so butthurt that we like kids?

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Did you even read your post before you posted it? Pic related, is you.

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no niggers allowed

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okay this is pepe bread now

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>find cute loli on instagram
>scroll down a couple times
>instagram literally gives you a 'related' bar with recommendations of similar aged girls

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Collection of non-SHITTED version of commonly SHITTED edits

If you see someone post a SHITTED edit reply to him with the original

Do your part in keeping loli threads SHITTED-free

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jokes on you i´ve been looking to fill out my pepe folder

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Hey buddy, why don't you spam the SHITTED loli thread too?

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Lol butthurt

Excellent, I'll keep posting then.

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why the fuck do you think?
SHITTED threads are just shitposting like pepe poster here

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speaking of...

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Hey as long as its not nigger edits im fine with it
i´ll take pepe over niggers any day

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Why don't you pathic shit stains just kill yourself?

Seriously... if this what you're in to... fuck dude... can't go much lower except to actually harm a child... in which case you should be fucking executed where you stand.

Cash in your ticket to hell where you beling.

More black ones!

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plenty of other threads for that dont shit up this one

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Faster user faster post faster

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