My friend of almost three years just sent me this. wwyd

my friend of almost three years just sent me this. wwyd

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What did you do?

Fake and gay

Why did he send you this tho?

i sent him zoop

A true friend would never let you alone at the point where you need help the most. Colten is a selfish sonofabitch

He accused me of stealing his juul when i didnt. he then got with all my old friends and began talking shit abt me

Thats fuckin word. Sup Forums got some wholesome niggas

Did you steal his juul?

How old are you?

Nah i dont vape


>nice dubs
I got my own break up message from a friend once

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Tell your friend to calm his tits and stfu. He's acting like you stole his girl and killed his dog.

Underage b&

sorry to hear that man sometimes life just goes too quick

This was my response. Honestly shit like this just makes the other person look petty.

Him writing
>"your a fucktard and I seriously can't be fucked being friends with you anymore because of your shit"
Makes me look like an arse and I can handle that.

But the big long speil about being emotional just and being in two different places just makes him come off as a douche.

Friends comes and go, unless you only have like 2 and no gf I wouldn't worry about it

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there aint an age limit to be here my guy

no gf but i have a backup squad



Global rule 2. Kys faggot

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If thats all it took to end a friendship then that tells you how much the friendship was worth. A highschool friendship at that.

global rule number 2
>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

Jannies are too busy cooming


Lmao after breaking bad everybody thinks they big time dealers when it comes to drugs. Even fucking Juuls. You're friend has the "big addiction." Hopefully he comes out of it but a true friend would talk to you about it. I stole my friends diablo 2 game when I was little and returned it and said sorry but I never had him instigating me non-stop saying I NEED IT NOW OR I'LL TELL EVERYONE AND DIE WITHOUT IT. Fucking drugs man its a fucking low-tier vape pen.

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Ok? What's your point?

>>drugs change people
>>real friends talk about it
>>Its a fucking Juul. Not like he took his heroine
>>Go find a real friend

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The dude is 16. He probably has no real friends. Just fake high school friends that you have to hang out with.

Everyone understands this thread is about a juul and a juul isnt equal to heroin.

Well, you're right but I wouldn't give up on high school friends. Some of my friends from high school I still hang with after 11 years, daily. But hey he's a teenager he'll figure something out.