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Gorsha rules!

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By the way nice rock song in the last thread. Didnt get to properly quote you. Sounds like a new age.. old rock song somehow.


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I should have sharpened the first two... :T I did it after the first two edits.

Good threads yo

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It's never too late to be who you might have been.

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Sadly, that got destroyed on July 6th, 2011.

That's hot and gay!


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Well I'm here for about 30 more minutes, I've got another question: Do you guys have a favorite when it comes to this art? A favorite artist, or style, or even character?

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story time


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post sexy circus animals


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Good morning everyone! How are you all doing today?

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Not really. I barely save art anymore. I really just come here for the nice community and conversation.

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pretty good but need more clients

fuck snow andice


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I miss the real circus.

You must have some preference.

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Not particularly. The higher quality the better, but I used to save a lot more years ago because my standards were significantly lower.

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hnnnnng thats more like it


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Gorsha, obviously. WolfLong, Sparrow, Tofu93, 3Mangoes, MaGyver.

Mik is such a cutie, and she will always be one of my favorites. I'm so glad Tsampikos started drawing her again.

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Lol awesome!!!!

Could you give me an example of something high quality vs low quality?

Quite a list, almost curious enough to look them up. But it's late.

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I'm so not used to seeing her wear clothes.

Same, shes one of the first characters I really liked, which is weird since I'm not into flat chest that much

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WolfLong is cute art. But Gorsha, hnnnng

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TotesFleisch8 does some really good stuff, but most of his is too big to even post. Realistic anatomy, facial expression and pose, lots of texture, good lighting, shading and colors, and backgrounds are what make a truly high quality piece imo.

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I really focus on details. I'm a lot more nit picky than I once was.

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Did I do good?

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That's a spicy challenge lol

Wat? :P


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Yeah... Didn't need it until Mimi + Captchas 2.0 screwed everything.

Looks alright

I was going to delete it because I've been trying to get rid of some lesser quality, less realistic stuff, but I figured you'd like it, so I kept it for your amusement

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Purple is deadly!

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:< I thought the enhancement to bring out detail would have been awesome... But thanks for the rainbow image!

Cuz you gotta explain why that date matters lol


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It's almost 6AM, and I really don't want to sleep, but I should anyway

Good night, furends

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Pew pew!

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i finished banging like 6 hours ago so Im full of energy.

I might go out for a long walk soon.

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Yeah, nu captcha sucks arse. Pretty close to buying one myself tbqh

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Long story short, major heart break.

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It's almost 3 a.m. here, you liar! :p


ah... makes sense.

going for a shower then long walk so later people.

Well, Clover works hella good, but the pass has helped.

>good night
nigga I'm just waking up LOL

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morning where i am

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Bye user!

muh waifu

goodnight, sleep well

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I know, I'm kidding lol

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She is cute.

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oouna sometimes...

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You know it's funny, with larger and larger engagement ranges for modern war machines, the concept of visual camo might completely be tossed out the door. Sort of like how all current simulations and wartime predictions for orbital conflict ignore the concept of "hiding" so you could paint a satellite any wacky way you wanted and it won't affect it's military performance one bit... I guess the weight of paint would actually lower Delta V and cost more to take up to orbit actually.

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