YLYL Thread

YLYL Thread

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Your gay . Goodnite

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Either troll or unbelievably retarded.
Do not answer this mans question

their kids didn't reply to this

What's it like being ignorant?

Jonestown massacre

It's where the phrase 'don't drink the kool-aid' comes from

nerve gas.

well cum new fag

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I think that pic is from Jonestown, Guyana, peoples temple mass suicide.
Happened in 1978, some 500 people drank cyanide laced kool-aid. look it up on you tube.

Found the faggot.

Pharse is dont cum in your koolaid kid or Jim Jones with fuck you mothers cooter

Jonestown massacre / mass suicide
search Rev. Jim Jones.

What's the deal with this

Maybe we can get the Democrats to do that since they think the planet's going to die in the next 12 Years anyway

You've never had a midday nap?

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dude hes a newfag thats all

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They drank flavor-aid
Also, most didn't do so willingly


Legitimately amusing.

>most didn't do so willingly
Some had a gun to their head but most drank it willingly, most of those that did maybe didn't know for sure that it was poisoned.
There had been rehearsals before with unpoisoned drink, the same as Daesh did for its executions and shit.

>most of those that did maybe didn't know for sure that it was poisoned.
Which is not drinking poison willingly. Always bugged me that people refer to it as a mass suicide instead of a mass homicide

The emphasis is on the "know for sure". They'd been conditioned into it with dry runs but they knew that it was a "everyone go to heaven" sort of thing.

>but they knew
Well, the adults did.
Some of the adults were forced at gun point and the children were either not told or in some cases shot.

I Fuckin lost to this? What the fuck?

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is that jonestown

How’d you know?

it's a lot of bodies just laying down on the floor dead, but no blood, it's the first thing that came into my mind

wat dis? oWo

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Oh so it wasn’t the conversation about it that spanned half of the thread?

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nah, i figured out that there are a lot of dead bodies on the floor but no blood around them, so it instantly reminded me of jonestown

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Damn you must be really smart

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thanks friend

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>smart people acting like retards

Ok buddy

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Honestly, we're not that smart here.

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lost to this!! so funny ^^

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The artist and fabrication boards are pretty cool. Sup Forums is pure autism

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as someone who reviewed over 50 resumes this year to fill two open headcount, this disturbs me deeply.

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Ay dumb question not worth making a thread for
Do you EU fags use amazon?
.t dumb mutt

hurr durr Americans are so dumb. gahurr American always trigger by fat joke

America is actually such bad country even though I don't live there and I don't know anybody who lives there and they don't say anything bad about me hurrrrrrr

it'd be funnier if he weren't too chickenshit to post the good ones to FB





i can post 100 pictures of historical relevance and you won't know a single one of them. so get off your high horse.

Literally a ten year old meme...this is a pedomeme

Quite a few of the other boards are ok, though basically all of them suffer from Sup Forums leakage and many of them have far more troll threads than content.
I can get some very high quality advice off /ck/ for example but 80% of it is troll threads or phony fastfood brand flame wars.

go ahead and identify all the flags in the picture xD you tool

How come?

fucking lost goddammit

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fuck this gay earth

what's a yid though?

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is this a cringe thread now?

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Because it's ten years old

that's what you do when the bags are out you trog

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i can bench that