Guys that have impregnated a woman, abandoned her...

Guys that have impregnated a woman, abandoned her, and not supported or financially contributing to the upbringing of the child in any way whatsoever — please share you stories!

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i'm telling my mom on you

>be me
>17 y/o
>find out my first proper gf cheated on me with lead singer in my band
>he fucked her without a condom
>lose my gf, lose my band, lose a friend
>understandably i don't want to talk to the bitch no more
>move on with my life
>get new gf
>old gf finds out
>messages me and tells me she's pregnant
>i think she's bluffing to try and get me back
>tell her there's a 50/50 chance it's my (ex) bandmantes, and i'm not getting back with her to play happy families
>she asks if she should keep it
>make it clear that i hate her and want nothing to do with her, we are both 17 and have our whole lives ahead of each other, we're not even on speaking terms, and that if she wants to take this gamble with my life she is doing it on her own and i want nothing to do with it
>she can't make her mind up
>has the kid anyway
>i get a letter from child support agency
> i contest and request dna test 'cos she's a slut
>go give blood sample
>comes back that the kid is mine
>just as a kick in the teeth i have to pay the cost of the dna test

been paying my money to her ever since. my daughter turned 18 in October just gone. so now I don't pay any more.

Closest I got was going on a sex drive and fucking a friend 10 times over the course of 3 days, no protection, no pull out, around her peak fertility. Bought her a plan b as I left. Surprisingly it worked.. Otherwise she was way too far to coparent without moving in together and that probably wasn't going to happen

oh no, please don't! IM SORRY

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>my daughter turned 18 in October
so now you have extra cash and a legal aged daughter. Think dude, think!!!!

What’s your Relationship like with your daughter?

She doesn't know me. We only met a handful of times when she was 5-6 years old.

How is your relationship with your daughter and ex?

See I can greentext about the brief time we saw each other if interedast?

Congrats on graduation... 2 years left until I graduate and don't have to pay the expensive babysitter...

Let’s hear it

that's actually better. They tend to fall in love with parents when they only have very vague memories of them. You might actually be able to save that extra cash

i always have sex bareback with the younges girls i can find and make sure to nut deep indside.

why young you may ask, because virgins are less likely to have stds, duh
and are the most likely to keep the kid.

i know its wrong but it really feels like its my biological purpose to impregnate as many fertile girls as i can.

i probably wouldn't do it if i were in a conservative/muslim country because i know the girl and the kid would suffer greatly.
but im a western guy, the governement will take care of it and a cuck will take pay for it at some point, so i don't worry too much.

Ok so......

>after she has the kid my ex tries to get in touch with me
>i tell her i want nothing to do with her, she's ruined my life, i told her she was doing it alone, i will pay my money but that's it
>fast forward 5 years, i've had many more notches on my bedpost. i'm with a girl and we are very much in love
>this girl doesn't know about my daughter as it's irrelevant, she isn't part of my life
>one day my gf calls me up in floods of tears
> "user, who is ex-user?"
>"she just messaged me on facebook and says you have a kid, is it true?"
>relationship is ruined from that point. trust is gone, nothing is the same
>it all ends when she cheats on me and breaks my heart.
> i get in touch with my ex and ask her why? what does she want from me? why does she ruin my life not once but twice?
>says she wants me as a father figure in my daughters life
> i agree to go over and meet up have a day out
> speak to my daughter for the first time on the phone, tell her i'm coming to see her.............


>we have a couple of days out, to parks, theme parks etc
> i go round a couple of times to babysit, cook her favourite - lasagne, shit's going well
> i'm civil with my ex, turn down her advances
>"i'm not getting back with you to play happy families"
>one day we are going out to the christmas markets in our town, i'm driving
>my ex is saying i drive too fast, she doesn't feel comfortable with me at the wheel blah blah blah
>we swap seats
>she's still bleating on about my driving (as if I would drive dangerously with my daughter in the back!)
> i tell her she got her way she's driving now, just shut up and drop it
> she immediately U turns and starts driving home
> daugter is in the back seat crying now because we are not going to the markets any more
>god damn i hate this bitch ex with every fibre in my body
>we get back to her house she storms back inside
> i get my daughter out and something tells me this is the last time i will be seeing her
>she's too young to understand, only just turned 6
> i say to her "user, mummy and daddy aren't always friends, but i want you to know it is nothing you have done, and is not your fault, just always remember that no matter what, we both love you very much"
> i watch her back into her house

last part coming right up......

you're a good person user

Ok so my daughter was going to be in the Christmas play at her school. She was very excited that I was going to watch as I had promised her I would go and see her big moment. At this point my ex is being a complete and utter fucking bitch. Says I can't see my daughter on our own without her there. Says she's too young for her to have a phone so I can contact her without going through her mum.

So, the christmas play.

>agree with ex to meet her outside school as she has the tickets
>she doesn't show up
>NO FUCKING WAY is this cunt going to make me break my promise to my daughter and make me look like the back guy
> i can't believe the utter selfishness
>go into school reception, explain i'm little user's dad (they all know i'm absentee parent) and manage to blag my way in
>get to the front and wave at my daughter
>her little face lights up
>see my ex across the room
>the look of hatred on her face that i foiled her plan and made it in was priceless
>i didn't break my promise

that's the last time i saw either of them. decided if my ex was going to play foul and have my daughter in the middle of all this shit i want nothing to do with it. i don't want her in the middle of our shit.

decide the best thing to do is walk away, then when she's 18, if she wants to see me she can do. hopefully her mum hasn't turned her against me with bullshit stories, and when she meets me she can see that i am a good person.

>look like the back guy
This is why she cheated on you faggot

thank you. i sometimes feel like the asshole in this whole thing. it's a real tough one to explain in any new relationships and often puts girls off me. honestly i truly hope my daughter does come to seek me out and we can build a relationship from there. i don't have a problem with stepping up, or being a dad, or any of that. it's just my god damn ex, we just can't be civil with each other.

bad guy*


the girl i married, went through same thing with dad. He paid all the way through college. Yet, their mom still made him look like the bad guy.

my wife doesn't think its true but her sister does. Regardless, she will probably never speak to him just because there's no relationship and also to not hurt mother. Sad

>be me
>be nigger
>be daddy
>be in jail

Your story hits me close to home. I get to see my two boys once a week, but that's being blocked more and more here and there. They're magically no-shows to events when she knows I'll be there, comms blocked, etc - and the reduced presence in their lives used as an excuse to cut me out further. I worry she's screwing them up and influencing them further and further from me, but there's not much I can do right now about it. Hands tied by her and by law. I hope I can be there still by the time they're old enough to be able to make their own choices, I will do what I can to fight being pushed out, without landing myself in a worse position. It's a hard line to walk.

I hope it works out for you mate.

Thanks kind user. You too. It's horrible how some people can be so spiteful and full of hate with no thought of how that affects the kids.

Mom because you never met your daddy.