Does anyone have the full video?

Does anyone have the full video?

Keywords are Dunkirk and France

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post video

This is all I have, I know there is supposed to be a video for this

What is it?

Why would you wanna see sand niggers rape a woman?

So you have it? You got a link or anything?



Got a link but system thinks it's spam

Separate it with dots or something?

Spell dot instead of .

Kik me Whyme004

>a video
Well post it then.

Post vidyor plz

not dunkirk but griny essonne
and the girl is underage sick pedobear

democratieparticipative tw/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Toulouse.mp4

Based user

doesn't look too bad, was hoping for something better

Ohhh, thats all? Thats too bad... well thanks for taking your time.

What's the story?

Agreed. Was hoping for something a little more violent but this just seems like some good wholesome fun

That cant be the whole video. There is obviously a longer version somewhere

i cant watch it

Did you add the dot?


Story ?

there is suppose to be a longer version

Is the source for the vid dead? page opens but doesn't play vid

Works for me

God bless you

Where do I add
The dot in the address?

Don’t be so retarded. It’s not worth the watch anyway take it from me

Lame, but thanks user

they all sand niggers

Anything similar?


No, still works

no you idiot. he wants vids of dead women being raped.

i get format not supported or source not found


Can t open that even with the dot. Anyone can upload on mega ?

What about the vid from yesterday from grigny?

>democratieparticipative [dot] tw/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Toulouse.mp4
Doesn't work


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Yes it does niggerguy

Mega link since this is not working. It's old vid though.

This is the new one. Can't find it even on Twitter. Anyone saved it?

This 9ne is nowhere to find. Fuck there must be anons who got it.

Please post vid

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Wow that was trash. Only thing it shows is some fingering.

Site is not working for me WITH [dot]

How much time is the vid ? Can t open it but I found webms

Not even worth it.

Like 17 seconds? Literal garbage.

>Not even worth it.
>Literal garbage.
Said who? Post or gtfo

Why would I post its right fucking thereSource is some French board site. I regret even watching it for whatever lists I got on following that link. Don't come kick down my door over this shit.

No, you're not that relevant anyway

>whatever lists I got on following that link
Do you think you're really that important to your country's government that you're now on some spooky list because you opened a link? Are you retarded?

Link pls


This too pls

Link works fine for me, fix your faggot PC


Personal Computer

It's pretty meh. I saw it last year

Wat II

Some of us browse on our phone and doesnt work cuck

Imagine that people are so much of social rejects that they can watch those videos without feeling bad.

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>democratieparticipative tw/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Toulouse.mp4
Doesn't work for some, notably those in France like I... fuck this country just want to go back to USA now...

Use TOR.

Get an Android cucks, sorry you can't play .mp4 on your toasters

Like I said USE TOR blocked in france or some other EU countries. Fucking commies.

whats the story ?

Nigga you're really calling someone a cuck because you're pissed you can't watch someone getting fucked?

You're so desperate to watch it? Pretty sure that makes you a cuck.

arab sand niggers rape

I came

niggers raping a nigger slut
who cares?

Try again, clueless faggot.

Tried with VPN. Not working either.

When she hangs with these scum, she deserves what she asked for. Wouldn't bother helping her a second.

What happened with /b? Now it's infested with gay kids pissing their pants for posting a fucking 12 second vid. Based Anons before would have delivered in the third reply.

RIP Sup Forums

>hurr durr me use apple hurr
Not my fault you're retarded

figures, where was this at? paris?

this is the reason why i refuse to travel

Toulouse. Drunk Bitch was hanging with sandniggas.

Grigny, happened dec 20, 2019
Vid is nowhere.

Brush teeth, go to bed, kid.

Confirmation. Works on t0r. Download not possible tho.

Wtf is this?

That shits fucked up

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It's noon you tard

And? Anons do not sleep, tard

Step 1
>arabs and africans rape england and france to death
Step 2
>exterminate the arabs and africans
Step 3
>give the irish and welsh free land if the have 30 kids
Step 4
>restore gallia and roman britannia

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Bum0 for new vid


I thought the keyword was Essonne?

This vid pls

try here

gg WGREmdN

This is old.

This is from yesterday. Has anyone seen this at all?