Chubby/fat sluts part 2

Chubby/fat sluts part 2

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Anyone want to share on discord?


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My wife. For more message me on wickr. Eska217

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Got a discord?

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Yeah. Same username. Eska217

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Should be a hashtag and a four digit number after it. Try to friend that bbw discord from earlier in the thread.

User name didnt work


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I'm more bbw, but looking for cock and or cum tributes and general sharing, I love making cocks hard, love seeing them cum, this is my fetish,

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Forgot kik,

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Please so much more

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My wife. For more....message me on wickr. Eska217

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damn any moar?

Yeah need more

Are her initials B.Y.? She looks just like a cashier at my local CVS.

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Tons of content on this v0la


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Literally, tons.

On my way

Any interest ?

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Thx, feel free to add some content

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Loving that bod - fantastic!

Yes please

Saw this gorgeous fucker in the last thread - is OP lurking and have more?

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Would lick her cunt

awsome tits

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She looks like a married slut wich needs a few good fucks and cum inside her womb

Good tits, love that hint of hair by her armpit

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Absolutely lickable cunt. Would impregnate her.

mmm...would love to dive in on that

Yes she does

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Would love to watch

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My chubby lady

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Have no fear the queen of chubby bbw B is here.

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She dirty?

Every day life photos?

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Then she isperfect for me

I fucked a married slut like her literally bloody while her husband was at work. She is now divorced and wanted me to move in her new house, but i dont allow myself to get in an position where she has control over me.

She even let her pussy unwashed for me to lick ut all.

Would this slut do the same? Nice unwashed cunt.

Don't stop pls

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Wtf is with that bellybutton

I would do her, but wtf?

Looking for tributes Nd to watch You cum
Kik on tits

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Yes she would. You can fuck her raw

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I would love to rip out those piercings while fucking her.

She is very dirty. Lol.

No everyday pics.

Would smell her dirty pussy

It use to be pierced but she had to take it out when she had a kid

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can you give me your kik ? i can't read on your tits because is difficult to see other thing of your pretty areolas

Good, then i would oder 1 unwashed cunt, i mouth filled with your cum amd let me have fun.

I would fuck her several times and tie her legs behind her head, so i can inseminate her through her cervix.

Ah that explains it, sho she is fertile, good

you are super sexy !

That sounds hit as fuck

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Would smash

It smells good too

That is a beautiful lookin ass

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Of course, where you from?


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Would breed

Hard to read so, cuckqueenwifey

North florida

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That she is
You're not stupid enough to think i'm actually her right?
That it is

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nop but she is very sexy that's all

Too bad. Im from eu.

Shes a bit of a size queen

So 7in is not enough?

Got more ?

That sucks. I want to see her suck someone off right now


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show more

Message me on wickr. Eska217

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pics with more hair ?

You got kik ?

i dont

That's about as big as me so I'd say so

ok dickydick added you





Alright. She has a great looking bod keep sharing

Would be in for it.

Give her a bang from me next time you pound her.