Palpatine is still alive and Rey's father. Rey kills Palpatine but is about to die...

Palpatine is still alive and Rey's father. Rey kills Palpatine but is about to die, Kylo Ren decides to save her and dies instead. then Rey changes her name to Skywalker and the movie ends.

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yeah and it all sucked

He's her grandfather, moron

If I was palpatine and had come back from the dead I would be damn sure to get some of Rey's pussy before doing whatever. I bet her puss is so tight that only someone VERY knowledgeable in the force could get inside that.

The real question is why didn't palpatine try to get in her knickers?

>Rey changes her name to Skywalker
why? wtf. should i change my name to einstein, because i think he's a cool dude?

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same shit

yeah, but you still paid to see it

wtf man srsly?
palpatine? grandfather of rey?
who wrote that shit?
11 yo star wars kiddo?

are the ahsoka camo rumours true?

i know :(

Palpatine is not her great grandfather. She was adopted by the Skywalker. She isnt a Skywalker. Palpatine was anakin's dad because he got his mother pregnant by manipulating the midichlorians. All that's fair enough. Still doesnt save this trilogy at all. All 3 movies sucked cock. It was all predictable and them bringing back palpatine with some "hur dur I dont die cause sith power me" stuff is bullshit. Hope they never make another star wars movie again.

i 360 degrees and walk out of the theatre

remember in the original trilogy when Vader has just enough humanity left to stop Palpatine from kill his son?

yeah, they shit all over that by bringing palpatine back, but that wasn't enough so they had to have Rey take the Skywalker name too

The gay mixed race couple at the end made me vomit

the franchise was alright in the beginning, not great, it was just big budget and you had to see it. the prequels were even more meh but luckily i didn't pay to see em. some of the fight scenes were watchable.
the new reboots, even if you ignore the sjw castings, are just painful to watch. it's like disney are deliberately trying to ruin the franchise.

man, i still haven't even bothered to pirate the second movie. i don't even remember the name.

>are the ahsoka camo rumours true?

No, but her shop shows up at the final battle

She never had a name her whole life. She chose Skywalker because that was the one that fitted her best.

>yeah, but you still paid to see it
I didn;t. I've got a season ticket

>She was adopted by the Skywalker.
No, she was adopted by Unkat Plutt, after her parents left her on Jakku for her protection

Saw it, fucking bullshit. Even worse than the ones before that. Holy shit those inconsistencies and retarded storytelling, I'll never see a star wars movie ever again.

back, you must go

do people still watch this shit also why tho

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Yeah, you will

>She never had a name her whole life. She chose Skywalker because that was the one that fitted her best.
>pick your own name
>it's basically the jesus figure of your galaxy

At least in their Han Solo movie they made the name thing something trivial.

Ray Palpatine?
B-bu-butt they said Ray's parents were nobody's and drunks

So Rey is the inheritor of an imperialist racist legacy. She then murders people, draws the life force from an abused, mentally ill person, then appropriates the name and heritage of a poor desert-dweller?
Such a feminist icon.

I wish they didn't go with the most boring ending and explanation possible.

She could have been cloned from Luke's severed hand, or a clone of Palpatine, when he was resurrected or he needed stem cells or something. Instead, it was his fucking son and Vaders daughter whom we know shit about, nobody cares. What the fuck.
And all that raging Ren suddenly giving up the dark side after cooming on Vader's helmet since childhood and destroying the Jedi.
Then the trading lives shit. Holy fuck.

I expected nothing and was still disappointed.

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>B-bu-butt they said Ray's parents were nobody's and drunks
Not quite. That was what Ben knew at the time. Palpy told him who Rey actually was. They were nobodies because that's who they chose to be, to protect Rey, because they knew the Emperor would want to use her in the future. It's a Sith thing

stop defending this shit

If I date a girl that absolutely wants to, and then from an illegal source. Maybe.

>stop defending this shit
Not defending it, just whitting out the bullshit.

That's what happen.daisy is amazing I edged through the entire movie.i erupted allover my baby Yoda action figure and my Darth Vader underoos.

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Take that incels! Haha have sex

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Star Wars sucks ass. It's for faggots, niggers, and incels.

Thx OP
Saved 20$

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>Rey kills Palpatine
didn't palpatine like fall to the core of a death star that was about to be destroyed? how the fuck did he survive that???

Disney magic

Nu-starwars has become a legitimate fan fiction.

>I got a season ticket.... that you paid for.

You’re just proof that anyone who supports the new star war movies is a retard. It’s just pandering bullshit to get idiots like you to by season tickets while they offer you literal shit.

Lol this movie isint as bad as they say, rey palp feels undercooked af and she should have died in that scene, the magic fleet for both sides is bs, reys not as much of a Mary sue, hell kylo beat her in the fight, make your own decisions on the movie

still wasn't as bad as episode 8 imo

Oh wtf explain snoke forgot this one, still I'd give it a weak 7, there's potential but it's rushed, clumsily running towards the ending(I hate when the hero magically pushes through the enemy's powers slowly inching forward haha)

>Vaders daughter
do you mean princessa leia?
(apologies, I stopped watching after the trade wars movie with jar jar. but I still love sci-fi. Ron is still doing seveneves it appears)

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>reys not as much of a Mary sue
yeah, because getting training after you're already godlike and invincible totally makes her relatable and NOT a mary sue
shut the fuck up

when you watch this movie you begin to see heavy kkk and nazi undertones then you see a confederate flag super imposed on the credits. There is also an image of ulysses s grant that is flashed during one of the light saber battles in sfx.

did vader have another daughter?

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No I'll type if I feel like it lol, it's not a great movie, not the dumpster fire you were hoping for either faggot

I want to pick that pussy clean.

I don't think rey is that relatable, kylo is the one I relate to, he's unsure of his power and makes awful mistakes he has to carry, he's so ashamed he keeps doubling down into those mistakes because he doesent think he deserves salvation, or that he has the strength to achieve that

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It made me laugh because I knew it would trigger dumb cunts like you!

When you put it like that it sounds bad but I enjoyed it so fuck you!

Also Rey somehow got hotter in this film, she's a sexy Jedi and even hotter as a Sith (even with the sharp teeth).

Well atleast i dont have to see this shit anymore, saved me money Sup Forums.

I spent 9 whole dollars to watch rey suck cock and be worse than men dammit! Normaly I'd agree with the complaints but they sound like bitches to me at this point

it's ran by disney. theyre not going to show that part

who cares star wars has become a joke. disney' lib-cunts, snow flakes have turned a really good sci-fi story into utter shit. they're crap movies now

>rey kills palpatine
>rey changes her name to skywalker
what the fuck we lost legends and expanded universe for this shit? You think they would have tried to bang out a script after the amount of money they spent and how awful the last 3 movies were. i heard the movies were such shit the new massive starwars attraction at their parks are in danger of shutting down. my friend and his dad got free tickets and walked out half way through i bet that starwars cuck who cried over the trailer hated it.

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>mfw people actually wantetd to see the whole trilogy despite the shitshow from the trailers of the first reboot
>mfw boomers are triggered that their "favourite series" has been "ruined" because it didn't go how they wanted it to

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