Have you ever had sex with a girl allot younger then you?

have you ever had sex with a girl allot younger then you?

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Yes. 15 years younger. Pic related

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Years ago on her 18th birthday, I was 24

how old were you?

Does her first name start with an O?


All the time. I'm 47 and have been regularly fucking a 20 yr old

17 year gap with my chick. You get some looks... If only they knew it was all her doing.

When I was 26 I was banging a really nicely stacked 19 year old behind my wife's back for like a year. That shit was so cash.


that *was* the story

I fucked an 18-year-old hooker who was high on cocaine when I was about 33.

I don't know...is 23F 41M considered "allot younger" in whatever country you're in?

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when i was 23 i had a 16 year old chinese fwb (that i met on Sup Forums lol)



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that pussy looks puffy, post moar

whores don't count.

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After I got divorced when I was 42 or 43 I dated a 24 year old coworker for a while. Shit was cash. Her mom was only about 5 years older than me, dad not in picture. Good times for a year or so.

help me bump this shit guys

9 years younger
Super tight but clueless af

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she's ugly af tho

But her body tight and though

Reminds me of a twitch streamer

All the damn time, my wife is 13 years younger then me



Sup Forums just keeps getting more retarded.

I am 30, she is 21. She is a lot of fun. Is that what you are looking for?

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Stay in school

*a lot. "Allot" is a verb.

2 @ 10 years younger
1@ 11 years younger
1 @ 15 years younger

sexted with a 17 year old

Tina was fun. Hell on wheels tho

Was stuck in DC on business and was at a pub and ended up hooking up with an early-20s indian chick. She let me hit it raw in my hotel room.

I'm 61. I still wank to the memory of her.

starting at 13 i would jack off on camera to anyone who would watch for fun. i still talk to some of the old ass dudes i met on yahoo.

I was 21, she was 12. Fucked up though cuz she told me she was 14.

Tell us more

did you where her first ? was she molested by dad? story...... please

you were 61 when you fucked her?

only for money

There are women I will fuck that haven't even been born yet

I was prolly 58 at the time.

19 and I was 38. She was a girl my wife hired to clean our house. Wife travels a lot. Her bf cheated on her and I was her revenge fuck. Still fuck about once a month.

Miss the old Sup Forums?

discord gg polgbt


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I was a senior
She was a freshman
It was great





I'm 48 and regulalrly fuck a 30 yr old. Tis a good arrangement. We fuck every couple weeks, she cums like 3 times and goes home. And years ago, I was 35, and fucked a 19 yr old. She was dumb as hell, but nice and tight. And super thin.

Pic related. Its the 19 yr olds tits 13 yrs later. she, uh, gained a ton of weight.

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time is goddamn merciless. RIP

Gf is 13 years younger than me, 40-27

I'm 25
I did it with a girl who was 10 years younger than me

Some of them have very bad luck.
9 years ago i sucked a pair of tits that looked like those and both of us were 17 years old at that time.

She wasn't fat but her tits were, sadly her nipples pointed straight down.

I kinda liked them, weird as they were they were cute on their own way.

Yes, I was 10


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i’ll be 44 in february and have been involved with a chick who is now 22 since just over a year ago. she’s pretty immature, but she sucks dick like a trooper and also eats her own doodee, so it’s not bad

I was 53 and she was 6.
Prophet Mohammed.
peace be upon him.


Islam is right about women once again...

My 30th birthday gift was 16 year old pussy

20 yrs younger

Bosses daughter

but I'm not a complete degenerate. I waited till she was 9 before I popped her cherry.

Finish. The goddamned. Story!
What about the golf shoes?!

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>was a senior
...citizen ? Otherwise, that's completely unimpressive.

Ok boomer

I'm 30 and was fucking a 19yo.

Does that count?

just a 15 year old when i was 19 (legal in sweden)

Yep. 14 years younger.

Yes, while I was a high school teacher.

I am 58 and my wife, who I started fucking when she was 19, is 27. We fuck 3-4 times a week.

Women of all ages seem very interested in me. It's amusing. Being tall, white, educated, kind, wealthy and attentive goes along way.

When I was 22 I lost my virginity to a 16 year old girl. (15 is the age of consent here in Sweden so it was totally legal)

post her butthole.

Yeah tbh it felt pretty pathetic after it was my wife’s well endowed cousin. We had her over for a week in the summer. I have late night bon fires, wife goes to bed it was just us; so the opportunity was easy. The morning after I was filled with regret ( she was filled with my cum)

19yo butthole for you

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Senior in HS. Started talking to a freshmen, over summer going into her Sophomore year started going over and smashing. Would let me raw dog, nut inside, get rough etc. Stopped shortly before I graduated. Her 15-16 me 17.

so you were 50 when you met, correct?

Right now. I'm 25 dating an 18 yo. Shits mint

thats why i prefer young ones, they're eager for a good cream pie

Your math is excellent.

I suppose I was having a classic, mid-life crisis that ended well.

she's your first wife?

46 here - gf is 29

I was 27 and she was 18. Nowadays, my 15 year old stepdaughter is practically begging me to fuck her, but there’s no way It’s happening. It would be a 24 year difference.

Thai whores doesn't count

I'm 34, have a live-in girlfriend who is 32, and I have another girlfriend who is 22.


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100% She was those lolrandom girls coming into HS. First was really shy then started doing some freaky shit and pretty much started my fetishes.

Pic related.

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I've fucked heaps of 19 to 25 yo hookers. I'm 47 so more than 20 years younger than me.
But the biggest difference that wasn't pay for play was a 19yo Russian girl I had sex with a few times when I was 34.she was gorgeous.
Why do you ask?

my last gf and current were/are 7yrs younger pic related ex at 18

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I'm 18, so for legal reasons, no.

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I was 30. Fucked a 19 year old.

Pussy was tight. Boring fuck though.
Let me do whatever I wanted though

Damn what a cutie, got more of her?

I´m almost 40, I have fucked 16 and 17 years old girls this last year . But I´m from south america. Here things are different, ameriburgers.

nice quints faggot

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