This is the kind of life luck I have

This is the kind of life luck I have.

What the actual fuck is this anal rash, anons? Itches, hurts when I wipe.

I wipe completely when I shit, I even use wipes after. I bathe regularly. My hygiene is solid. So why do I have this itchy redness? I swear this kinda shit only happens to me..

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Sometimes I get a fucking fungus on my doodie hole (I have it rn). And I just have to put lotramin on it for a few days.
I feel you user.

Sweat rash, maybe? Do you shower immediately after exercise or leave it overnight?

Dab white vinegar onto cotton wool. Wipe the area gently. Get it real wet so it soaks in. Then shower, don't use soap. Do it once every two days. Should clear up in a week to 10 days.

looks like an allergic reaction, probably to semen.

Ass, crotch, and foot rashes are relatively common. That's why there's so many OTC remedies at the drug store.
Clean the area with an astringent like witch hazel, then apply. If one brand doesn't work, try another (with a different active ingredient). If it still fails (unlikely), see a dermatologist.

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Doesn't have the symptoms.

Is it red rashy and itchy like this?

It sits sometimes, shower every other day.

Willing to try this, but what is it?


Try an over the counter hydrocortison creme, preferably with an anti fungus agent. Try and keep the area dry, baby powder probably helps. Don't have tight fitting clothes.

looks like Candida

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You should be showering every day, my guy.

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>Willing to try this, but what is it?
Sorry I don't understand your question exactly. But English not my first language.
What is the rash? Or what is white vinegar?

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Does it hurt to walk?



Make a soothing anal balm of:
1 part bleach
1part ammonia
Stir vigorously
Apply liberally

Sorry, what is the rash?

No, itching occasionally.

Looks like a fungal infection. Tinea pubis. Some people I think call it jock itch.
There's an agent in the vinegar that loves that shit, eats it up. You can even feel it working, a mild tingling.