Art thread

Art thread

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Fight for the Waterhole by Frederic Remington

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great thread.

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The Gulf Stream - Winslow Homer

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I appreciate your contributions.

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L'Origine du monde ("The Origin of the World") Gustave Courbet 1866

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I can smell that nasty mess all the way to here.

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and It's great

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you guys save some really dog shit quality artwork, like 40% of them are low resolution scans of prints

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> filesize limited to 2Mb
Oh user, you imbecile

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those two bitches want the dick BAD

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user do you have more of these military artworks, with cavalry if possible? I really appreciate them.

>Low resolution scans of prints
they still look like shit because they aren't good pictures of the original piece, nigger

Civil war is near

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I have some. I have a huge collection so i'll post when i happen to scroll by one.

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looks familiar. is it from the darkness or something?

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oh yeah, death dealer

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so powerful


this is Sup Forums, not hi-rez newfag

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Go to /hr/ you fucking newfriend.

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failed artist detected

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It's a Frank Frazzetta

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I use this as my current wallpaper. also have a HQ print.

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lol what kind of clown are you?

amazing. before photos an artist would wake up to noise and see the fire in the distance and think to himself, I have to capture this moment for those that can't witness the horror I am seeing.

that's gorgeous. i'm saving this one.

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Thank you for exposing myself to art

>John Constable - Fire in (...).jpg
prefer goya's

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honk honk

Ignore r/hapas posters Sup Forumsro. They can't stand that we can enjoy life.

Something interesting about it is that is painted by two artists Tideman and Gude. Gude made the landscape and Tideman painted the people.

Oh yeah. Me too. The other is good too though.

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Interesting. Similar thing with this one. I believe that Ivan Aivazovsky did the ocean and the waves and Ilya Repin painted the man.

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love this one of monet

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The waves are part of the ocean dumbass. I meant to say the ocean and the rocks.

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ik, love how different they are yet representing the same characters

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Wagner is unmatched.

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if saturn's dad were actually his son, this painting would be "saturn eating your anus"

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Saturn woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

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my god, those colors are so vivid.

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