I collect STDs and get off on spreading them

I collect STDs and get off on spreading them.


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They're called STI's now.

Interesting hobby.

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My collection: Clap, Chlamydia, genital herpes, Trich, Mycoplasma, Uroplasma

What if you'll get hiv?

The easiest to get are the clap and Chlamydia. Pretty much every skank on tinder has atleast one.

The government will pay me the treatment, but getting hiv through straight sex is quite hard.

Whats your address and your name?

Do you pass over all of these in one sitting or does it take multiple attempts?

Transmission rate vary, but having them stacked like this will increase chance of transmission.

Then get yourself buttfucked in the ally behind a gay bar or ask the junkies under the bridge if you can borrow their needles for a moment.

How do you collect them when you are clearly a virgin?

Has any chick called you out on this yet?

treatment will make it harder to spread. How long have you had all these diseases already?
When I had chlamydia, it gave me erection problems. I can imagine that other STD's can do the same

The more innocent the better, giving it to some degenerate isn't doing it.


They are antibiotic resistent, I know. The tingling in my dick gives me increased pleasure.

Additional info after they have been tainted and ruined by me they will pretend like they are clean lol.

The best thing is when she has some beta orbiter, I fuck her and she has forever a vagina that stinks like a gutter in 10 feet distance haha.

My wife got genital herpes and gonorrhea in her throat this year.
Wasn't from me


sorry bro

And you call that your wife still?

Genital herpes is not that easy to transmit she must be a big whore sorry bro lol

And yet the world shits on Christians for "MIUH SEXUAL RIGHTS, MUH SEXUAL FREEDUMB"

I'm sure I also have some STDs that aren't even discovered yet.

It sucks, but we're working through it. She's still my wife for the foreseeable future.

Ugh, I guess that's why I'm still clean...

Thanks lol

Also my Chlamydia is a very aggressive strain that causes climatic bubo and is antibiotic resistant.

This is Do you sleep with married women?

Can you tell me more about spreading herpes?

Is my wife safe to sleep with?

Can I get ghono from kissing her?

Lmao obviously I don't tell.

If she takes antiviral medication she should be safe. Chances are you already have it and you are asymptomatic, a lot of people have it and don't know.

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