Imagine supporting this dingbat

Imagine supporting this dingbat

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Imagine supporting this dotard

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nice cumback


still ur president

not an argument

I dont support her politically. But I would however not mind spending a night with her in her husbands bed.


All that matters is whether she can cook and clean.


kek, okay boomer

nothing to offer? yikes.


Wtf is this @ bullshit

Newfag trumptard

kek, okay boomer

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This newfag using @

I want to hate fuck Pelosi

Trump is the one who got impeached.

You're just salty

You bonehead, you don't support the person themselves. You support the laws, the constitution, the process. The People themselves get old, go crazy, or die. The country is what survives. Unless people keep focusing on the persons. Then maybe the country does fall apart.