18 Year Old Thread

18 Year Old Thread

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Holy fuck. Nice melons. Got more?

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Can you imagine fucking a girl who is legal but looks like she’s 13. JESUS how far do I have to search to get that

I wish brother

Do you even lift bro?


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Her name is Kennedy Walsh


more of her?

amazing tits

College freshman

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13yo girls that look legal are way more common.

Post her being pried open by her uncle

She’s known around campus for her blowjobs

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Does she swallow?


please continue

Teasing the head is her thing, but I assume she swallows

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More plz


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Holy shit Milwaukee? Name?

fapping. have more??

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What a dime, needs nudes

Miss the old Sup Forums?

discord gg polgbt


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lots more, I can dump all

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I mean...theyre all just so...old.

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please do

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Miss the old Sup Forums?

discord gg polgbt


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Miss the old Sup Forums?

discord gg polgbt


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keep going

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Dump everything bro
volafile org/r/149bzg8kw

keep going

Oh well...ok.

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Kik mattdandya

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Sweet Jesus

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I own her now... So :)

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Fucking more, need it all


They exist bro

My 28yr old girlfriend gets id'd for lottery tickets (16year age limit here) she's 5" tiny bod, massive long nipples on tiny pert a cup boobs

my 11yr old daughter is taller and people think they are sisters. When we went to a museum the guy went round asking the kids to fill in a form /competition and asked her name for it

And I'm 42, get some great looks walking down the street (although I look mid / early 30s and look after myself else I'd probably get even more crap).

We've been fucking since she was 14, I just turned 41....thanks internet :)

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For the love, moar

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I'll dump everything on the vola

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need more

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Obviously more.

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Wow don't stop

keep going please

I wouldnt have to search too far. I live 10 min from valpo.


Ugh...but where to start?
She's into kidnap and rape play...but...wanna just see her licking my cock?

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yes 262 here more of her holy fuck

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More please

We need to see her Wisco ass and titties

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I trained her, so now she likes dresses where you can tell shes now wearing underwear...
Love club wear :)

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no nudes

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Nah... My cock, you saw her tits already.

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