ITT: Women built for rape

ITT: Women built for rape.

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Remember to sage the pathetic sissy scum.

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Aren't all women built for rape?

Basically all woman that would say "NO" to getting touched by you!

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White knighting on Sup Forums? You must be new.

Made to be held down and forced.

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Imagine having to wrestle with those thighs as she tries resisting

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Lovely legs to prise apart and then feel kick away as you bounce on her

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i agree. show more

Watching her fat pussy spread open when you finally get her legs apart

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Just lying there in wait for your cock to dive in. Kik?

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I want to rape this cutie so badly

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None of these women look very strong, I don't think any of them are built for rape. Women on general are worse at raping due to the lack of penis and less upper body mass. Bad thread 0/5.

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I would love to have her crying, begging me to stop. And hear her whimper and squeal each time I push deeper inside.

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Every further inch of cock violating her cunt makes her scream louder, arms flapping away at you as she tries to push you off


oh she's asking for it. more

I would rub my hard cock on her slutty face

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agree -- she needs to be brutally abused. more

"So you want to play the rape game?"
"Good girl"

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wwyd to her?

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tie her up with her legs spread on my bed, then start warming up her cunt by choosing totally random objects in my room and forcing each one deep into her slit. Want to get her screaming

Bend her over and brutally hammer her from behind as my hands are stretched round her tiny waist to keep her from trying to escape the punishment my cocks inflicting on her tight cunt

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give us that cute face and her in a sexy bra in the same pic so I can picture forcibly stripping the slut.

Any interest? Is she "too pretty" for rape?

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should be sold into a cheap whorehouse




so fucking hot

Just means we get more fun with her before she's only fit to be raped by hobos

I like the way you think. Types like her deserve it the most. How many guys? wwyd?

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The stuck up sort who'd never even think about what a sweet target she is wearing those tight dresses and flaunting her skin

Just me at first, tell her ill let her go after I get to facefuck her, throwing her up against the wall and gripping her neck with my hand to hold her steady as I plunge my cock straight down her throat and tell her to suck before I decide to choke her out and have all the time in the world to destroy her mouth

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You're spot on, she's the kind of chick that sits on her pedestal not having to worry about a thing.

You could face fuck her and after you're done she needs to get fucked air tight. Rise and repeat until we're bored.

You got Disc?

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Right is rapemeat

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want to see my ex raped by niggers

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Alt girls are the best rape victims

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too right

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They always start by being into before they realise you're gonna take whatever you want

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shes cute af

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and when they realise that taking it in the ass without lube is going to hurt.

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Imagine these legs kicking while you force your way in

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She is
When you've spiked there drink so much that they don't even have it in them to resist anymore

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That's one way, but I'd prefer her struggling

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i love her pale skin

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Miss the old Sup Forums?

discord gg polgbt


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>ITT: Women built for rape.
ITT: virgins


I’ve go clue
Is that a volga room or a disco server? Maybe a MAGA download site?

True, a struggle is fun
She doesn't get out much, it's why she needs to get fucked

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Are you asking for rape by showing off your tits like left?

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they'd break her

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Miss the old Sup Forums?

discord gg polgbt


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One that’s a quadriplegic and preferably mute.

is she?

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Girls who like showing off their bodies are always sluts who would only enjoy it and secretly wish for it

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every woman

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more stuck-up bimbos please

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All women desire to be broken

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Need to feel those thighs under me as she's proneboned

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tie hand to that gate and put dick in face

Or those doe eyes widening as you force your cock down her throat

Left is a private school girl I forced to make out with me while I fingered her at a party

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