I'm depressed and i need to talk to someone please help me. I feel like crap and i'm full of bitterness and regret...

I'm depressed and i need to talk to someone please help me. I feel like crap and i'm full of bitterness and regret. I tend to think too much about the past, especially cringy things or humilliations.

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This ain't the right place, you'll mostly find bitter cucks telling you to commit an hero. Go over to /soc/, you'll most likely find friendlier people over there, good luck to you user !
Also, listen to Jordan Peterson's lectures.


This is the place with the most activity on Sup Forums. i came here because is full of porn anyways and I just want interact with someone. Good I feel so alone...

JP is a hack. Not intellectual, just the aesthetic. Don't get swept up in the rhetoric.

If you want real intellectual stimulation watch Numberphile videos or something. Listen to Breaking Math. Don't fall for a fake Sup Forums intellectual

This ^

You'll get rekt in Sup Forums :(

What's your discord friendo I'll add you and talk to you later

Learn lessons from the past and move on.
Put your effort into thinking of what to do in the future and do it. Dont be worried about how it can go wrong. Keep trying until something works.
I believe in you.

And you really came to Sup Forums?
Those niggers will make you even more suicidal
Just go to a psychologist or something that will help you

Hey this is good I second this.

Numberphile doesn't tackle the psychological issues of lost young men. JP does, and that pretty much his job and what his whole carreer is based on. Like it or not, he has helped thousands, maybe millions (hey, one can dream) of people get their shit together so that they can live a proper and fulfilling life.
He's not God, of course he isn't, claiming to be such a polyvalent figure would be ridicule if not stupid. But this is not why people go to JP, it's because he's a damn good psychologist that has atleast an ability to show the value of life to lost men

thanks for being so good to me.

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This will probably help, and if it does , good for you!

Although you have to know that his works aren't fully scientifically based, and he does contradict himself in a few of his points in his latest book eg. Clean your own room and shitting on post modernism for making men weak.

It's fully possible, and probable, that that's the case but it doesn't help lost men. It can act to fuel an agression, which itself can be a powerful tool to overcome depression and hopelessness, which isn't pointed to a constructive manner.

What helps most lost men is one thing: find a social context. It can be anything to tying bands to family members, friends, anything. Try to erradicate any feeling of "you" and use an "us" to describe yourself.

This is, what I think, most men strives for, or ought to strive for. And that is why mostlt men are drawn to politics, and in particular identity politics. Societies makes a good job at using that drive for social context to fuel an ideological dogma, which I think is destructive for the individual. You shouldn't sacrifice yourself for an idea, but rather for your family and friends which is much more fulfilling I can guarantee you.
I guess that train of thought isn't contrary to Peterson's ideas, sadly no one takes him seriously and guilts by associates all his idea because of his political stances.

T. Psychologist


Anytime, just keep your head up, and keep on going :)

Change your diet and exercise. It can be hard at first, but keep improving. It can be extremely hard. If you can stop eating gluten and sugar depression and anxiety usually fade. Exercise does this too in addition to growing the size of your brain and increasing efficiency temporarily (10-15% extra intelligence for the given day) You can try fasting and meditating/reading. For fasting just have some sea salt if you feel you need, and drink water when hungry.

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No he's not a good psychologist or anything. He's only authored those two retarded books recently. All he does is confuse himself and call it profound. I know people feel better after listening to him, and that's good. Not arguing that. But listening to him will not help fix the true ailments on the inside.

Exactly, there's a difference between helping and "fixing".
I'm sure that Peterson has given men the motivation to fix their own lives, or come in contact with therapists, or just acknowledge that something is pathological in their behavior. That is a big step.
We talk alot about the therapeutic alliance, and I can say that Peterson's popularity had opened the door for psychologists to access men, or rather, that men search psychological aid to a greater extent.

I can't believe people buy into this guy's bullshit. I remember a couple years ago, his videos were being recommended on youtube and all over the place, eventually I gave in and watched him.

The shit he spouts out is not very profound, it's the same crap I thought when I was 16-17.
I now suspect he was paying youtube to advertise and establish himself, and it worked out for him.
Also, he proved how low tier he is when he couldn't form a single coherent argument versus that Slovenian commie, just kept trying to use big words to sound smart.

You know that is good. Men need a lot more psychological help and I bet the research is weighted much more towards women and non-men for historical reasons.

I think at the end of the day, people like telling really cool sounding stories. And that's Maps of Meaning. "Mom I figured out everything my brain about to explode if I don't write it all out"

But combine that with a genuine PhD, like, an actual, he really actually studied a shitload of psychology, combined with being validated and heavily rewarded for his talent to lecture profoundly-sounding, and it's almost like he never had a chance to too keep the psuedo out of his science.

Lol the zizek debate. Thats just too much to go into.

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