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And she cheats at cards.

She'll a whale at 30.

and yet you took the time to make a thread about her...

probably but when I saw those tits..

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Nope, she has already a place reserved in club27

I just found a dirty syringe and i shot maybe a drop on my tongue.do i have aids now

She fucks niggers

30... wow you are way past your mark.. by 23 shell be forgotten. For the next 14 yo with tiddiez, by 30 shell prob be homeless suckin dick for crack


That pussy stink

We need to see her tits first to decide if she is overrated or not.

Even if they're great she's a butterface at best.

She is the bad guy kek

Her face looks like an ugly autistic dude.

Let’s hope by 20.
The braaap posts demand it.


I want to beat her fucking head in with a pipe for doing that stupid retarded edgy face expression.

Why are people obsessed with this 40yo looking homeless man bitch

Her music is overrated, but her blowjob face is underrated.

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Not her

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wtf bill

Close enough.

you don't say

I was expecting a real leak, not a look like

don't lie, you know you wanna see them titties since she's legal now.

in my jurisdiction, she's been legal for 4 years now

Not for showing tits on the internet. That is 18yo internationally.

Yes he is.